A surge of blood instantly rushed to his head, ridding his mind of any thoughts. 

Ye An’s eyes widened, and she stared blankly at her chest… and the large palm on it.

Since Xie Shuo couldn’t see, she had been living comfortably and at ease. After marriage, she had been wearing spaghetti strap nightgowns with low necklines. Hence, when Xie Shuo reached out, he nearly touched bare skin.

There was a deathly stillness in the room, and the atmosphere stagnated.

She really couldn’t raise her hand against a blind person.

But she didn’t want to end things like this.

In the end, she picked up a pillow and randomly threw it at him.

Xie Shuo was hit head-on. He caught the pillow, his expression sinking.

It’d be fine if he just touched it, but did he have to grope it?

You treated it like dough, even kneading it!

Due to his own guilt, Xie Shuo didn’t respond. He pursed his lips coldly, saying, “Let’s sleep. I’ll call Zhong Fu tomorrow and let him help you.”

He placed the pillow on the side and shifted his body to lie down.

Ye An stared blankly. Zhong Fu?

If she remembered correctly, that seemed to be his assistant?

After coming out of her daze, Ye An calmed down and asked unsurely, “You’re… really helping me?”

Xie Shuo’s back faced her, and there was no response. 

It was just touching her chest. They were married anyway, it was no big deal.


The next day.

Ye An remembered the matter of hanging up the night before. After eating breakfast, she impatiently faced Xie Shuo and asked him attentively, “You didn’t forget what you promised me last night, right?”

Xie Shuo recited a phone number to her. “This is Zhong Fu’s number; call him.”

Ye An hurriedly grabbed her phone and dialed the number.


“Zhong Fu, it’s me.”

Hearing Xie Shuo’s voice, Zhong Fu was a bit startled. It had been a while since he had called.

“President Xie.”

Xie Shuo replied, “This is my wife’s phone. She has some matters that need your help.”

The word “wife” coming from his mouth shocked her. Ye An looked at his cold side profile highlighted by the soft morning light, and her heart skipped a beat. 

She couldn’t help but think that this version of him made him seem like a domineering president in a drama, and it made her heart beat faster!

Ye An’s heart raced without control.

Which girl wouldn’t love to be the original Mary Sue and be loved by a handsome and overbearing president?

As she was daydreaming, Xie Shuo turned his head. “Whatever you want to do, just let him know.”

His indifferent voice sobered her: this is a man with no emotions. You must not think about it, no way!

She took her phone back and started discussing the issue with Zhong Fu.   

Zhong Fu was incredibly quick. At around five in the evening, Ye An received Xiang Quan’s text saying that the anime was signed to them and that Ye An had the lead role.

Xiang Quan didn’t know the cause for such a turn of events, but he was excited. “You don’t need to rehearse with your current script anymore. Yi Miao’s voice has gotten better in the last few days, so just give it to her. Prepare for the anime.”

Ye An smiled and agreed. 

Soon after, Shi Shuangshuang sent a text over. 

Shi Shuangshuang: [!!!]

Shi Shuangshuang: [I just got the news that the contract for “Pharmacist” had been signed. Was this your husband’s work?]

Ye An: [What do you think?]

Ye An: [smirking.jpg]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Her majesty is mighty!]

Shi Shuangshuang: [kneeling.jpg]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Who is your husband anyway? He’s so powerful.]

Shi Shuangshuang: [curious.jpg]

Ye An glanced at the man quietly sitting not far away. She smiled and replied: [Didn’t I already say that he’s a rich and powerful Eldest Young Master?]

Shi Shuangshuang: [Oh! I suddenly just thought of a several thousand word script! Rich and powerful Eldest Young Master pampers his wife everyday!]

Shi Shuangshuang: [OMG! Should she run away after? And him chasing after her?]

Ye An: […]

Why are you so strongly attached to the idea of running away?


That night, Ye An was in an especially good mood. Just seeing Xie Shuo made her aura brighter.

She turned on the hot water for his bath and even added calming essential oils.

Xie Shuo listened to her busy movement with no emotion.

“Go take a shower; it’ll make it easier to fall asleep at night.” A fragrance came from the bathroom. Her voice was soft. “I’ll be just outside. If you need any help, just call me.”

The man still remained silent with a bleak expression. 

Ye An didn’t get angry. She glanced at him once more before leaving the bathroom.

After exiting the bathroom, Ye An took out a pen and notebook. She sat on the sofa and refined her short-term plan.

What Grandfather had said was right; she really needed to think of an idea to help Xie Shuo relax. His mentality right now was too pessimistic.

Moreover, the Xie family had never given up on finding a medical team that could treat his eyes. The chances were slim, but having hope would increase the odds.

She had already married him, so she should make plans for his future. Otherwise, if Xie Baiyan lost his power one day, the Xie family would fall into someone else’s hands, and her fate wouldn’t be good.

