Xinming watched Shen Chuchu walk out without a hint of remorse. He picked up the contract and threw it to the ground. Did she really think that the company would be unable to carry on without her? Who does she think she is? She wants to become famous but refuses to bend the rules? Only in her dreams!

On that thought, Xinming took out his phone and decided to call over an actress who was far more pretty and obedient.

As expected, she was even willing to do it for free when she heard that it was an advertisement from the Han Group.

As he hung up the phone, Xinming had a thought. Now, this was the right path for a star to begin! Ignorant people like Shen Chuchu could forget about their careers in the entertainment industry.

It wasn’t until Shen Chuchu was hit by a cold gust of wind as she walked out the door that she realized what a stupid thing she had just done. Although she had argued with her manager before, she had never had the guts to escalate it further like that. She felt sure that this time she had completely and utterly offended him.

There were a lot of companies who would use a myriad of ways to pressure their actors. She even remembered that when she signed the initial contract with Mei Jia there was a phrase which said ‘except in special circumstances’. Although the company breached the contract and was at fault, there was nothing she could do.

She could only blame herself for being too enticed by the prospect of being a famous star when she left school three months ago.  Even when she felt that something was not right, she still signed the contract without a second thought.

As she looked up at the company name “Mei Jia Entertainment”, Shen Chuchu’s feelings became more complicated.

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