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I am happy to announce a new novel that I’ve helped to translate called I Am A Matchmaker On Taobao

At seven o’clock at night, Shen Chuchu, whose stomach was rumbling with hunger, was about to leave her house for dinner.

As an 18th tier actor, Shen Chuchu felt that she had really diminished the word “actor”. They say that acting is the fastest career in making money, but she felt that it was the fastest career in spending money instead.

After debuting for three months, she had shot two advertisements in total and only earned thirteen thousand yuan* of hard-earned salary. Four thousand of that was spent on cosmetics, another six thousand on rent, while the remaining three thousand was spent on clothes and food.

*TL-note: Yuan is widely used to refer to the Chinese currency “renminbi”. One dollar is about six to seven yuan. Eighteen thousand yuan is equivalent to just under two thousand USD.

She looked down at her shrivelled wallet and counted her money again. A total of twenty-three yuan! It was her lucky number! This was great, she could go out and eat some spicy hotpot. As for tomorrow……she would figure it out then!

She took her wallet and walked out of the apartment.

After walking down two streets, she could finally see the shadow of the spicy hotpot shop. Currently, Shen Chuchu was hungry to the point of dizziness. As she looked across the street, there were still three seconds remaining until the green light. She glanced left and right to check for cars, and started to hurry across.

She could practically see the spicy hotpot waving at her. But just as Shen Chuchu was about to reach the shop, a ray of dazzling light followed by an ear-piercing sound of brakes causing her to suddenly freeze on the spot. She never clearly saw who the driver was, but she did feel a ray of red light shine over her. The next second, she let out an “Ah!” and lost consciousness…

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