Shen Chuchu’s company was called Mei Jia Entertainment. Though it wasn’t the largest in the industry, it still had a good bit of prestige to its name. Shen Chuchu had at the very least heard of the company before. If she didn’t, she would never have joined them in the first place.

However, after signing in with the company, Shen Chuchu realized that there were more than a few problems with it. It wasn’t hard for her to understand why the company’s reputation was ambiguous.

At 9:30 am, she arrived at the company’s headquarters and hurried straight towards the elevators. Two people were quietly chatting there, but as soon as Shen Chuchu walked over, they grew silent and focused their attention on her.

Shen Chuchu recognised one of them as Li Yutao, who was the company’s popular idol. He was a trainee who debuted abroad and then signed with Mei Jia when he came back after two years. Not long after he signed, he released an EP* and one of his songs blew up, becoming one of the top ten in last year’s Golden Melody list. Though he could not be compared to the top trending artists, he was fairly accomplished in his own generation of singers. She also heard that he was going to venture into the film industry to develop his career, now that he had successfully made it as a singer.

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