At this moment, Shen Chuchu felt as if the man in front of her had grown a pair of white wings. She did not know how this man knew her name but it was clear that he had seen her call for help.

When Executive Chen heard these words, his heart went cold and his movements became less tight. He had already been rejected once by Shen Chuchu and even suggested to his manager to use the cold-shoulder treatment on her. But he did not expect that Shen Chuchu would shoot an advertisement for the Han Group. 

Did she really know this Han Xingyan? Or perhaps, she really…was CEO Han’s woman?

At this thought, Executive Chen suddenly felt Shen Chuchu was a hot potato* and wanted to push her away. He had not only provoked the woman of CEO Han but was also discovered by himself. Sadly Shen Chuchu at this time did not have a bit of strength and her consciousness gradually became unclear. Her body no longer listened to her and her head was even fuzzier. She did not know where she was anymore.

*TL-note: A controversial issue or situation which is awkward to deal with.

Just as she felt that she was about to faint, a powerful energy vigorously pulled her elsewhere. Suddenly, she no longer smelled the bad odour of cigarettes but instead a sweet fragrance. As a result, her whole body became unsteady and was about to slip and fall. 

Han Xingyan quickly held on to her.

Executive Chen’s face changed when he saw Han Xingyan’s actions and panicked, “CEO Han, she was given to me by her company. It is true. If you don’t believe me then you can ask in the lily-hall. I did not know she was your woman. If I did then I would definitely not do this.”

Han Xingyan smelt the alcohol from the tip of his nose and endured the discomfort, “Oh? Really?”

When Executive Chen heard these words from Han Xingyan, he thought of the financial resources of the Han Group and the revenge that might follow. He quickly added, “ Yes CEO Han. I really don’t know anything. It was her manager who called me to come here. When I came here, her manager pushed her to me. I really don’t know anything. So please don’t misunderstand.”

Han Xingyan did not want to hear anymore. These sort of things were not uncommon so everyone was clear on what really happened. 

More importantly, the woman’s breaths on his neck made him somewhat itchy so he simply stretched out his arms and carried her. He looked at Executive Chen who was still in the elevator, “It looks like Executive Chen is in no hurry to leave. Please leave, I am in a hurry.”

Executive Chen looked at Han Xingyan’s expression and quickly stepped out of the elevator. He remembered Shen Chuchu had already been drugged so he politely but ambiguously said, “I wish you an enjoyable evening.”

However, Han Xingyan’s eyes narrowed at his words.

Since the moment Shen Chuchu saw Han Xingyan, her mind became even more blurry and her consciousness was gradually becoming unclear. Not only that, but she felt her whole body had heated up from head to toe as she smelt the fragrance from Han Xingyan’s body. It was obviously in the middle of winter and she did not wear much but it was so hot that she wanted to strip.

As a result, her hands became naughty even while in Han Xingyan’s embrace. She raised her hand to unbutton her coat but her other hand was on his back so she felt him first. After feeling around for awhile, her unrestrained hand even began to use more strength. 

Han Xingyan, at the end of his patience, looked at the clearly unconscious person and said, “Stop moving.”

Sure enough, the girl in his embrace stopped moving after hearing those words and Han Xingyan silently breathed a sigh of relief. The elevator finally arrived at the top floor and Han Xingyan carried Shen Chuchu out.

Shen Chuchu’s current state was not suitable to go out but he also did not know where she lived. The best solution right now was to place her in a room.

Han Xingyan opened the suite he kept all year round and went into the bedroom to place Shen Chuchu down. Just when the relieved Han Xingyan was about to stand up, Shen Chuchu grabbed onto his neck and refused to let go. Han Xingyan patted her hand and motioned her to let go but Shen Chuchu was not aware in the least and even used more strength. 

Originally Han Xingyan was tender and did not use any power but once he saw that Shen Chuchu would not let go, he added more strength since his half-bent posture was very comfortable. 

Finally, Shen Chuchu let go. 

Just when Han Xingyan was about to get up, the cell phone inside his pocket suddenly rang. As for Shen Chuchu, her body became hotter and unbearable when her hands could no longer grasp anything. She made a few sounds and started to grab at random in the air. Suddenly she grabbed onto something and pulled hard. A bang was heard and the bed caved in slightly.

Shen Chuchu felt as if she found the exit for the heat and she unconsciously made a satisfied moan from her throat. 

Han Xingyan’s tie had been grasped by Shen Chuchu and he was unable to move a single step. The blood from his body seemed to flow backwards when he felt the softness underneath and heard her soft moans. However, the ringing of the phone once again reminded him.

He wanted to get up but the woman underneath stretched out her arms to hug him and prevented him from moving. He thought back to the things he still needed to do tonight and took out the phone from his pocket with great effort. When Han Xingyan saw that it was his own secretary, he struggled once more to get up.

