Shen Chuchu wanted to immediately get up and leave but she felt her departure would inevitably lose face for the others.* Especially towards Wang-ge whom she could tell from their recent conversation was a very proper producer.

*TL-note: To be embarrassed or humiliated, especially publicly. The expression and underlying concept come from Asia. If you lose face, you do something which makes you appear weak and makes people respect or admire you less. 

Furthermore, Li Yutao and Wan Shanshan were still around. Even though she did not know what they were thinking but she felt sure they would not harm her. While she hesitated, Executive Chen spoke up.

“Chuchu, what a coincidence. You are also here.”

Was it really a coincidence? Shen Chuchu thought to herself. As she thought more about it, her slightly sore head from earlier became even more unbearable. Did she drink too much? But according to her intake, she should not be drunk this quickly.

Wan Shanshan was afraid the still Shen Chuchu would ruin her plans, she quickly replied, “Chuchu, why are you standing there. You know Executive Chen so quickly get over here and apologise.”

Once this was said, everyone became quiet.

Shen Chuchu stood still and frowned without a word. At this moment she felt the sky spin and had to steady herself with great effort.

Wan Shanshan touched her glass against Shen Chuchu’s arm and urged, ”Chuchu, what are you doing. Quickly go and have a drink with Executive Chen.”

Shen Chuchu looked at Wan Shanshan’s particularly deep expression and felt something was seriously wrong. As if an unknown danger was near. However, her body became even more uncomfortable and her line of sight was gradually blurred. She used all her strength to shake her head. There was only one thought in her mind, she needed to leave quickly.

At this, she endured her discomfort and opened her mouth to speak but found it exceptionally taxing. She restrained her inner panic with great effort and replied in a slow quiet voice, “Sorry, today’s my fault. I am not feeling well so will take my leave now. I will make it up to everyone another day.”

She turned her body to leave.

Wan Shanshan violently grabbed onto her when she saw Shen Chuchu was about to leave and spoke with a subtle threatening tone, “Chuchu, you are being disrespectful to Executive Chen! You better not forget why you came here today. Also, you are going to develop in the entertainment industry so you better think clearly. There are some people you can’t afford to offend.”

Without knowing why, Shen Chuchu felt dizzier and her body had an indescribable feeling. She held onto some clarity then looked at Wan Shanshan and coldly stated, “Wan-jie, what do you mean by that?”

As she spoke, her body felt unstable. Before she fell, she wanted to lean against the nearby table but she never felt the table.

“Chuchu what’s wrong? Did you drink too much? Let me help you.” Executive Chen’s voice rang from beside her ear. Shen Chuchu did not fall but she felt goosebumps all over her body and her stomach turned with nausea. She wanted to push away Executive Chen but her arms were weak and floppy with no strength in them at all.

Then she heard another voice.

“Executive Chen, please take care of our Chuchu. Look at her, she should have known better not to drink so much when her alcohol tolerance is so low. Such an unsensible little girl.”

When Shen Chuchu heard this, her heart shook and she desperately wanted to turn around and see what kind of expression was on Wan Shanshan’s face. However, Executive Chen’s disgusting voice rang again before she could turn around, “Haha, yes. Certainly not as sensible as you.” 

“So Taotao’s role…” Wan Shanshan walked closer and worriedly asked.

Executive Chen laughed, “Naturally it won’t be a problem.”

Shen Chuchu seemed to hear Wang-ge said something but due to the distance, she was unable to decipher it. However, she clearly heard what Wan Shanshan said.  

“Ah Wang-ge, don’t worry about it. You have already seen that our Chuchu and Executive Chen know each other. She was just in the middle of being angry. Taotao, you have a drink with Wang-ge.”

Wan Shanshan said this while she opened the door for Executive Chen and he even praised her with the word, “quick-witted.”

At this point, Shen Chuchu knew she was not drunk but was drugged. She lifted her head with great effort and looked at Wan Shanshan. With her last thread of hope, she wanted to ask her for help. But even with her mouth open it felt as if her vocal cords had been obstructed. She could only breathe and not even use the weak voice earlier anymore. Her breathing was vigorous as she continuously could not make a complete sentence.

Wan Shanshan pretended not to see Shen Chuchu’s call for help and smiled profoundly, “Chuchu, since you agreed with your manager to come here then naturally you understand everything clearly right? Ah, look at you, are you not feeling well? Don’t worry, Executive Chen will help you.”

With this, Shen Chuchu’s final thread of hope was extinguished.

She did not agree with Xinming and he never even told her this would happen. When something like this happened before, Xinming had always been straight with her. She really could not believe Xinming would do something like this because it was totally not his usual style.

As for Wan Shanshan and Li Yutao. Whoever planned this or was involved…Shen Chuchu swore she would exact revenge and it would definitely be in tens and hundred folds. If her life was ruined then everyone’s life would also be ruined together.

In despair, she was supported to walk a few steps by Executive Chen. She did not want his support but her body was unable to gather any strength at all. The places that Executive Chen had touched felt as if millions of ants were crawling on her which made her suffocate as if something was blocking her throat.  Additionally, Executive Chen’s strength was way bigger and she simply could not break away.

Once they arrived in the hallway, Shen Chuchu devastatingly gazed at the open space. Why is she so unlucky today? She’s only twenty-two this year and had never had a boyfriend. She did not want her life to turn out like this.

At this moment, a person came out from the corner of the elevator. As she watched the person got closer, Shen Chuchu appealed with her eyes. Unfortunately, she only managed one glance before her line of sight was obstructed by Executive Chen so Shen Chuchu quickly struggled for a bit.

At this point, Executive Chen’s strength became even bigger. Afterwards, he faced the other person and nodded.

Finally, using all her strength, Shen Chuchu managed to take another look at the fuzzy figure opposite them. She opened her mouth to speak but the man nodded back at Executive Chen then curiously looked at her before departing ahead.

The elevator was almost within reach and Shen Chuchu felt her whole life was truly over. Her tears uncontrollably flowed out.

The elevator door in front of her was like the hope in her heart, gradually closing little by little. Suddenly at this moment, a familiar figure appeared once again in front of Shen Chuchu and the elevator door that was about to close was gradually opened.  

Executive Chen laughed to the person who had just left but returned, “CEO Han, are you also here to take the elevator?”

Han Xingyan looked at the girl who was held very tightly in the man’s embrace. Her face was full of tears, her cheeks were flushed and she looked at him as if he was her saviour. Even without saying a word, Han Xingyan felt the words “save me” written all over her body. 

“Chuchu, why are you here?”

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