Shen Chuchu almost spat out blood when she saw that her acting skill was only at 19 points when the actual full score was 100. Didn’t that mean her pitiful acting skills have become even more pitiful? How was she supposed to mingle in the entertainment industry with a score like this? She didn’t look bad by any means but how would she manage to get her name out there when she had neither the background nor the skills? The entertainment industry had no shortage of good-looking individuals!    

Also, how would she increase the fate value anyways? She felt that the introduction was unclear on this part.

She remembered that the system would previously pop up whenever she thought of a question in her head. She reasoned that it must be an extremely intelligent system so she decided to ask it a question in her mind. However, the system gave no response at all. Perhaps the question she asked was too complicated? She thus thought of an easy question such as who gave her this system. The system remained unresponsive. After a few more questions, she understood that it would not answer her.

She felt disappointed by this revelation but still found the system very interesting and wanted to continue exploring it. But after the car accident, the hospital visit and then this system all in one day, she felt that her mind was messed up as it is. As she thought about how to go about helping people with marital issues, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The sun had long since risen by the time she woke up the next day.

Shen Chuchu stared at the ceiling and thought, did she have to change her profession and open a matchmaker agency now? If she didn’t complete the tasks given to her, her acting skills would continue to plummet. At this rate, she wouldn’t be able to be an actress anymore. But she couldn’t just ask people on the street if they have any marital problems. What could she do?

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