He is skilled in culture and fighting. He is proficient in both Chinese and Western medicine. The prettiest girls in the school can’t resist falling for him. He is both erudite and informed. He travels by air, land and sea as he wishes. Even the roses bloom for him. He is a great strategist, and an excellent marksman. Blessed by the heavens, this is Liu Yang. Possessing an unbelievable system, from useless trash, he became omnipotent.


Dropped because the original author had dropped the novel to write another one



Translated by ScipioM

Edited by bel

Chapter Index:

Chapter 1: Sexual Harassment

Chapter 2: My Tea Egg Money

Chapter 3: Trash, I’m Trash

Chapter 4: Self Confidence

Chapter 5: Assisting Beautiful Women With A Massage (1)

Chapter 6: Assisting Beautiful Women With A Massage (2)

Chapter 7: Don’t Mess With Me