Shen Chuchu brought Wang Qian back to her apartment to look around. She figured since there won’t be any dramas or advertisements after the recent disagreement with her manager, then she would use the time to sort out her own acting skills.

Shen Chuchu looked at her new assistant and formally said, “The reason why I picked you as my assistant was because you were recommended by Wangjie the makeup artist and I trust her judgement. I’ve heard you’ve been an assistant before so I won’t get into the rules. As long as you work well, don’t cause any drama and follow me then you will definitely not regret it. I will definitely become a big celebrity, trust me.”

Wang Qian listened to Shen Chuchu’s passionate speech and excitedly replied, “Okay Shen-jie, I trust in you.”

“Change how you address me. Call me boss, it seems more affluent.”

“……Okay, Boss. If you require anything in the future just tell me, I will be available at any time.”

“Currently your boss is in the preparation period and only require you to do one thing. Deliver three meals a day to me.”

“Okay, Boss. I promise you I will complete this task.”

On the fourth day, Shen Chuchu was about to faint from happiness when she ate Wang Qian’s homemade hotpot. To think someone could cook so well existed in this world!

On the third day of takeout meals, Wang Qian asked Shen Chuchu if she wanted any specific dishes to make at home because takeout was not nutritious. Shen Chuchu nodded her head, indicating that she did not mind.  Having eaten instant noodle for half a month, she thought take-out was gourmet food.

As a result! She was full of praise when she ate the meal. This is no assistant but rather a mobile gourmet restaurant.

She picked up an enoki mushroom and asked, “Qianqian, why are you so good at cooking?”

Wang Qian smiled, “When I was young, we were poor and my mother was always working hard so I made food for my younger brother every day. I stopped going to school after high school and found a job near home so I continued to make food for my brother every day. I got better slowly from practice.”

Shen Chuchu listened to Wang Qian’s explanation and lagged for a split second. Through the white smoke, Shen Chuchu did not see someone who complained about life, but a peaceful and quiet person.

“Why did you record the video that day?” This was an area that Shen Chuchu failed to understand. After a few days together, Shen Chuchu could see that Wang Qian did not like to stir up trouble. She was very quiet and very capable.

Wang Qian put down the chopsticks in her hand and wiped the corner of her mouth, “You hired me as an assistant and although it was temporary, I still needed to do my part. I don’t want to disgrace Lingling-jie again.”

“Can I ask why you were dismissed before?”

Wang Qian originally wanted to be honest about this matter because they are the assistants to celebrities and they are usually introduced by acquaintances. There was no need to hide anything since everyone was clear on who is who and who they previously assisted before.

Wang Qian hesitated for a moment and replied, “Of course. I used to be with Yu Yiting but …um… he resented that I was not good-looking enough, old-fashioned and not as decisive when handling matters. So he dismissed me.”

Shen Chuchu was very amused by this answer. Do assistants need to look beautiful? It’s not like they will be your girlfriend! It’s okay as long as they do the work.

So this Yu Yiting……a Little Fresh Meat* who hasn’t been in the industry for too long with good resources and the support of a big company. Then you look at Wang Qian, she’s not considered the best looking but definitely not ugly either.

*TL-note: Little Fresh Meat is an internet buzz word in China used to describe handsome young males. It is most commonly used for celebrities, particularly a rising star.

Shen Chuchu picked up a piece of doupi* and said, “Eat eat, you are not ugly. That Yu Yiting has bad taste.”

*TL-note: Doupi is a breakfast dish from the city of Wuhan in Hubei province. It is often sold as street food.

Shen Chuchu felt assured when the reason for Wang Qian’s dismissal was figured out and who her previous employer was.

After the meal, Wang Qian began to clear everything. She looked at her employer lying comfortably on the sofa and could not help but ask, “Boss, don’t all artists need to lose weight. Do you not need to?”

As far as what she knew, even a popular artist like Yu Yiting controlled his food intake and regularly exercised. If male artists are so, should it not be the same for females? Some female celebrities even counted the vegetable leaves when they ate.

Today’s hotpot was simply delicious that Shen Chuchu could not help but burped and helplessly said, “No need, recently there won’t be anyone asking to film. I can just stay at home and enjoy this gourmet meal.”

Wang Qian listened to this explanation and said no more. She tidied the room and got ready to leave when she saw Shen Chuchu no longer required her here. She glanced at Shen Chuchu before she left.

