Formidable Woman

Cheng Hui burst into laughter while holding her phone, “Hahaha, now the whole internet is feasting on your lovey-dovey moments, hahaha.”

Wen Le suddenly turned and stared at Cheng Hui. Cheng Hui, feeling unnerved under Wen Le’s scrutiny, asked, “What’s up?”

Wen Le skeptically assessed Cheng Hui with suspicion and said, “Why do I feel like this is your doing?”

Cheng Hui widened her eyes in an attempt to look innocent, “How could it be? I’m a lurking expert, okay?”

Wen Le still didn’t seem convinced and continued to scrutinise Cheng Hui.

Cheng Hui said, “It really wasn’t me.”

Wen Le finally shifted her gaze away after staring at Cheng Hui for a while. Cheng Hui patted her chest lightly behind Wen Le, laughing and thinking to herself: Really, it wasn’t me who posted that. I just happened to share the news about the ring with a friend, and that friend coincidentally made the post. It definitely has nothing to do with me.

Seeing that Wen Le was no longer suspicious and headed to the restroom with her phone, Cheng Hui took out her phone to read the comments. She enjoyed the groundhogs’ screams and various critiques. Back in the day, she had to endure the bombardment of dog food alone, which was genuinely hard, but now, haha!

Cheng Hui found some balance in seeing others suffer in the post. However, the thread contained not only the joyful sounds of groundhogs but also some discordant voices.

– One hundred thousand dollars? Wow, Zhou Kao’s wealthy and handsome image is confirmed.

– Wasn’t it always assumed that Zhou Kao was wealthy and handsome? What is there to question? You can look up the Simpson Private High School where Zhou Kao attended high school. The tuition there is more than an ordinary couple’s annual income. It’s undoubtedly a gathering place for rich second-generation and children of the powerful.

– Zhou Kao has always been low-key. His clothes don’t reveal anything, and his car is just a Volkswagen Magotan worth two or three hundred thousand.

– The commenter above probably didn’t see the Magotan with the Beijing A license plate.

– I suggest you go back and watch the video of them fighting. There is a black sports car parked in the parking lot that seems to belong to Zhou Kao. Someone saw Zhou Kao getting out of that car, but there were no pictures. But in fact, this makes sense. What were they doing in the parking lot? If Zhou Kao’s Magotan is not there, it means he was driving another car.

Cheng Hui looked at the comments, tutting twice. She took a bite of an apple and said to Wen Le, “Your Zhou Kao is too low-key. Wearing clothes without any obvious brands, driving a two or three hundred thousand Magotan – that’s low-key! That’s profound! It’s like, OMG!”

Wen Le chuckled, “Then you probably don’t know that this supposedly low-key person with a two-hundred-thousand car wears a ninety-thousand-dollar watch.”

Cheng Hui choked on her apple at Wen Le’s revelation, coughing dramatically. Wen Le shot her a glance and went over to pat her back, and Cheng Hui, red-faced, took a while to recover. She took a deep breath, pressed down her surprise, and said, “You… this… do all you rich people have to be so unconventional?”

Wen Le pondered for a moment, thinking that she, who had considered her family poor while living in the mountains for many years, probably had no grounds to refute.

Cheng Hui didn’t really care about Wen Le’s response. She remembered something else and asked, “Is that McLaren really Zhou Kao’s?”

Wen Le nodded, “Seems like it.”

Curious, Cheng Hui asked, “Why did he suddenly drive a sports car that day? For a romantic date like in a drama?”

Wen Le looked a bit embarrassed, “No, it’s just that his Magotan ran out of gas…”

Cheng Hui remained expressionless, “Oh…”

Cheng Hui said with determination, “CP fans won’t accept such absurd reasons! I unilaterally declare that he deliberately drove the sports car to take you on a special date!”

Wen Le: !

#What to do if your roommate is a CP fan of you and your significant other, urgent online#

Cheng Hui waved her hand, “Alright, go freshen up. I’ll continue browsing the forums, hehehe.”

