Shen Chuchu gulped when she heard the words “Diandi Media”. If she really went to Diandi then her dream to become a star would not be far.

But she still had seven months left on her current management contract so she would have to pay a penalty fee if she left rashly. Then Shen Chuchu’s eyes brightened when she remembered that Chen Xili paid Yu Yiting’s fees for him.

“But I am already with a company.”

Chen Xili frowned slightly and asked, “Which company?”

Shen Chuchu replied, “Mejia Entertainment.”

Chen Xili raised her eyebrows and looked at the display screen outside. Shen Chuchu also followed her gaze to see that her advertisement was currently shown on the screen.

Once it ended, Shen Chuchu waited for Chen Xili’s reply.

Only to hear Chen Xili said with some pity in her voice, “Oh, I’m sorry for disturbing you then.”

Once she finished, Chen Xili nodded at her and left the dessert store.

Shen Chuchu was dumbfounded. What the heck was that! Eh, why did she not talk some more? There were only seven months left and if that did not work, she will pay the penalty fee herself!

Shen Chuchu silently watched as Chen Xili disappeared then left the dessert store in a depressed mood. She knew the loss of interest from Chen Xili was not because of her current contract but because of the advertisement since she never said anything before.

Shen Chuchu watched her advertisement in the taxi and even though she was now tired of watching it, she still felt it looked good. She really did not understand why Chen Xili would bluntly cut her off, it was such a pity! After all, Diandi Media was not an entertainment company that she could easily get into.

If nothing else worked, she would wait until her seven months was up then try her luck with Chen Xili to ask if she would be willing to accept her.

Life is really full of joy and sadness. A moment ago, Shen Chuchu was happy for Vigorous Kitten’s romantic romance and now she was sorrowful for the missed chance with Chen Xili. As for someone who rarely ventured out, this trip was very tiring. She decided that unless there was something special, she would never go out again!

When she returned home, Shen Chuchu first took a nap then looked at Vigorous Kitten’s marriage system. Her heart felt at ease when she saw no differences from before and their marriage rating was still four stars.

In a few days, Shen Chuchu’s Weibo follower count had risen to over twenty thousand. At least now she felt less hollow since almost half of her followers were truly for her.

While she dabbled in matchmaking and worked hard on her acting skills, she scarcely knew that someone was planning a scheme on her.


Mei Jia Entertainment 

He deliberately wanted to replace Shen Chuchu with a favourite newcomer of his but the newcomer was rejected by the Han Group. The newcomer was then revealed as a mistress and was later completely ruined by the wife. These matters, regardless of which one, made Xinming unable to hold his head high in the company. 

The atmosphere in Mei Jia Entertainment had always been, praise the people at the top and oppress the low. So when Xinming was out of luck, people did not hesitate to step on him.  

Xinming found the situation very difficult to bear.

But he could do nothing. If he wanted to continue in the company then he must be patient and wait for an opportunity of change.

When he was waiting for the elevator, someone walked to his side. Xinming glanced at the person and said in an ironic tone, “What, Wan-jie also want to step on me? You better hurry if you want to do it or else you won’t have the chance again when I regain authority.” 

Wan Shanshan laughed when she heard him and calmly replied. “Ming-ge, what are you saying. How can I be such a person.”

Xinming glanced at Wan Shanshan with despise. He thought to himself, everyone was clear on what type of person you were. This was not everyone’s first day at the company so everyone knew the ins and outs of each other.

As he was thinking about it, the elevator arrived at the first floor and they both walked in one after the other.

Once inside, Wan Shanshan feigned ignorance and said, “Ming-ge, I remember there is an actor called Shen Chuchu under you? Are there any recent schedules?”

Xinming heard Shen Chuchu’s name and narrowed his eyes. Everyone within the company knew this person. This naughty actor called Shen Chuchu was under him and it was all because of her that he was humiliated.

He stared at the person beside him and found it extremely ironic that she had just a moment ago said she would not mock him.

“What? Do you regret it and want to mock me again?” Xinming said disdainfully.

Wan Shanshan looked at Xinming with an innocent expression and replied, “Ming-ge, what are you saying. I said I wouldn’t mock you.”

“Then why did you bring up Shen Chuchu?” Xinming saw he was almost at his floor and shot a last glance at Wan Shanshan, “Are you pretending to not know that the reason I ended up like this was because of Shen Chuchu?”