If she applied for divorce, then she not only would get little money–but she would also be criticized by others for her cruel actions.

Then it’d be her loss!

After thinking things through, Ye An scratched her head. Redirecting her train of thought, she began writing down her plans.

Step 1: No matter the method, coax him out the house.

Step 2: help him adjust his mentality and give him hope for a recovery.

Step 3: …

In the dead of night, the moon shone gently outside the window and blended with the light inside the room. The melding of layers created a dreamlike atmosphere.

The woman sat cross-legged with her head drooping. Her expression was very focused; her long eyelashes reflected a radiant shine.

In the tranquil room, the sound of pen against paper was clear.

After a while, a noise sounded from behind her.

Xie Shuo exited the bathroom and felt that the room was much calmer than usual… as if he had returned to when he lived alone before marriage.

Over the past few days, Ye An had been very rambunctious. He originally found it noisy but later became accustomed to it.

While preoccupied, he unexpectedly slammed into the bedside table and almost fell.

Ye An looked up at the noise, hurriedly dropping her pen and running over. “Are you okay?”

Xie Shu brushed her outstretched hand away and sat on the bed without saying a word. His expression was gloomy.

Ye An saw his reaction and felt that there was still a long way to go. She silently sighed and turned, grabbing her clothes to shower.

Xie Shuo sat quietly on the bed with his eyes open.

The sound of water from the bathroom, wind from outside the window, and the leaves swaying in the wind… The slightest of noises were so clear, yet he could only see endless planes of darkness.

There was no difference between day and night.

The bruise on his leg ached, reminding him of his current embarrassment.

After some time, the water stopped, and the sound of footsteps returned to the bedroom.

Xie Shuo knitted his brows. “What are you doing?”

Ye An took the medicinal oil and knelt down at his side. She looked up to see his cold expression and couldn’t help but be amused.

As a grown man, why did he always act as if he was being taken advantage of?

With evil intentions, she extended her index and middle finger to climb up his leg with her fingertips. She leaned towards him, her voice soft and charming.

“Hubby, the night is so nice tonight. How about we… do something?”

A faint fragrance wafted over, and locks of hair fell on his legs. His face was dark as he suddenly asked, “Did it not get done?”

Ye An froze. When she realized what he was referring to, she laughed and replied, “Everything’s done. Brilliant Dreams has already arranged a time to sign the contract with us.”

Xie Shuo replied, stony-faced, “Since it’s done, calm down.”

As he spoke, he moved his leg, preparing to lie down.

Ye An: “???”

Ye An found it hard to breathe–why was this man so boring!

Remembering that he had helped her resolve one of her major issues, Ye An restrained her anger and yanked his leg.

Just as Xie Shuo wanted to withdraw, he was suddenly trapped by her. “Don’t move!”

“Your legs are covered in bruises, yet you don’t let anyone help you treat them,” Ye An scolded him as she poured the medicinal oil on his leg and rubbed it in. 

Xie Shuo was at a loss for words and didn’t move for a long time.

“Is the pressure alright?” Ye An looked up and asked after massaging for a bit.

If Xie Shuo wasn’t blind, he would have seen her shining eyes.

“If it hurts, try to ignore it for a bit.”

Without waiting for a reply, Ye An continued to rub it in. Her long hair fell from her shoulders, contrasting her fair cheeks.

The medicinal oil scent gradually dissipated, and the injured areas slowly heated up, spreading throughout his limbs.

The light fell on his face with some trace of warmth. Xie Shuo’s gaze was downcast, and his eyelashes trembled.

Wasn’t it only the dubbing portion for an anime? Was it necessary to have this level of dedication?

Breathing lightly in the darkness, he suddenly thought of the partnerships about  wives who would satisfy their lovers in the past. They would buy new bags, hair accessories, and flights around the world practically every day.

However, after their marriage, she hadn’t even left the house more than twice.

This woman was too easy to satisfy.


“Okay, I’ll give you a massage again tomorrow. The bruises should disappear before long.”

A while passed before Ye An got up and adjusted her robe. She grabbed the medicinal oil while leaving the bed and went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

Xie Shuo sat silent on the bed from beginning to end.

Around midnight, Ye An was sleepy enough to the point where her eyelids drooped. After lying down, she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Whether it be the bath’s doing or her influence, Xie Shuo–who rarely had a good night’s sleep, quickly became drowsy.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, a rustling sound came from beside him. A soft body pressed against him.

Ye An slept soundly. She cuddled him intimately with her arm on his chest.

Xie Shuo was awoken and subconsciously lifted his hand, intending to push her away; he suddenly thought about the embarrassing scenes from the other night.

He paused and hesitated for a moment before finally putting his hand down and letting her go.

Author’s Note: Xiao Xie: My wife is so easy to coax(* ̄︶ ̄)

Xiao Ye: rolling_eyes.jpg.