Meeting Again

Upon hearing that, Su Shen was silent for a while before indifferently saying “Oh”. 

After hanging up the phone, she got off the car and went to film. They were going to film the last few scenes at this film site today, and tomorrow, they would relocate to Shanghai Film Park. 

When she arrived on set, Su Shen swept a look around and saw Zhu Qinqin sitting beside Jiang Yin, talking and laughing. She looked very enthusiastic, while on the other hand, Jiang Yin was expressionless and indifferent. 

“Su jie, you don’t know how funny that Zhu Qinqin is. Whenever Jiang Yin posts a post on Weibo, she would run straight toward the comments making it seem as if they’re so familiar with each other. It’s plain as day that she just wants clout. She’s still so persistent even after being bashed by Jiang Yin’s fans. Even though Jiang Yin hasn’t said anything until now, he may have already cursed her to death in his heart!” Xiao Zhou glanced at the people over there with a sneer. 

Su Shen didn’t say anything and went to sit under the tree and waited for filming to start. 

After a while, Jiang Yin came over and saw that she was holding a bamboo flute in her hand. It seemed like she was going to play it when filming later. He couldn’t help walking over and sat down curiously, “Have you been learning this for a long time?” 

Seeing him coming over, Su Shen nodded slightly, “Not that long.” 

Suddenly, something came to mind, and in all seriousness, she looked at Jiang Yin in his knight hanfu* costume with curiosity, “I… heard… you recommended me. Why?” 

hanfu – a term used for the historical styles of clothing worn by the Han people in China, there are several representative styles of hanfu

She had wanted to ask him about this for a while. 

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yin just smiled faintly and sat beside her without scruple. He casually picked up a rock and threw it into a stream not far away, “Why do you think so?” 

“Because I’m pretty?” She grinned jokingly. 

He turned around and saw a cool breeze stirring the black hair at her ears. There was a faint smile on her small ivory face. With a blink, Jiang Yin suddenly leaned in, “Yes, you’re pretty.”  

Their eyes met. He was too close, and Su Shen subconsciously scooted a bit over and laughed dryly, “Then I have to thank my Mom.” 

As Jiang Yin was just about to say something, the Director shouted that filming was about to begin. At this, the two of them resumed their previous scene positions and continued filming. 


Pushing open the door of the villa, He Hua walked in with a document envelope. There was only an auntie on the first floor mopping the floor. When she saw him, she immediately greeted him with a smile.

“Auntie Zhou, where’s Xie Yan?” He scanned the sala and then looked upstairs.  

Upon hearing this, Auntie Zhou immediately pointed to the second floor and said, “Oh, he’s in the gym on the second floor.” 

He Hua frowned and looked upstairs a little unhappily but still stepped on the spiral staircase up to the second floor.  

He walked through the corridor and came to a room at the end. The door was left ajar and could be opened with just a push. As soon as he entered, he saw a sandbag that was almost flying. 

Ahem!” He stood there and lightly coughed.  

The man inside seemed to have noticed him and took off his boxing gloves. He took the towel on his shoulder and wiped the sweat from his forehead. The Thai instructor beside him also walked to the side and looked at his phone. After saying a verse in Thai, he took his clothes and left after seeing Xie Yan gave an OK sign. 

He Hua turned sideways and watched as the Thai instructor, muscular and tall, walked by him. He then came to Xie Yan’s side and punched his muscular arm, “Are you thinking of participating in a boxing match?” 

Xie Yan glanced at him and walked out while wiping away his sweat with the towel. 

Seeing this, He Hua didn’t move and indifferently smiled, “For your idol drama, the female lead is going to change.” 

As expected, Xie Yan paused his steps and turned around, “What do you mean?”

Knowing that he had already fallen for her, He Hua didn’t tease him any further and directly said, “There’s no secret in this world. Naturally, there will be someone who catches wind of the news that you will partake in that drama. Moreover, your Su Shen isn’t that popular. And since Yang Zhi contacted the producer, those clever enough would know who to choose. Furthermore, she lowered her fee by half, which producers would happily welcome.” 

