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Chapter 4 Self Confidence


Liu Yang’s house was a little far from his school’s campus. It took about an hour to walk there. Every day, Liu Yang had to hurry and run to school.




Liu Yang didn’t know what was going on, but like a wild horse without reins, or a mad cheetah, his speed kept increasing on the sidewalk to 40, then to 60, and so on. 65, 70, 80…


A few minutes later, he was already on campus. He didn’t know how he had gotten there. Was he sleepwalking? That had to be it, right?


Thinking about the dream from last night once more while he moved, he still didn’t understand. What was happening?


Walking on campus, he found that there was only a couple of people around, and all the lights were on except for the forms, which were off. He quickly ran to his class.


Liu Yang entered the classroom and there was only one person there: the class monitor, passing out exam papers. He walked in and calmly greeted him, “Good morning, Class Monitor!”


“Umm, good morning.” Suddenly, she felt like something wasn’t right and turned around with a face full of questions at Liu Yang and said, “The sun hasn’t even come up yet. Am I dreaming?” said Ning Jingjing while putting her hand over her forehead.


Not dreaming! But the person in front of me is Liu Yang?


“My God! This isn’t a dream.” She dropped her hand and looked at Liu Yang in disbelief.


Seeing Ning Jingjing’s expression, Liu Yang faintly smiled. That’s right, if anybody else saw this, they wouldn’t believe it either. They would be like Ning Jingjing, not believing what they saw.


Because I used to skip class frequently and being here now was abnormal. The time was even more abnormal. Liu Yang just smiled and didn’t say anything.


“Hehe, Class Monitor, you’re not dreaming. It’s me, Liu Yang,” he chuckled and said before laying his bag down and taking a seat.


“Why are you here today? Did something happen last night and you didn’t go home?” Ning Jingjing asked, looking at Liu Yang with a questioning face.


She waited for Liu Yang to reply. What was going on!


“Eh!” Seeing Ning Jingjing’s expression, Liu Yang felt goosebumps all over his body.


“How can that be? I’m a good student, how could I do bad things? I came early today to learn from you. I still have the college entrance exam and need to make up for the last couple of months.”


Liu Yang spoke while smiling mischievously at Ning Jingjing.


“This guy, trying to act cute like a dog. Learn what from me?” Although she said this, it could still be counted as sweet.


“Heh!” Liu Yang cheekily smiled and didn’t say anything else, fishing a textbook out of his bag to read.


“Eh!” What happened to him! What happened today, to actually be seriously reading? It was unheard of Liu Yang to actually read.


After a short while, the bell for school began to ring.


“Ding~~” With the bell, morning class began.


“Liu Yang, you’re pretty good!” The boy next to him patted his back and said to Liu Yang.


“What’s good?” Hearing Shangguan Yuying, Liu Yang was at a loss and asked.


“You’re still pretending. What can’t be said between us two brothers?” Shangguan Yuying said, his mouth twitching.


“Say what?” Liu Yang listened to him but still didn’t know what he was talking about. He scratched his head in confusion.


Shangguan Yuying mouth twitched and said, “You’re still pretending. Say, when did you and Ning Jingjing get together? Even I didn’t know.”


“Who’s together?” Liu Yang didn’t understand.


“You’re still pretending, even now. You still pretend with me. Tell me, when did you get with the prettiest girl in class? This morning, I saw you two all lovey-dovey. Now tell the truth,” Shangguan Yuying questioned Liu Yang.


He knew that Liu Yang wouldn’t be willing to tell him the truth, so he kept watching him.


“Oh! You’re talking about this morning!” It took a while for Liu Yang to finally understand.


“Yeah, that’s it.” Shangguan Yuying stared at Liu Yang, waiting for a reply.


Seeing Shangguan Yuying’s expression, Liu Yang thought it was ridiculous. He stared at Shangguan Yuying and said, “What you said is so groundless. How could Ning Jingjing fall for a poor boy like me?”


What a joke. Not only was Ning Jingjing a beautiful woman, but a majority of the boys viewed her as a goddess.


Although he liked her, it could only be kept silently, not said out loud.


Granted he did say so, Ning Jingjing wouldn’t necessarily agree. They were friends right now, but if he pierced through this paper-thin layer, it would be hard to stay friends!


“What’s wrong with being a poor boy? A poor guy isn’t a person? I have feelings, and you have feelings, you think too little of yourself.”




Do I still have confidence? Even my own mother called me trash. What kind of confidence do I still have?


Liu Yang thought quietly.


Listening to Shangguan Yuying, Liu Yang faintly smiled and said, “Even if you are extraordinary, you aren’t necessarily on top. Ning Jingjing’s family in Tianzhong City can be considered one of the best families. And yours? Hmph…”


So he didn’t take Shangguan Yuying seriously and didn’t place it into his mind. His world wasn’t her world, it was pure nonsense. He smiled indifferently.


“You’re really narcissistic.”


“Of course, it’s just my own style,” Shangguan Yuying said with a cocky look.


“Yang Yang, you’re about to graduate. Don’t you plan to have a girlfriend to have fun with?” Shangguan Yuying said as he watched Liu Yang.


“Have fun with what? I still have to make up all the work I missed, and don’t I have my college entrance exam?” Finished speaking, Liu Yang opened his textbook and continued his reading.


“Hehe! You really can act, reading a book,” muttered Shangguan Yuying as he sat down with a look of disdain at Liu Yang.


It wasn’t long before evening came. Liu Yang returned home, thinking about how he had gotten to school so fast in the morning. Usually it would take at least an hour of running to get to school, but it had taken a couple of minutes. This disparity was too big! Could I be dreaming?


Thinking of that, he pinched himself. “Ouch, it hurts!” Liu Yang grimaced, clutching the place he had pinched.


“This really isn’t a dream?” Liu Yang said in astonishment.


“Right! You aren’t in a dream.” Suddenly, a white light appeared in front of Liu Yang.


Seeing the white light, Liu Yang realized it was the same one from his dreams last night. He stammered before saying a few words. “You…You’re Ren.” Liu Yang stammered a few words out in a panic.


“Owner, that’s right. In this universe, I’m an unequaled…android.”


“Oh!” ‘This guy really was narcissistic!’ Liu Yang thought in silence.

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