Shen Chuchu gulped when she heard the words “Diandi Media”. If she really went to Diandi then her dream to become a star would not be far.

But she still had seven months left on her current management contract so she would have to pay a penalty fee if she left rashly. Then Shen Chuchu’s eyes brightened when she remembered that Chen Xili paid Yu Yiting’s fees for him.

“But I am already with a company.”

Chen Xili frowned slightly and asked, “Which company?”

Shen Chuchu replied, “Mejia Entertainment.”

Chen Xili raised her eyebrows and looked at the display screen outside. Shen Chuchu also followed her gaze to see that her advertisement was currently shown on the screen.

Once it ended, Shen Chuchu waited for Chen Xili’s reply.

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