“Well, here’s the contract. The deal is 80 million plus a 10% bonus. Do you still wanna sign it?” He Hua stepped forward and handed him a document envelope. As an agent, he could not let Xie Yan go and act in a TV drama at a low asking price. 

Xie Yan: “What do you think?” 

Knowing that he would be like this, He Hua sighed, “Ok, I’ll help you get it done. I promise that you will be able to film your idol drama lovey dovely with Su Shen.” 

While on the topic of this, He Hua immediately quickened his pace, and followed Xie Yan seeing as he was about to go and take a shower, “Tell me the truth, have you still not won Su Shen over?” 

After passing through the corridor and arriving at his room, Xie Yan opened the door and looked back at He Hua, “Only for now.” 

As the door closed, He Hua snorted coldly. He’d see when Xie Yan would get tired of this Su Shen.


The crew wrapped up early on the evening that Jiang Yin and her went out for dinner, though she did not really want to go. The dinner was at a Thai restaurant that Jiang Yin reserved. 

Both of them did not bring their assistants. When Su Shen entered the private room, she wanted to close the window curtains, but she stayed still as she recalled Liu jie’s words. 

“What do you want to eat?” Jiang Yin sat there looking at the menu. 

Su Shen returned to her seat opposite of his and said casually, “Anything’s fine.” 

With regards to Liu jie’s decision, Su Shen definitely resisted it. But this was also the production team’s idea. Her popularity was indeed too low and not too suitable for the publicity of the drama. Everything now was all about clout. This was also a tacit mutual understanding when they signed the contract, she couldn’t just burn the bridge after crossing it and not cooperate. 

Forget it. Compared to Qu Wen, Jiang Yin was already very polite, and they can clarify once the drama airs. 

“There’s no such anything as a dish.” Jiang Yin looked up with a smile.

At this, Su Shen chuckled. She took the menu in his hand and swept a glance. Suddenly, she remembered that Xie Yan was learning Muay Thai. With how rich he was, he must’ve hired an instructor to learn at home.  

“Thai Lemon Garlic Pepper Shrimp and Beef Curry Noodles, that’s about it. You can order the rest.” Su Shen handed the menu back to him. 

The latter also ordered a few other dishes and called the waiter. There were often stars around Shanghai Film Park, but that waiter was still very excited to get a sign from Jiang Yin. He even took a photo with her. 

From time to time, Su Shen would look out the window. Although she couldn’t see anything, she also knew that there was a camera aimed right at them outside. 

The dishes were served quickly. As it was amidst filming, Su Shen didn’t dare to eat too much. It was not until her phone sounded that she picked it up and found that it was a message from Xie Yan. 

Xie Yan: Have you wrapped up filming?

Su Shen frowned and glanced at Jiang Yin subconsciously before lowering her head to type on her phone. 

Su Shen: En. 

“Are you full?” 

When Su Shen looked up, she saw Jiang Yin pick up a shrimp and placed it into her bowl. He then pulled out a tissue and moved to wipe her mouth. Su Shen subconsciously turned her head and took the tissue to wipe her mouth, somewhat embarrassed. 

Although the woman in front of him was barefaced, she still looked fresh and even had a hint of innocence. After looking at her for a while, Jiang Yin suddenly asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” 

His sudden question startled Su Shen. Just at this moment, her phone sounded again. Across from her, Jiang Yin was looking at her with a smile. He was not fair, nor were his features as handsome as Wang Cheng’s, but altogether, he appeared warm and radiant; and he was currently staring at herself. She couldn’t tell if he was joking or being serious. 

“What?” Su Shen’s expression remained unchanged. 

At this, Jiang Yin suddenly leaned over and smiled at her, “Have you ever thought of making this scandal a reality?” 

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