The Taming of the Yandere


V3 Chapter 5: No Road Back (Part 1)


Today, Jiang Muqing was very obedient, and excelled in every way.

Just like Mo Shiyu, she became a fine studying partner, and we both quickly got my studies out of the way through hard work. With time to kill, we thought about places to go in the afternoon.

“Jiang Muqing, where would you like to go? We’re just about done with the schoolwork; why don’t we just have fun for once?”

I wanted to do something to reward her.

“Where does Lu Fan want to go? Wherever Lu Fan goes, I will go.”

Jiang Muqing didn’t seem very enthusiastic.

Normally, Jiang Muqing would always bother me to be with her, but she didn’t seem so eager today.

“Do you want to go to the movies?”

Maybe a comedy would make her happier.


Jiang Muqing smiled lightly.

“But there aren’t really any good movies lately.”

I scrolled through my phone.

“Should we go to the amusement park?”

I asked.


Jiang Muqing agreed.

“But it’s so hot, we might get heat stroke if we stay out for too long.”

“Then let’s go to that ice cream shop, if it’s so hot.”

The shoujo suddenly said.

“Ice cream? Then, alright.”

I didn’t have any complaints.


After coming out of the library, we took a city bus and arrived at the ice cream shop.

Lately, I’ve been coming to this shop every day after cram school ends. We were all getting a little sick of the same menu, why does Jiang Muqing still want to come here?

I didn’t understand.

“Mm? You’re back again? Where’s the other one?”

The waitress was already familiar with us, and she smiled as she saw me and Jiang Muqing.

“She’s busy today.” I answered.

“Then what would you two like today?” The waitress asked.

I looked at the menu, which I had already eaten all the way through. While I was agonizing over the choices, Jiang Muqing suddenly perked up after seeming so detached all day.

“Alaskan Frozen Volcano.” The girl replied without hesitation.

“Then what about you, sir?”

“He’s the same.” She spoke before I uttered a word.


Her action made me stop for a moment.


I witnessed the intriguing “eruption” for the second time, and felt the lack of surprise. But Jiang Muqing, who had seen this for the first time, seemed oddly disinterested.

From what I’ve seen, Mo Shiyu’s excited expression was more suited to the shoujo complex, and acted cuter for her age.

“Is this it?”

The girl watched the flying sparks, puffing her cheeks ever so slightly. She seemed to be staring off.


I didn’t understand.

“I’ve also seen the ‘volcano’.”

The shoujo lowered her head, and exhaled.


Was it because of what Mo Shiyu said to her yesterday?”

“Mo Shiyu…”

I tentatively prodded.

“Don’t mention her, okay?”

The shoujo shuddered when she heard the name, and shoveled a spoonful of the “volcano” forcefully in her mouth.


The shoujo ate spoon after spoon of ice cream, swallowing mechanically. Yet, I hadn’t touched a single bite. It was clear that she was hiding something.

“Whrr, whrr….”

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

I immediately stood up, found an empty corner, and picked up the phone.

Was it Mo Shiyu?

I was worried about what really happened to her. It didn’t make sense for her to not come after just telling Jiang Muqing alone. Since we were close, she would’ve at least sent me a text.

The caller ID was Mom’s.

“Mom, what’s up?”

“Mo Shiyu is your classmate, right? Is she with you?”

I heard fear in her voice.