Before Shen Chuchu had time to open the “Red Thread of Fate” tab, she heard the nurse speak to her, “Alright, I’ve taken the needle out. Please use your fingers to apply pressure to the area.”

When Shen Chuchu saw the nurse start to tidy up, she couldn’t help but inquire about what she saw on the virtual display page, “Excuse me, but are you getting married soon?” Today was January the 7th, while the day after tomorrow was January the 9th. If what she saw was true then the nurse would be getting married the day after tomorrow.

Or perhaps what she saw was just an illusion?

The nurse smiled with a look of happiness and shyly replied. “Yes, my boyfriend and I are going to get our marriage certificate the day after tomorrow.”

The nurse’s words stunned Shen Chuchu. Perhaps what she saw was not just in her head but was actually real? While the nurse lowered her head to tidy up, Shen Chuchu touched the small pink heart again. It was exactly the same as before.

“How did you know that I was about to get married?” The nurse inquired.

Although Shen Chuchu was still in shock, she opened her mouth and lied: “I overheard it from another nurse.”

Their marriage was no longer a secret at the nurse station, the nurse reasoned to herself. She nodded her head and replied. “Ah, is that so.”

Shen Chuchu watched the nurse stand up and then walked past the virtual display screen without any hesitation. The nurse still seemed completely unaware of the virtual display screen despite the fact that it was just right in front of her eyes.

Shen Chuchu held back her shock and tried to keep as calm as possible: “I wish you happiness.”

The nurse smiled, said thanks then turned and left.

Once Shen Chuchu was left alone in the ward, her face darkened. What exactly was happening? Why could she see such strange things all of a sudden? It also seemed that she was the only person who could see it.

At this point, Shen Chuchu’s stomach started to grumble. She raised her hand to look at her watch, it was almost nine o’clock. The spicy hotpot store would soon close at ten o’clock, but whatever. She needed to fill up her belly right now.

Though that was what she was planning, once she walked out the door, she could not help but gaze at everybody who strolled past. Anybody who was in the line of sight when she took a glance at them, a heart would show up on their head. Some hearts were pink while others were different colours such as green or red.

A variety of hearts showed up over each and every individuals’ head and thus the air appeared to be filled up with a wide range of little hearts. Shen Chuchu felt as if she was playing an online game where a high-ranked player could view the information of those who are of a low-rank. Gradually, Shen Chuchu’s footsteps came to a halt.

She found that as long as she was around three meters away and stared at the individual for around three seconds, she was able to see the heart on their head. In the event that the distance increased, the heart would vanish. Similarly, if she didn’t stare at the person directly, the heart would also vanish in three seconds even if the distance was close.

Shen Chuchu gazed at these different hearts and all of a sudden she was itching to touch them, to look at the contents inside, and then to figure out what the different colours of hearts meant.

However, it seemed too weird to just directly click at somebody’s head right in front of them.

Shen Chuchu let out a sigh and thought to herself if only she could use mind control to bring out the virtual display page when she wanted.

Suddenly, while she gazed and pondered at the big red heart, something magical occurred. The virtual display screen showed up again. 

Status: Married  

Marriage Partner: Li Tingting [Photograph]

Marriage Date: October 12th 2017

Marriage Rating: 3 Stars (Courteous)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]

Shen Chuchu didn’t anticipate in the slightest that the system would jump out this way so she gave the screen a long hard look. Her eyes followed each and every word however when she stopped at the marriage rating index, she observed that the whole interface had become slightly transparent. Unwittingly she followed after the man for a couple of steps.

Suddenly, the man turned around and asked in a slightly teasing tone, “Miss, do you know me?”

Shen Chuchu’s face suddenly froze and she answered awkwardly: “Ugh…right. I am sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone else.”

The man regrettably replied: “Ah, that is what I thought. Someone who looks as beautiful as you, I would have surely remembered. Or is it perhaps that you are into me?” He then threw an ambiguous glance at Shen Chuchu.

Shen Chuchu didn’t expect that a man so impeccably attired would be of such character. She quickly responded, “Sorry, it’s not what you think.” She hurriedly turned around to leave so she would never have to get entangled with the hearts of these people again.   

With an occurrence such as this, Shen Chuchu decided to take the taxi directly back to her apartment after exiting the hospital entrance. 

Upon returning home, Shen Chuchu’s heart continued to beat loudly. Why did she gain this ability when she was hit by the car? This was all truly perplexing. She decided to take a shower and then went to lay on her bed, but her stomach began to grumble again. She stood up and searched for food around the apartment however she had already eaten the last packet of instant noodles for lunch. It was already past eleven o’clock so it was obviously not fitting to go out again.

Shen Chuchu thought that she might as well not eat any more and consider it as losing weight.

