She looked at the comments first. The one at the top was the comment she had replied to yesterday. Right now, it had over 300 likes and more than a hundred comments below. There was also a reply from “Tiny Workplace Newbie”: OP, I can’t believe it! You really are a fortune-teller. Last night, I asked him and we’re together now. [Excitement]  

Upon seeing this reply, Shen Chuchu finally felt relief. It seemed that she had not destroyed her trademark when she appeared as a “fake quack” for the very first time. She scrolled through the comments on Weibo and found that a lot of people were curious about their own marital status.

“If OP really is Yue Lao, please gift me a handsome husband! [Photograph]”

“Pick me, pick me! Please tell me quickly if my boyfriend will be my future husband! If he isn’t, I’m going to break up with him. [Photograph]”

“Need a wife. I’m already 30 years old and still single. [Photograph]”

Shen Chuchu laughed a little after reading some of the comments with photographs. Although some people questioned her credibility, she did not care as plenty of people also believed her. After all, fortune-telling was deemed successful even when your customers were skeptics! 

After reading through the comments, she went to see who had shared her post. She felt the reason why the statistics had risen so high was not due to Tiny Workplace Newbie but because of something else.

As expected, the first share she saw had a big v.*

TL-note: v here indicates a VIP, or verified account. VIP accounts are usually academics, celebrities or actors that are verified due to their large number of followers.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Mysterious OP, please tell me my fortune!

Although this person claimed to be a top reporter, they only had 90 thousand followers and was verified as a reporter from B City.

Shen Chuchu opened her private messages and saw that Tiny Workplace Newbie had sent her an astonished yet thankful message. Shen Chuchu replied to her normally this time.

I am Yue Lao: Do you know this #1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather?

She honestly could not think of any reason why a reporter, who only shared celebrity gossip, would share her post.

Tiny Workplace Newbie: You really are a fake quack! You even noticed that! But I don’t know him, it’s my classmate who… No, I should say my boyfriend Ding Ji who knows him. My boyfriend saw your Weibo and figured you might need some exposure. So for thanking you, he asked him to share your Weibo. Did I unknowingly cause you any trouble with my good intentions? [Shy]

I am Yue Lao: Thank you.

After their conversation, Shen Chuchu opened Tiny Workplace Newbie’s system. She found that the content had been updated!

Their marriage date has been changed to June 30th 2018 which was practically six months earlier than before. While the date of the start of their relationship had been changed to today. Lastly, their first night has also been changed to March of this year.

It seemed that after she helped people, it would affect their marital history too!

She had thought about this matter before. If a person found out about their future and then actively tried to work towards it, would their future change? Some believed that no matter what changes you made, the future would stay fixed. While others believed it could be altered. After all, it had been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing could ultimately cause a hurricane halfway around the world.*

*TL-note: This is a quote from the movie “The Butterfly Effect” (2004). Which is a reference to ‘Chaos Theory’ – a phenomenon where even something highly insignificant, such as the flap of a butterfly’s wing, could act as the initial condition to a far greater event.  

Before this, she was unsure whether the future could be altered but today the system gave her a clear answer. She was also unsure whether the changes were good or bad but since the marriage rating never changed, she felt somewhat relieved. As long as the marriage rating did not change then it must mean the changes she had made did not affect their marital happiness.

After completing a task yesterday, her attributes had also updated.

Current Level: 0 (1/10)

Acting Skill: 19 (100)

Fate Value: 0 (10)

At the bottom, there was a yellow alert message.

Congratulations on completing the task yesterday, the minimum standard has been met. Keep up the good work! If you achieve an outstanding pass, your fate value may increase.

The acting skill did not increase at all. Shen Chuchu felt she needed to examine the system further.

Shen Chuchu was just about to exit Weibo when she noticed that she was currently at over 800 followers. She pondered and decided to send a private message to #1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather.

I am Yue Lao: The man called Qiang Bing, who saved a girl’s life last night, will definitely wake up. He and the female masters’ student will both end up together.

Shen Chuchu didn’t send this message out of carelessness. She saw that Red Feather had previously shared a message giving thoughts and prayers to Qiang Bing in one of his recent posts.

She could not be certain whether Red Feather believed her but even so she still wanted to show her appreciation because it was all thanks to his share that she had so many people read her post.

