She looked at the comments first. The one at the top was the comment she had replied to yesterday. Right now, it had over 300 likes and more than a hundred comments below. There was also a reply from “Tiny Workplace Newbie”: OP, I can’t believe it! You really are a fortune-teller. Last night, I asked him and we’re together now. [Excitement]  

Upon seeing this reply, Shen Chuchu finally felt relief. It seemed that she had not destroyed her trademark when she appeared as a “fake quack” for the very first time. She scrolled through the comments on Weibo and found that a lot of people were curious about their own marital status.

“If OP really is Yue Lao, please gift me a handsome husband! [Photograph]”

“Pick me, pick me! Please tell me quickly if my boyfriend will be my future husband! If he isn’t, I’m going to break up with him. [Photograph]”

“Need a wife. I’m already 30 years old and still single. [Photograph]”

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