At this moment, Shen Chuchu felt as if the man in front of her had grown a pair of white wings. She did not know how this man knew her name but it was clear that he had seen her call for help.

When Executive Chen heard these words, his heart went cold and his movements became less tight. He had already been rejected once by Shen Chuchu and even suggested to his manager to use the cold-shoulder treatment on her. But he did not expect that Shen Chuchu would shoot an advertisement for the Han Group. 

Did she really know this Han Xingyan? Or perhaps, she really…was CEO Han’s woman?

At this thought, Executive Chen suddenly felt Shen Chuchu was a hot potato* and wanted to push her away. He had not only provoked the woman of CEO Han but was also discovered by himself. Sadly Shen Chuchu at this time did not have a bit of strength and her consciousness gradually became unclear. Her body no longer listened to her and her head was even fuzzier. She did not know where she was anymore.

*TL-note: A controversial issue or situation which is awkward to deal with.

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