She laid back on her bed and took out her phone in order to distract herself from hunger.

Since she constantly dreamed of the day she would instantly become famous, she decided to click open “trending” first. Great, she still wasn’t among the top fifty searches. The dream to become instantly famous had once again failed. She had only gotten in a car accident anyway, and nobody had even thought to take a photo.

She randomly chose an interesting topic, clicked on it and briefly read the content. The title was “Bing-gege is currently in critical condition after making heroic save.” The news roughly detailed a female college student studying for her master’s degree who attempted to drown herself after she failed to write her thesis. This was however witnessed by a Bing-gege who without hesitation took off his coat and jumped into the freezing lake to save her. The female master’s student was successfully rescued. However, the Bing-gege was still in critical condition.

TL-note: The suffix -gege means big brother, and it applies to both family and someone older than you/someone you look up to. In this case, -gege is used as an informal term for a “big brother”/good Samaritan.

Shen Chuchu looked at the photographs in the news article. The battered-looking female student was wearing the Bing-gege’s coat while he laid on the ground with a bruised complexion. The concerned Shen Chuchu was just about to shed a tear for the Bing-gege when a miracle occurred on the screen.

A pink heart appeared on top of both of their heads.

She had thought this was only possible on real people but apparently, it actually worked on photographs too!

She clicked open the female master’s student’s heart and a virtual display page appeared right in front of her.

Status: Unmarried

Marriage Partner: Qiang Bing [Photograph]

Marriage Date: December 12th 2018

Marriage Rating: 4 Stars (Compatible)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]

This time, Shen Chuchu was able to carefully examine the page in a relaxed manner. She clicked open Qiang Bing’s photograph, which was an ID type photo. The man in the photo wore a military uniform, had a tough expression and a righteous aura. However, Shen Chuchu felt that the longer she stared at the photograph the more she felt that she had already seen it somewhere before.

It was no mistake that this man was a soldier from his name and photo but she didn’t know of anyone who was a soldier. Shen Chuchu thought of a possibility and quickly exited the system before carefully examining the photo of a bruised faced individual lying on the ground. The more she looked at it, the more it really looked like him! The marriage partner of this female student was this Bing-gege?

She wanted to instantly click on the female master’s student’s system again to clarify, however she instead clicked straight into the Bing-gege’s system when the pink heart appeared on his head.

Status: Unmarried

Marriage Partner: Jiang Jiao [Photograph]

Marriage Date: December 12th 2018

Marriage Rating: 4 Stars (Compatible)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]

Shen Chuchu looked at the photograph, the photo was in the same ID type format with the same background as before. The girl in the photo was smiling and wearing a black formal dress, it was no doubt that this girl was definitely that female student.

The fact that the two of them would get married later this year proves that the Bing-gege was going to be alright, upon realising this, Shen Chuchu felt completely relieved. Just as the saying goes, good things happen to good people. He saved her life and she repaid him through marriage. What a dramatic plot line.

Shen Chuchu curiously opened the Red Thread of Fate page.

Red Thread of Fate

Encounter Reason: Saved Wife’s Life

Date of First Meeting: January 1st 2018

Meeting Location: North Latitude XX, East Longitude YY, Jiangnan Bridge

Relationship Start Date: March 9th 2019

First Night: December 12th 2018

Shen Chuchu felt that she had opened the door to a whole new world as she read the content of the screen before her. She closed Bing-gege’s system and opened the female student’s system, the content was exactly the same apart from the reason behind the meeting.

Once she had finished reading about those two, she decided to go on Weibo and clicked open a few photos to experiment. As she continued to browse, she was barely able to contain her own excitement. She was finally able to understand the meaning behind the different coloured hearts. The hearts represented marriage status: the pink heart indicated unmarried individuals, while the red heart indicated married and the green heart indicated divorced. As for the other colours, she hadn’t seen any of those yet.

After a while, Shen Chuchu began to feel slightly dizzy. It was getting late so she put down her phone and got ready to go to sleep. However, just before she dozed off, she questioned herself why it was so that she could see this kind of system.  

Suddenly the system opened.

Progress Thread System

Introduction: In order to solve the decrease in marriage rates and the increase in divorce rates, Yue Lao has chosen you to aid in completing this mission. You can improve your attribute values in the entertainment industry by completing tasks.

Mission: Destined Lovers (You must help at least one person with marriage troubles daily.)

Punishment: Reduce Acting Skill  

Reward: Increase Acting Skill

Current Level: 0 (0/10)

Acting Value: 19 (100)

Chance Value: 0 (10)

At the bottom, there was a red warning message.

System Hint: Task uncompleted yesterday, acting skill reduced by 1. Please guide the humans lost on the road of marriage.   

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