As a matter of fact, when Shen Chuchu asked her why Yu Yiting dismissed her there might have been another hidden reason but she was unsure whether that was the reason. In her heart, she still felt the final excuse that Yu Yiting used was the real reason he dismissed her.

After all, she came from a small place and did not fit in at all when she first arrived in the Imperial Capital. Moreover, at that time, she did not understand anything and was not as decisive when handling matters.

Wang Qian thought about it and hesitated but she still said nothing. Firstly, it involved the privacy of her previous employer and on the other hand, she also hoped that it was simply her own overthinking. Otherwise, the entertainment circle will be too messy.

When Wang Qian had left, Shen Chuchu leisurely opened her Taobao client as she remembered there were still unfinished orders on Taobao today. Shen Chuchu scrolled to the last customer’s picture and stared at the photo for three seconds, then a red heart appeared on her head.

When she saw the name of her future husband, Shen Chuchu doubted her own vision. The person who they had just mentioned was actually displayed on the system! Shen Chuchu blinked and looked at it again. It was still the same name. Perhaps it was a person with the same name?

Shen Chuchu quickly clicked the photo and sighed a breath of relief when it really was just a person with the same name. It is just like she said, it is all too strange if Yu Yiting appeared in the system when they had just mentioned him.

This person obviously did not look as good as Yu Yiting. Although they had the same name, their appearance was drastically different.

In the photo, the eyes are a little small, the nose is a bit flat, and the chin is a bit……

Shen Chuchu’s eyes widened when she seemed to be able to find Yu Yiting’s shadow on it?? She looked again carefully and her suspicion sprung to life. Did Yu Yiting have plastic surgery?

At this, Shen Chuchu went online and searched for any news about Yu Yiting’s plastic surgery. Indeed, there was a lot of news on the internet. There was one person who claimed to be a classmate of Yu Yiting in primary school and released a graduation photo stating that Yu Yiting had plastic surgery and looked different when he was young. As a result, the Weibo post was almost abused to death by fans.

“Do you look exactly the same as when you were young?”

“Doesn’t everyone look better as they get older, this flapjack probably looks disabled! [Curse]”

To be honest, the elementary school Yu Yiting and the current Yu Yiting in the system are quite similar. After searching for a while, Shen Chuchu gave up since it was none of her concern if he had plastic surgery or not. Plastic surgery was a really normal thing in this circle and even more common than the hidden rules so there was no need for her to worry about it foolishly.

She thought about it then continued to examine the marriage system. She continued to hesitate whether she wanted to tell this female client who her future husband was. This was the first time she had a client whose husband would be a celebrity and it was completely different from how she imagined it would be. The former was the destiny of ordinary people while the latter may be the fan’s delusion or the scheme of the paparazzi.

Shen Chuchu decided to look at the marriage information before making a decision.

Status: Unmarried

Marriage Partner: Yu Yiting [Photograph]

Marriage Date: October 10th 2019

Divorce Date: October 10th 2029

Marriage Rating: 2 Stars (Divided at Heart)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]

When she saw the divorce date, Shen Chuchu discovered she had only noticed Yu Yiting’s name but had ignored the date of the divorce. They would be divorced exactly ten years after on the same date. Was this intentional?

Out of curiosity, Shen Chuchu opened the Red Thread of Fate.

The entire Red Thread of Fate was so spicy which made one think “What The F***!” [Encounter Reason: One Night Stand] [Meeting Location: Cowherd and Weaving Maid] Cowherd and Weaving Maid was a very famous nightclub in the Imperial Capital plus the name was very frank.

They met each other last year and have been together since.

Shen Chuchu had never encountered an individual who got together with their one-night stand. This was simply a display of fleshly desires first then love. It was a shame it still ended as a divorce.

She looked at the reason for the divorce and the content could make someone even sadder.

[Divorce Reason: Husband had an affair]

Men, are they just animals who use their lower body to think? A woman gave you ten years of her youth and when she has aged, you make the decision to abandon her. Is this something that a human should do?

If this man was really the Little Fresh Meat Yu Yiting, then he will be cursed to death! So is he or is he not?

Suddenly Shen Chuchu clicked. She could just look at Yu Yiting’s photo and everything will be clear once she sees his marriage system.

At this, she felt she was practically stupid and quickly went on Weibo to search for his photo.

Just a moment ago, Shen Chuchu wanted to fight for injustice and even thought about warning her client but what she saw caused her to realise that not everything was as simple as she had thought.

Other suspicions may need to be confirmed, but one thing she was sure of was that Yu Yiting indeed had plastic surgery!

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