Wen Le cautiously said, “I remember you don’t like this kind of lovey-dovey stuff.”

Cheng Hui, with a forced smile, replied, “Oh, right, I don’t like it.”

Wen Le: Shouldn’t she control that weird smile on her face when saying such things?

Cheng Hui shooed her away, “Okay, go do your stuff. I’ll keep browsing the forums.”

Wen Le: “Oh.”

As Wen Le turned around, Cheng Hui’s mouth curled up in a strange smile. She quickly switched to a WeChat conversation on her phone.

Hui: Got some gossip! Come quickly!

After sharing some half-true sugar with her girlfriends, Cheng Hui ran back to check the forum comments. Initially, she wanted some comfort from other users, but the comments left her a bit annoyed.

-Cried while searching for the price of that sports car. Not only is the person beautiful, the car is beautiful, and the price is even more beautiful… Is Zhou Kao the male lead in some fairy tale?

-So, the girl from the slums, Wen Le, is going to marry into a wealthy family? Not surprising at all, rather expected. Ambition and beauty of this level in a girl naturally point to marrying into wealth, right?

-Throwing out rings worth tens of thousands; Zhou Kao is indeed generous. Today, I saw him giving Wen Le several top-notch luxuries, one from Chanel, one from Dior, and one from Hermes. Envious sigh.

Cheng Hui got a bit angry for a moment but then strangely smiled.

Looking at the sarcastic comments, Cheng Hui couldn’t help but shed some tears of sympathy for these people.

Hahaha, they probably don’t know that this girl they see as scheming to marry into wealth is actually the sole heir of the super-wealthy Wen family, the Miss of Tianyin Group, and the future employer of some of these people.

Cheng Hui’s imagination ran wild as she envisioned a grand drama unfolding.

[The online lemon trolls aimed their sour comments and derogatory remarks at Wen Le, suggesting that she was trying to marry into wealth using her looks, labeling her as a scheming gold digger. After graduating from university, she fought through various struggles and competitions to enter Tianyin Group. Suddenly, one day, she encountered Wen Tianqi, the head of the Wen family, inspecting the company with their supposed sole heir, the prince… no, princess… wasn’t that Wen Le, whom they had accused of wanting to marry into wealth? Then, Wen Le introduced herself with a smile, “Hello everyone, I’m Wen Le, the Wen from Wen, and the Le from music.”]

“Poof!” Cheng Hui couldn’t help but burst into laughter, rolling around on the bed despite not being the protagonist.

Watching Cheng Hui’s antics, Wen Le remained impassive, thinking that when Bao Xiaofan and Man Qingxuan returned later, there would be more commotion. She wondered how Sun Youmei would react.

Sure enough, when Sun Youmei and Bao Xiaofan returned to the dorm, there were two more prairie dogs in the room.

Perhaps Sun Youmei had learned from the forums about Wen Le and Zhou Kao being together before returning to the dorm. Her face didn’t look good when she returned, and it turned even worse as she saw Wen Le packing up the three bags of gifts. She looked so jealous that her eyes turned red.

Watching Wen Le’s triumphant demeanor in love made Sun Youmei feel both jealous and angry. Whether it was jealousy or anger that surged in her heart as she watched Wen Le pack up the gifts from her boyfriend was unclear.

Imagining herself in the past being affectionate with her boyfriend, receiving luxury gifts from him, and being envied and praised by others, everything had changed now. She lost her boyfriend, lost the luxury gifts, and Wen Le replaced her, basking in glory.

Sun Youmei felt like her position had been usurped and imitated by Wen Le, making it impossible for her to smile. So, in the cheerful atmosphere of the dorm, she sarcastically said, “Congratulations, turns out you’re amazing.”

Everyone present sensed something was off with her words, and there was a moment of awkward silence. Wen Le couldn’t be bothered and changed the subject with Cheng Hui.