#1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather: Quack God-sama! [Starry Eyes]

She nearly spat out her water when she saw how she was being addressed. Although she referred to herself as a fake quack, she felt rather embarrassed now that people started to really call her that.

I am Yue Lao: Please do not tell anyone I told you.

#1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather: I will definitely not tell anyone!! Quack God-sama’s secret is mine to protect! [Excitement]

When she woke up the next day, Shen Chuchu found that her completion score became three. But she had clearly only helped two people so where did that extra person come from. What was going on?

When she logged into Weibo, there was a private message from Red Feather.

#1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather: God, you really know everything. Qiang Bing really did wake up and I believe he will be together with the girl very soon.

Shen Chuchu’s heart stirred when she saw the private message and clicked onto Red Feather’s profile. The first Weibo post was about them.

#1 Entertainment Reporter-Red Feather: Good things indeed happen to good people, Qiang Bing will wake up soon. Why do I also happen to think that they look very good together? [Tease]

So the extra digit must be from this even though she had only helped two people.

Once everything was made clear, Shen Chuchu no longer felt at a loss.

After three days of planting roots on Weibo, she finally felt that the time was now ripe and posted the following message.

I am Yue Lao: Want to know who your future husband (wife) is? Comment with a photo below and I will tell you who it is. There will only be one free fortune-telling per day so let fate smile upon you. Anyone else who wants their fortune told please visit this website: Marriage by Fate. First come first served basis, ten per day on Taobao.

Afterwards, she pinned the post to the top of her profile.

The words “marriage by fate” was actually a hyperlink set by Shen Chuchu, which linked directly to her Taobao website.

Shen Chuchu then turned her attention solely to Taobao and checked whether anyone had made a purchase. She had set the price to one thousand yuan because she did not know whether exposing the future would come back to bite her in the end. Since she could make money out of this, she might as well earn as much as she could while she still had the chance.

She was not trying to scam people. If people did not want to know anything about their future, then they just didn’t need to make a purchase. It really was that simple.

“Want to know who your future husband (wife) is? Please select a package and privately send me your photo. I will tell you everything you want to know. Remember, marriage is predestined by fate so whether I can help you or not is still based on fate. Unconditional refund for those who lack it.”

At noon, Shen Chuchu finally received her first customer. This person did not ask any questions and just sent a photo.

Shen Chuchu looked at the photo for three seconds then sent all their marriage-related information over.

She then received another two orders. Some people had a lot of questions so Shen Chuchu was forced to use her limited poetry in order to fool them. Other people even sent over photos of celebrities and Shen Chuchu would refund these without a word.

She would have never imagined that her business would unexpectedly explode with popularity! It turned out that a lot of people had marital issues in society. Additionally, there were also plenty of people who were caught within a whirlpool of emotions. Even with the high price they did not hesitate at all to purchase any marital information!

The day was not over yet but Shen Chuchu had already finished her ten orders. She felt that she was extremely lucky to have such a powerful system. She had made ten thousand yuan in a single day, this was just too easy. She didn’t even know whether she regretted limiting herself to just ten per day or with the price point.

In this case, the ten thousand yuan she owed at the hospital could finally be returned. This resolved the issue that was at the forefront of her mind as she had never borrowed money from anyone since she was young.

At this point, she has foretold fifteen people about their marriage. She opened the system display and found some changes had been made.

Current Level: 1 (5/20)

Acting Skill: 20 (100)

Fate Value: 1 (10)

Reminder: Congratulations on obtaining a fate value. Good luck will soon descend upon you!

She was relieved when she finally saw that she had levelled up and that her acting skill had also increased to 20 points.

Her eyes lit up when she saw that her fate value had increased to 1 alongside the message. Although she did not know what sort of “good luck” would “descend” upon her, at least it was better than bad luck.

While she was thinking about this, her phone suddenly rang. Shen Chuchu picked up the phone without hesitation when she saw her manager’s name.

“Come to the company tomorrow morning at ten, I’ve got a suitable advertisement for you.”

After ending the call, she thought back to the fate value she had just seen on the system and felt that happiness arrived a little too quickly. She then rolled around on the bed a few times bursting with excitement.

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