Unexpectedly, the seemingly weak Shen Chuchu’s strength was not small so Han Xingyan struggled for a while and still could not break free. And while he struggled, his hand accidentally answered the call.

“CEO Han, Executive Zhang of Boguan is still waiting for you.”

Han Xinyan endured his tie being pulled and the feeling his neck was being strangled to reply, “I know. Ask him to wait a while. I still have something to attend to here so I will be there soon.”

“Ah it’s so hot.” Shen Chuchu’s soft voice rang out. Just a moment ago, there were many people in the lily-hall and it was quite spacious so they must not have heard the voice; or rather, everyone pretended not to hear.

Whereas this kind of sound was very clear in this empty room. Moreover, the phone was just by her lips and her voice passed clearly through the microphone.

Han Xingyan and Secretary Wang both stopped talking. 

Not only that, Shen Chuchu’s hands began to wander again, touching here and there. Han Xingyan once again could not help but say, “Behave yourself.”

Secretary Wang’s body shuddered when he heard these words. This was the first time he had heard his boss use… well, this silky tone of voice. As a man himself, he even felt a bit intoxicated.

No, more importantly, what was his boss doing right now? Was it…did he disturb his boss? If it was so then his offence was huge. This was no good.

Secretary Wang thought for a while then replied, “About that, boss, I can speak to Executive Zhang to meet next time…”

Han Xingyan interrupted, “No need, I will be there soon.”

“Oh, okay boss.” When he finished, secretary Wang quickly hung up. The boss said he would be here in a moment therefore right now was a crucial moment so he should not disturb the boss anymore. 

Han Xingyan looked at the hanged up call and then at the woman beneath him with a headache.

As a result, through the dim light of the bedroom Han Xinyan found the flushed face Shen Chuchu had an unusual sort of beauty. For a moment, his heart suddenly skipped a beat but he soon quickly returned to normal. 

At this moment, Shen Chuchu not only used her hands but now even her legs were stuck onto his body like an octopus. Fine, he would remove them one by one. Firstly he must save his neck. He pulled a few times but was unable to retrieve his tie from Shen Chuchu’s hands. Han Xingyan knew he would not be able to get back the tie so he slowly loosened and took his head out of the tie.

Finally, he was able to breathe and his face no longer looked bad. This time, Shen Chuchu seemed to have a sense of consciousness and reached out to pull Han Xingyan back.

Han Xingyan was caught off guard and was pulled closer.

Han Xingyan saw their lips were about to meet so he turned his head sideways. His lips brushed against Shen Chuchu’s cheeks to her ears.  

Originally the closeness Shen Chuchu felt from Han Xingyan was her solution but now there was a comforting tickly breath blowing in her ear.  Once again, she unconsciously let out a cosy sigh.

Han Xingyan sensed the softness and curves of her body yet he felt that he was about to explode. Moreover, there was a pair of small hands moving on his body incessantly which made him gradually reacted to the touch.

If he had guessed correctly, the girl had been drugged therefore these actions of hers were not truly her own. However, there was nothing to be done because his own body seemed to have been provoked as if he had eaten the same drug.

He restrained himself as an upright gentleman and looked up then threatened with his hoarse voice, “You better stop being like this and be careful or I will really do you.”

If this was the conscious Shen Chuchu then she would have definitely stopped her own movements when she heard these words. However, the drugged Shen Chuchu was somewhat fearless and she did everything according to her feelings. At this moment in time, she probably wished this man on top would do her already. Her body felt very uncomfortable to the point of exploding, especially after hearing such a nice voice.

She really wanted to taste this voice’s flavour.

With her strong hand, Han Xingyan’s face was again pulled closer. 

This time, he was totally unprepared and was succeeded by Shen Chuchu.

Shen Chuchu felt she had finally found the antidote when their lips touched. The ice-cold yet soft sensation resembled the jelly desserts she used to eat as a child. Furthermore, the agitation within her body seemed to have assembled on her lips and screamed to swallow the jelly into her abdomen.

These motions were carried out roughly when her awareness just emerged. Firstly Shen Chuchu licked Han Xingyan’s lips and then satisfyingly sucked. In the end, she was still not fulfilled and began to bite with her mouth.

If Han Xingyan was about to explode earlier then at this moment he had already exploded. He could no longer bear the tease from the girl underneath.

At this moment, he forgot the girl’s conscious was not clear and even forgot her actions were due to the drug. 

He switched from his passiveness and held the girl tightly; but his lip movements were not uncontrolled compared to the girl underneath. He instinctively danced with her lips and tongue.