The next day was a Saturday and Cheng Hui had slept in, which was rare for her. When she woke up, the dorm was surprisingly empty. It then occurred to her that Bao Xiaofan and Man Qingxuan had found temporary weekend jobs.

Cheng Hui got out of bed to freshen up, and Wen Le, hearing the noise, sat up on her bed. The prominent dark circles under her fair complexion were particularly noticeable.

Cheng Hui was startled, “What’s wrong with you?”

Wen Le scratched her head, “Insomnia.”

Cheng Hui asked, “Why insomnia?”

Cheng Hui couldn’t help but think of those sour comments on the forum insinuating that Wen Le wanted to marry into wealth. Could it be that Wen Le had seen those comments and was upset, unable to sleep?

Cheng Hui felt uncomfortable at the thought. If Wen Le, who frequently browsed the forums, was constantly disturbed by such comments, it would be too hard for her.

Wen Le didn’t say anything, but she looked distressed as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Cheng Hui became more convinced that Wen Le had seen that post, so she tentatively said, “Did you see someone on the forum saying you’re…”

Wen Le sighed in frustration, “Yes, they said Zhou Kao gave me luxury goods, and it made me realise something belatedly.”

Wen Le felt particularly disheartened, “The things Zhou Kao gave me were bought with his own money. But if I want to buy him something of similar value, I have to use the money from my dad’s account. Although I aspire to support a boyfriend, the premise is to support myself through my own efforts… But now, even if I want to buy a gift for my boyfriend, I have to use money from my dad, and I feel so ashamed.”

Wen Le sighed, “I just realised that Zhou Kao and I are not economically equal, and I feel a lot of pressure.”

Cheng Hui listened in surprise, “So, you couldn’t sleep because you felt pressured that Zhou Kao earns more money than you?”

Wen Le shook her head, “Not exactly. Mainly, I spent the whole night thinking about ways to make money. Although I can’t match Zhou Kao’s wealth in the short term, I want to, at least, reach a point where I don’t have to worry about giving him gifts in the future.”

Cheng Hui: …

This woman is too formidable. And strangely, how did such a strong-willed woman manage to get out of being single?

Cheng Hui asked, “So, have you figured it out?”

Wen Le nodded and gestured with her thumb and index finger, “I somewhat have an idea.”

Cheng Hui was speechless, “So, you weren’t upset and unable to sleep because people online called you a gold digger?”

Wen Le waved her hand, “They’re not wrong; I’m pretty gold-digging now. Before, I lost motivation and purpose when my family suddenly became rich. But after thinking all night, I’ve realised my new goal: I want to economically suppress Zhou Kao!”

Wen Le was somewhat excited, and her eyes were filled with determination, even with the prominent dark circles.

Cheng Hui looked at Wen Le and muttered, “You look like you joined a revolutionary organisation…”

Excitedly, Wen Le jumped off the bed and hugged Cheng Hui, “Ah, I’m so happy, dorm mate! You must find a boyfriend who can inspire your fighting spirit. This feeling is really amazing. I’m filled with strength now; I can go another three hundred rounds with him!”

Cheng Hui declined, “No, a salty fish like me only suits a chill lifestyle approach, and I’ll say it again, I’m anti-marriage!”

Saying this, Cheng Hui escaped from Wen Le’s embrace, grumbling, “So, fighting is your way of expressing love? It’s true that fighting is loving… I’ve seen it now…”

Wen Le, who had found a new direction and motivation, was brimming with joy. It seemed like she needed to vent her emotions, so she performed an impromptu ballet in the dorm. She danced gracefully, pirouetting on her toes without stopping.

Wen Le’s elegant and cheerful dance made her look like a graceful swan, even without music and a ballet skirt.

Finally, Wen Le executed a perfect split jump in the air, landed steadily, and even bowed gracefully twice.

Cheng Hui put down her phone, opened the video playback, and exclaimed, “You can actually do ballet?”

Wen Le laughed and made a heart gesture, “Don’t fall in love with me~”

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