Wan Shanshan’s expression worsened when Han Xinming finally spoke. She could hardly believe his words and regretted not being better prepared for their encounter. 

It must be due to Li Yutao’s rising popularity and she was also somewhat losing her cool. 

Xinming’s dire appearance today made her careless and forgotten about his previous ferociousness.

At this point, the power was once again in Xinming’s hands. Her intentions were indeed to ask for Xinming’s assistance to solve the problem therefore as embarrassing as this may be, she cannot leave and must make Xinming agree. 

Shen Chuchu was still in his management so it would not be possible to decide things without him. Moreover, even if she took the initiative to find Shen Chuchu, it would not work since Shen Chuchu, with her famous tough temperament, may not even acknowledge her. Therefore, it was only possible to exert pressure through Xinming.

This opportunity was too important for Li Yutao and she did not know when another one would arrive if they missed this chance. Finally, there was an Executive Chen who could open the gap to this opportunity so she really did not want to give up so easily.

She went over everything in her mind then sat upright and respectfully said, “Yes, I am here to beg Ming-ge.” 

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