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From the moment Gao Anqi laid eyes on Han Xingyan, her heart pounded non-stop and she had already forgotten what had just happened. She only wanted to chase and stand in his shadow to feel close to him.

However, Han Xingyan’s voice shattered Gao Anqi’s fantasy, “General Manager Gao, what you had just said is not appropriate. It was my idea for Miss Shen to shoot this advertisement. The Han Group is not a company that spreads gossip so please remember your position.”

Han Xingyan’s words were like daggers to Gao Anqi’s heart. This was the first time he had spoken to her about things unrelated to work and each word was a wound to her heart as if she had been placed within a cavity of ice.

When Han Xingyan finished, he walked away with Secretary Wang without heeding Gao Anqi’s answer.

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