Before Shen Chuchu had time to open the “Red Thread of Fate” tab, she heard the nurse speak to her, “Alright, I’ve taken the needle out. Please use your fingers to apply pressure to the area.”

When Shen Chuchu saw the nurse start to tidy up, she couldn’t help but inquire about what she saw on the virtual display page, “Excuse me, but are you getting married soon?” Today was January the 7th, while the day after tomorrow was January the 9th. If what she saw was true then the nurse would be getting married the day after tomorrow.

Or perhaps what she saw was just an illusion?

The nurse smiled with a look of happiness and shyly replied. “Yes, my boyfriend and I are going to get our marriage certificate the day after tomorrow.”

The nurse’s words stunned Shen Chuchu. Perhaps what she saw was not just in her head but was actually real? While the nurse lowered her head to tidy up, Shen Chuchu touched the small pink heart again. It was exactly the same as before.

“How did you know that I was about to get married?” The nurse inquired.

Although Shen Chuchu was still in shock, she opened her mouth and lied: “I overheard it from another nurse.”

Their marriage was no longer a secret at the nurse station, the nurse reasoned to herself. She nodded her head and replied. “Ah, is that so.”

Shen Chuchu watched the nurse stand up and then walked past the virtual display screen without any hesitation. The nurse still seemed completely unaware of the virtual display screen despite the fact that it was just right in front of her eyes.

Shen Chuchu held back her shock and tried to keep as calm as possible: “I wish you happiness.”

The nurse smiled, said thanks then turned and left.

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