Shen Chuchu brought Wang Qian back to her apartment to look around. She figured since there won’t be any dramas or advertisements after the recent disagreement with her manager, then she would use the time to sort out her own acting skills.

Shen Chuchu looked at her new assistant and formally said, “The reason why I picked you as my assistant was because you were recommended by Wangjie the makeup artist and I trust her judgement. I’ve heard you’ve been an assistant before so I won’t get into the rules. As long as you work well, don’t cause any drama and follow me then you will definitely not regret it. I will definitely become a big celebrity, trust me.”

Wang Qian listened to Shen Chuchu’s passionate speech and excitedly replied, “Okay Shen-jie, I trust in you.”

“Change how you address me. Call me boss, it seems more affluent.”

“……Okay, Boss. If you require anything in the future just tell me, I will be available at any time.”

“Currently your boss is in the preparation period and only require you to do one thing. Deliver three meals a day to me.”

“Okay, Boss. I promise you I will complete this task.”

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