After he was finished, Xinming walked out of the elevator.

Wan Shanshan did not press to go to another floor and followed Xinming out.

Xinming saw Wan Shanshan behind him and frowned, “Did you go to the wrong floor? Or perhaps that was not enough and you want to continue our talk?”

The Wan Shanshan today had changed her somewhat harsh attitude and became more amiable. She looked around and asked in a low voice, “I heard you had offended Executive Chen before?”

Xinming’s face looked even worse when he heard Executive Chen’s name. The reason he had offended Executive Chen was also because of Shen Chuchu. He had not had a smooth day since he had signed on Shen Chuchu and most of his dissatisfaction originated from the unlucky Shen Chuchu.

“Yes, what is it?” Xinming replied in a bad mood.

Wan Shanshan listened to Xinming’s reply and followed him into his office then closed the door.

“Well, there is an opportunity to rekindle your relationship with Executive Chen. Do you want to seize it?”

Xinming knew Wan Shanshan wanted something from him since she was different today and even followed him into his office. Otherwise, she would not have followed him and queried about Shen Chuchu.

“What opportunity?” Xinming curiously asked.

Wan Shanshan replied, “There is a dinner party where Executive Chen will attend. Use the opportunity to apologise and the issue will be mostly solved.”

The corner of his mouth twitched when he heard the words “dinner party” and guessed what Wan Shanshan meant.

“You haven’t finished your sentence right? You want me to take Shen Chuchu right? Do you know why Shen Chuchu and I fought initially? You must have known ages ago. I did want her to accompany Executive Chen for some drinks but she ended up not even showing up. This is why our relationship has worsened. Do you think Shen Chuchu will listen to my arrangements?”

Once he finished, Xinming coldly laughed.

Wan Shanshan naturally knew the situation between Shen Chuchu and Xinming plus the matter with Executive Chen. If she had not investigated it thoroughly, she would not have come here.

At this, Wan Shanshan replied with her smile unchanged. “Ming-ge, this is different from last time. You must know that my artist Taotao is advancing into the movies and television circle. Recently there is a suitable role that we are about to sign soon. The investor is Executive Chen and he even said he wanted to give a role to Shen Chuchu when he found out that Taotao and Shen Chuhu are in the same company. Don’t you think Shen Chuchu will grasp this great opportunity?”

Xinming listened to Wan Shanshan’s words and blinked his eyes. He picked up the pen on the table and spun it a few times then slowly replied, “Taotao’s role hasn’t been set yet so you want to use Shen Chuchu to help you?”

Wan Shanshan’s face changed slightly but she quickly laughed out loud to disguise the intentions in her heart. After laughing for a while, Wan Shanshan said, “Ah, Ming-ge. What are you saying? Who cares about Shen Chuchu. She is only a newbie who has shot some advertisements.  There are plenty of newbies like her every year. Plus she also offended you and the company. Who would even dare to hold her in their hands.”

Xinming listened to her and became even more certain of Wan Shanshan’s intentions. He simply opened his drawer, took out a bottle of clear nail polish and calmly started to paint his nails.

“So like you said, Shen Chuchu offended me and won’t get any hotter then why do you still want to help her?”

Wan Shanshan looked at Xinming’s expression and understood her words were very flawed. She awkwardly laughed then tried to make a joke out of what she had said in order to cover up.  As a result, Xinming continued to seriously paint his nails and she eventually dropped her smile.

Wan Shanshan looked at Xinming’s carefree look and sighed silently. Just as Xinming said, everyone had been colleagues for many years and understood each other. Plus, Xinming was here even before her and was even a manager longer than her.

At this thought, Wan Shanshan looked at Xinming and straightforwardly said, “Ming-ge, you’ve hit the nail. Taotao’s part is still currently in the final stage of negotiation. Executive Chen is an investor so we want to get his support.”

Xinming pretended not to hear Wan Shanshan and continued to paint his nails. Once all ten nails had been completed, Xinming looked at his fingers with satisfaction then slowly put away his nail polish. 

He slowly raised his head and congratulated Wan Shanshan who was sitting opposite him with a smile, “See, this is it. Wouldn’t it have been great if you just said this earlier? If you want to beg someone then you need to act like a beggar.”

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