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Shen Chuchu wanted to immediately get up and leave but she felt her departure would inevitably lose face for the others.* Especially towards Wang-ge whom she could tell from their recent conversation was a very proper producer.

*TL-note: To be embarrassed or humiliated, especially publicly. The expression and underlying concept come from Asia. If you lose face, you do something which makes you appear weak and makes people respect or admire you less. 

Furthermore, Li Yutao and Wan Shanshan were still around. Even though she did not know what they were thinking but she felt sure they would not harm her. While she hesitated, Executive Chen spoke up.

“Chuchu, what a coincidence. You are also here.”

Was it really a coincidence? Shen Chuchu thought to herself. As she thought more about it, her slightly sore head from earlier became even more unbearable. Did she drink too much? But according to her intake, she should not be drunk this quickly.

Wan Shanshan was afraid the still Shen Chuchu would ruin her plans, she quickly replied, “Chuchu, why are you standing there. You know Executive Chen so quickly get over here and apologise.”

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