The Taming of the Yandere


V3 Chapter 6: The Wolf in Sheepskin (Part 1)


I suddenly regained consciousness. I felt like I was suffocating, and my chest was incredibly tight. I quickly breathed in heavily.

I checked my surroundings. I was still lying on Jiang Muqing’s living room floor, but the light outside was significantly dimmer. Most of the room was shrouded in darkness.

It looks like I slept for a long time, but I felt nothing. The time between I was knocked out and now felt like only a moment. Whatever chemical that was on that handkerchief seems really powerful.

There was still some residue on my face and nose, and its scent rocked me dizzy. I struggled to get up, but I realized that my body was wrapped in thick duct tape.

Did Jiang Muqing do this?! What is she trying to do?!

“Uwh! Uwhh!”

A noise came from the sofa.

I saw Mo Shiyu lying on it. Her ankles and hands were also tightly bound by tape, and even her mouth was firmly sealed.

When she saw that I had woke up, her body twisted violently against her restraints. Sobs trickled out of the tape.

It looks like Mo Shiyu was given quite a fright, but at least she was still alive.

I let loose a breath of relief. Even though we were in dire trouble, at least we were both alive.

Just when my hopes were up.

“Fan… It seems that I’ve lost.”

A single tear slid down, and hit my cheek in the darkness.

“Jiang Muqing?”

I realized that my head was right between Jiang Muqing’s legs.

The curve of her jaw was distinct in my vision.

In the dark, the girl suddenly stroked my face. Her fingertips were ice-cold, and her nails scraped my skin. At the same time, her tears kept falling, dripping onto my face.

“Let go of us, do you know what you’re doing?!”

I twisted violently, crying out to Jiang Muqing.

“Why didn’t you look back; you could’ve just looked back once…”

The girl ignored me, and muttered to herself.

Between her sobs, I slowly understood why she had done all this.


Yesterday, Jiang Muqing and Mo Shiyu made a bet.

Well, it wasn’t quite consensual, in a sense. Jiang Muqing had forced her into promising, and knocked Mo Shiyu out in the same way she did to me.

The bet was simple.

If Mo Shiyu suddenly disappeared, how will I react?

Jiang Muqing thought that she could completely replace Mo Shiyu, and not care for her lack of presence at all. And Mo Shiyu thought, if she had disappeared, I would definitely come look for her.

To win the bet, Jiang Muqing had to act like Mo Shiyu all day. She had done that, and peacefully studied with me. She didn’t make trouble, she didn’t act recklessly, she only helped quietly with my studies.

She even went as far as eating the “Alaskan Frozen Volcano” with me, experiencing the different “flame” that erupted from the “volcano”.

All in half a day.

She wanted to prove that what Mo Shiyu could do with me, she could do also.

And what Mo Shiyu couldn’t do, she could.

Very admirable….

Except that her motives were wrong from the very start.

Her heart was still a wolf’s. To gain my love, she slipped on Mo Shiyu’s sheepskin.

My stubbornness had tugged the sheepskin to shreds, and Jiang Muqing could only rip it off to expose her glinting, sharp teeth.

Nobody can replace anybody. Each of us are unique, with each of our own abilities. Nothing can be truly mimicked successfully.

Mo Shiyu was unique, and Luo Xue was even so.

And Jiang Muqing was an absolute diamond in the rough.