When Xinming said he would not take care of Shen Chuchu, he did just that. As a matter of fact, Shen Chuchu also did not want to see her manager after their argument.

Before the shoot, Shen Chuchu contacted a makeup artist, stylist, costume designer and assistant by herself and even rented a car.

On the day of the shoot, She Chuchu went with the team she hired to the designated location. This location was no other inside the Han Group itself.

The advertisement was not just a photoshoot but involved motion as well. Her acting skills had already risen to four points so she should be better than before but this was not the case. Shen Chuchu could not figure why but she always felt uncoordinated in some places.

In other words, she knew how to perform but her movements failed to keep up. She had never felt like this before and was able to perform the movements in her head in the last two advertisements she had shot.

At this point, Shen Chuchu already had an answer in her heart but was still unsure and suspicious.

Naturally, the director was displeased and continuously instructed Shen Chuchu to repeat the movements.

When Shen Chuchu was getting dizzy from the director’s instructions, a harsh female voice could be heard, “Haha! This is the new representative for the new product? Where did this newbie come from? I’ve never seen her before and the acting is so clumsy. How did the Publicity Department manage to hire someone like her?

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