Shen Chuchu’s whole body was in delight as if she had been dumped into a clear spring. She wanted more and more. As they struggled, her coat gradually came off and slowly Han Xingyan’s suit was also nowhere to be seen. 

Just when they were both a bit intoxicated, Han Xingyan’s cell phone rang again. Han Xingyan initially did not want to answer but the phone rang continuously. At this point, Han Xingyan gradually became more clear-headed and was somewhat flustered when he found the phone. He looked at the name displayed on the phone and recalled that he still had a client waiting for him.

He looked down on the bed to see Shen Chuchu still moving around and answered the phone without a choice.

“Speak.” Han Xingyan’s voice was even more hoarse now and could only faintly spit out this single word.

“Boss, I wanted to let you know that Executive Zhang had a family emergency so he left in a hurry and wanted to apologise before he left. Boss, that’s all so you can continue. I won’t disturb you anymore.” Secretary Wang spoke in the fastest speed possible and then hung up once he finished. Although the boss only said one word, he had already made up a report in his head.

Han Xingyan placed the phone down. He looked at Shen Chuchu then at the messy bed and his own changed body. He smiled bitterly. When did he also become a perverted hungry devil? There would be no difference compared to Executive Chen who tried to take advantage of her.  

Shen Chuchu may be strong but certainly not stronger than him. He had just not been using all his strength. Fortunately, the call arrived timely or else he would have made a huge mistake.

Therefore, this time, no matter how Shen Chuchu struggled with him, he firmly carried Shen Chuchu into the bathroom. Ice-cold water rushed out from the shower and Han Xingyan felt more clear-headed. The body movements also began to gradually subside.

However when he opened his eyes and saw the person opposite in the shower. He felt if things continued this way, a mistake would surely be made tonight.

He looked at Shen Chuchu’s appearance and brought down the showerhead to allow the cold water to splash onto both of them.

As expected, it worked and Shen Chuchu’s moaning voice turned into a loud, “Ah!” Her flushed face gradually turned pink and slowly turned somewhat normal. After a while, Han Xingyan felt it was enough and stopped. At this moment, Shen Chuchu no longer had any reaction and was asleep.

Han Xingyan carried her out. He initially wanted to put her in bed but he thought about her dripping wet appearance and decided to place her on the quilt 

Then he made a phone call to Secretary Wang: “Call a female attendant to come up.”

After a moment of hesitation, he added, “Get her to bring a set of lingerie up.”

Secretary Wang was stunned and asked, “…Boss, what size?”

Han Xingyan pursed his lips. What size, how would he know. In short, it seems quite big.

“Buy a large size,” Han Xingyan thought a small size might not fit but there would be no problem with a bigger size.

“…okay, Boss.”

When the attendant arrived, Han Xingyan had already changed into a bathrobe. He handed some instructions to the attendant then went to sit in the living room.

Half an hour later, the attendant came out.

When the attendant left, Han Xingyan did not have the courage to go in. But when he thought about Shen Chuchu’s condition, he was still somewhat worried so, unable to bear it, he walked inside. After all, he rescued her so he would be responsible until the end. 

When he walked inside, Han Xingyan found that Shen Chuchu was quietly lying on the bed. The bed had been changed and she was changed into the hotel’s nightgown.

Han Xingyan saw the frown on Shen Chuchu’s forehead and unconsciously stretched out his hand to comfort her. Then he seemed to have thought of something and retracted his hand. His hands stopped on the quilt and pulled it up towards Shen Chuchu.

He raised his hand and looked at the time. It was already after 10 pm. He frowned and thought that as his computer was not beside him, he might as rest early tonight.

Han Xingyan went to the cupboard to retrieve a quilt but found it was empty. He then realised the quilt on the bed had been changed so Shen Chuchu was already using the extra quilt.

He then thought about whether there would be any quilts that have not been used within the hotel and frowned. After a while, Han Xinyan decided he would not use one tonight for the sofa. The temperature of the air conditioner in the room was quite high so he put his jacket on himself and slept on the sofa.

The next day, Shen Chuchu woke up confused with a splitting headache. She froze for three-seconds then remember what happened yesterday. Had the drug still not passed?

Shen Chuchu felt slightly hot and took out her arm from under the covers. She looked at what she was wearing and it was obviously the hotel’s nightgown. Then looked to the side and it was evident that she was alone on this big bed. At this point, her tears could not help but flow out.

At first, she wept in silence then it turned into a wail in a split second. Her cries were grief-stricken and so incoherent to even make any listener shed tears. 

Han Xingyan was also woken by the sound of crying. He did not know whether it was the sound of crying or something else but his head hurt like hell and his entire body felt groggy.

Yet he still could not help but comforted her, “Don’t cry. I will take responsibility.”

When these words came out, it was sounded with an unexpectedly hoarse voice.

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