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  1. Beginning the Drama Club’s Official Rehearsal


“Ling Yang, what did you do last night? Why do you have such heavy dark circles around your eyes?” Ling Ming asked me as I drowsily lied on my desk.


“It’s all that club’s sister’s fault, I had to read until five in the morning to finish that thick script book,” I said. After yesterday’s stream had finished, I had to read the script. I read pretty slowly but that which had to make it necessary for me to finish it…so I finished it as the sun was coming up… Now I just want to shut my eyes and go to sleep…


“Bro, work hard! I wish you good luck!” Ling Ming suddenly said seriously to me.




If you didn’t look for me at that time, would I even be going through this? Now you’re just pretending to be a good person!


At lunch, I went back to the drama club room. It was different than yesterday and there were other students, but nothing could stop my drowsiness. I found a seat and went to sleep. It seems the Senior Sister on stage noticed me falling asleep in the back.


“Yo, cutie, what’s up? Not awake yet?” the Senior Sister asked as she walked towards me.


“Oh, it’s not because of you…” I slowly looked at her, “Yesterday, it took me all night to look through your script book…” I murmured.


“Wow, I didn’t expect Little Brother to be so enthusiastic! Big Sister is pleased!”




If it weren’t for you blackmailing me, I wouldn’t even be looking at the script!!!


“But you still have to listen carefully, it’s very important!” she said and pointed at me.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear you,” I answered weakly.


Then Senior Sister said to take note of parts of the storyline. I had gone through the script and roughly understood it. The play was roughly about the female lead who suffered a difficult life. First, the female lead’s parents would die in a car crash and then she would live her childhood in an orphanage. Later on, when she was sixteen, a couple adopted her but they didn’t treat her well and frequently beat her and vented their anger on her. One day, the female lead couldn’t stand it anymore and ran away from home to a strange and unfamiliar city. At first, she didn’t know what to do and didn’t know how to survive in this unfamiliar city. However, the female lead would accidentally get to know the male lead, who would then help her find a steady job. The female lead would work hard for two years and become a company manager. After that, the female lead and male lead would live happily ever after, going down the wedding hall.


Umm, this is a really inspiring story… Fuck! This was just a cheesy story?! You made me read this? Are you joking with me?! You seriously think this is a play? I seriously don’t know what this president is thinking. Were all city people like this?!


“Everybody’s got it, right?” Senior Sister asked everyone.


“Got it.”


“Good, we can now officially start rehearsal in the afternoon, don’t be late.” After she’d finished speaking, the students went out of the door. I got ready to leave but Senior Sister stopped me.


“Little brother, these are your lines. Read them when you have the time. Today you can read off of the script while you rehearse, but you won’t be allowed to later.” Senior Sister slipped the script into my hands and walked out of the classroom.


“Sigh~” I looked at the thick script packet and sighed. So much, and it wasn’t even one or two days to finish… I really want to die right now…


Well, for now, let’s finish class and go to sleep…


“Hey, hey, get up,” a familiar voice said to me. “It’s the end of the day and you’re still sleeping…” Cheng Zixi shook me awake.


“En….En?” I sat up, dazed, and looked at Cheng Zixi.


“What time is it? Where is everybody?” I asked Cheng Zixi, who was standing in front of me.


“Everybody’s already gone home.” Cheng Zixi replied.


“Oh, I see. I’ll just sleep a little longer…” I murmured and then I suddenly remembered an important matter.


It was miserable but…there were rehearsals today! If I don’t hurry up, that two-faced sister is going to sort me out…


“Zixi, you go home first. I have something else to do.” After saying this, I lied on my desk, not wanting to go to the drama club.


Fortunately, the year two teacher would keep students in longer, so I got there just in time. Everybody was seated, waiting for the president to arrive and announce the start of rehearsal.


After a couple moments, a tall figure walked on stage. It was the drama club president Li Xue, who was also Li Ming’s cousin. Usually, she’d look carefree, but in front of everybody, she looked like a leader.


After announcing some things I didn’t know about, she finally announced the start of the rehearsal!

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