Variety Show Debut

“Anyways, I’m not familiar with you,” Su Shen turned her head and snorted without looking at him.

Seeing her childish behavior, Xie Yan couldn’t help but laugh. “How old are you? So childish.”

“It was you who said that you’re not familiar with me, not me,” Su Shen retorted while trying to pry off the hand on her waist. She noticed that lately, Xie Yan liked to be more touchy-feely with her.

The latter not only did not let go but leaned in to kiss her with a fiery gaze. “It was you who said I was boring.”

At that, Su Shen arched her brow and continued to pry his hands off her waist. “Am I wrong?”

Xie Yan had always been so boring, with nothing else to do except for always trying to beat around the bush to marry her.

As their eyes met, he turned his hand over and grasped hers, massaging it. Looking at her, his expression became weird. “So should I do something interesting now?”  

Seeing him getting closer, Su Shen immediately closed her eyes and pushed at his shoulder. “No, I was wrong.”

Her eyes were closed, and her fair face seemed a little tense. Her rosy lips were tightly pursed. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but Xie Yan felt that Su Shen was becoming more and more beautiful. 

Looking down, he reached out to fix a strand of hair on her forehead, placing it behind her ear before saying earnestly, “I just wanted to discuss the itinerary with you. What are you thinking about?”

Hearing his teasing tone, Su Shen instantly opened her eyes and glared at him angrily. “I wasn’t thinking of anything. You’re overthinking it.”

“Fine, I over-thought it,” said Xie Yan, sitting upright and seriously beside her as he picked up the script on the side and read it conscientiously.

Seeing him put on an act, Su Shen had the urge to kick him out, but ultimately just closed her eyes and leaned against the sofa in silence. 

It was only when she felt a warm touch on her lips that she suddenly opened her eyes. Just as she was about to speak, all sounds were instantly muffled by someone. She was a little unhappy and wanted to dodge it, but the back of her head was firmly clasped by a large hand.

Unable to push him away, she gradually softened and sank into the sofa, with a large hand firmly embracing her waist until it was released. Su Shen glared at him with watery eyes and said, “This isn’t your home. Why aren’t you paying attention to your image?”

Staring at her increasingly rosy lips, Xie Yan leaned in and kissed them again. His voice was deep and hoarse, “I’m already paying a lot of attention.”

Blushing, Su Shen didn’t want to talk to this person who had no bottom line, so she simply took the script and read it by herself.

She was looking down and holding the script tightly. Seeing her conscientious expression, Xie Yan chuckled softly, “You’re holding it upside down.”

Upon careful inspection, she realized that she was indeed holding the script upside down. However, Su Shen maintained her composure and glared at him. “This is my resting room. Xie laoshi, please leave.”

As their eyes met, Xie Yan cleared his throat and put his arm around her shoulder, leaning in close and whispering, “But Xie laoshi doesn’t want to leave.”

Meeting his wicked gaze, Su Shen turned away and ignored him, but Xie Yan’s presence prevented her from focusing on the script.

“Su jie, there’s only Coke here, no orange jui…ce…” As Xiao Zhou held onto the door handle, she caught a glimpse of the inside of the room and was so shocked that she quickly retreated and closed the door tightly.

Seeing the door close, Su Shen glared at Xie Yan angrily again. The latter finally got up and left her resting room, as if he was only here to discuss the itinerary with her.

Since she and Xie Yan arrived too late, they could only do a brief rehearsal of the important segments, and then they began the actual recording at night.

Originally, the production team planned to have each of them come on stage one by one, and have Xie Yan be the finale, but he didn’t want to, so they changed it to pairs. The first pair was Luo Han and a starlet that played the third supporting actress. The second pair was Dong Gu and Li Xue. They either sang or danced and had a colorful entrance. The production team saw that Xie Yan had no intention of singing, so they prepared a very cool entrance stage for them, letting them appear to be more mysterious. The stage design was also quite cool, with dancers filling the stage. When the circular door slowly opened and Su Shen and Xie Yan came out, the audience below erupted in screams. Luo Han and the others also moved toward them. When the music stopped, the fans below stood up and screamed crazily.

The camera quickly swept a shot of them before the four hosts came over, saying with laughter, “Wow, today is truly a feast for the eyes!”

The fans below were still screaming as if their lives depended on it. The hosts were also somewhat helpless and could only wait until the screams subsided a bit before looking at them. “We’re so glad that everyone can come to our show. Now, let’s start with some introductions.”

Su Shen stood next to Xie Yan, and she was wearing high heels, but fortunately, Xie Yan was tall enough so they looked natural together on screen. The camera also kept focusing on the two of them, but Su Shen was already used to it.

The introduction started from the other end. Each person in their cast had a significant fan base, so every time someone finished introducing themselves, the audience below would erupt in screams. It was obvious that the ratings for this episode would be very high.

When it was Su Shen’s turn to introduce herself, she received the mic and looked down at the camera with a smile. “Hi everyone, I’m Su Shen, and I play He Yan in the drama.”


Fans in a certain section of the audience immediately raised signs of her name and began screaming. Su Shen smiled and then looked over at Xie Yan.

Xie Yan remained unfazed and said into the mic calmly and unhurriedly, “Hi everyone, I’m Xie Yan…”

Before Xie Yan could finish speaking, the fans below couldn’t help but start screaming wildly, wave after wave. Xie Yan was different from other artists. Fans rarely saw him at events, so his rarity made this appearance of his even more precious. To be able to see him right now, they naturally felt super excited.

“Okay, okay, everyone quiet down.” The male host couldn’t help but wave his hand, and the audience finally quieted down a bit. He then smiled and looked at Xie Yan beside him. “This seems to be your first time attending this type of variety show, right?”

Xie Yan: “En.”

Among interviewers, Xie Yan was notoriously known to not be easy to interview. The male host wisely shifted the topic to Su Shen, “On the big screen, Xie Yan’s always so serious and a man of few words. Su Shen, do you think this differs greatly from his personality in real life?”

When the camera turned to her, facing so many pairs of eyes, Su Shen just smiled and glanced at the serious-looking Xie Yan beside her before saying, “Sometimes, and sometimes not. Sometimes, he’s actually a scheming boy.”


Laughter erupted from both the stage and the audience, and a female host looked at her curiously and asked, “Why do you say so? How is he scheming?”

At that, Xie Yan, who was beside her, looked quietly at Su Shen. She immediately pointed at him and said, “Xie laoshi won’t let me say it. He will get mad.”

On the other side, Dong Gu almost couldn’t help but laugh out loud. However, he could only continue to hold his laughter in. If he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he would look down and not let the camera catch him.

The host became even more curious, “But, he doesn’t seem to be like a scheming boy.”

“A real schemer won’t let you see that he has any schemes,” added Su Shen.

At that, everyone burst into laughter again. Xie Yan kept looking at Su Shen, as if he wanted to see what else she had to say.

“You’re dead meat now, I feel like Xie Yan got even angrier.” The host laughed and glanced at Xie Yan.

The latter’s expression remained unchanged and suddenly looked at Su Shen, “I never hold grudges.”


The fans below burst into laughter again, seemingly finding their idol’s sudden change in demeanor amusing. Glancing at him from the corner of her eye, Su Shen just stood there without saying a word, knowing that Xie Yan was someone who held onto grudges. 

After the off-topic conversation was over, they naturally had to talk about the drama. After all, they came here to promote the drama. A male host looked at his cue card before turning his gaze onto Su Shen, who was more easy going. “I heard that there are a lot of action scenes in this drama, and that the actors generally don’t use body doubles, is that true?”

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