No Protection Tonight


Chapter 36: I Don’t Take Girls’ Money


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My instantaneous refusal left He Yu fuming.

“Just you wait.” He glared at me and prepared to leave.

“Hold up, did I say you could go? Do you think San High is a teahouse or something? Coming and going whenever you please!” I shouted in annoyance, and he stopped. Now that he had suffered defeat, I could see the dread shining in his eyes.

“F***, you’ve humiliated me enough already, what else do you want?” He Yu clenched his fist again. Though he looked like a lion ready to pounce, I was unfazed.

“Apologize!” My growl was daunting and authoritative, as if transmitted through a loudspeaker.

He Yu immediately panicked and started to apologize. “Boss, it was my fault, all my fault.” His previous arrogance was nowhere to be found.

“No, why are you apologizing to me? What I meant was apologize to Liu Jie, apologize to the whole school!”

“Why, man? Don’t reach for a yard after taking an inch.”  He Yu looked like he was about to break down.

“You were the one who started this by going after Liu Jie yesterday, and the people at your school are a bunch of cocky s***heads. They’ve bullied plenty of San High students, and as their head, are you not responsible for them?” I started to walk towards him.

He Yu’s face was full of alarm, and he quickly admitted his mistake. “Miss, I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. There are indeed some people at Chengbei who need to be pulled back in line. I didn’t look too much into it before, but I definitely will teach those scumbags a lesson once I get back as an apology.”

The hundreds of students were stunned. The top brass of Chengbei was actually bowing down to them at a ninety degree angle. It was clear proof that He Yu was scared s**tless of the threat that I posed to him.

“Fine, you’ve done enough. Now scram.” I didn’t want to waste any more time with him. Dealing with someone like He Yu meant that I had to bury the hatchet as deep as possible, or else he’d just cause more trouble once the wounds had healed.

Before they walked a few steps and were about to climb over the wall, Teacher Liu stormed to the scene. She stopped He Yu and the others, shouting at them to go out through the front gate instead of the wall. He replied by swearing at her, calling her a nosy old woman.

He Yu’s reaction wasn’t that surprising. After I humiliated him, he wouldn’t want to spend even another second on our campus, much less exit through the front gate. That would truly make him a laughingstock.

Teacher Liu became furious, yelling that Chengbei’s students had no morals and respect for teachers. Back then, Chengbei had offered her twice her current salary to transfer, but she had rejected them.

I scraped up a handful of mud and threw it at He Yu. He was caught by surprise, and the glob smacked him full-on in the crotch. He yelped, and tumbled out of sight.

The other side was covered in muck anyway. A couple boys jumped down to try catch him, and the whole scene was quite funny.

I realized that I had overlooked a big problem: though the hill was pretty far away from the main campus, it was still within school grounds. With so many curious students coming to watch and the excitement on the forums, there was no way the teachers wouldn’t know about this.

If the administration were to start digging into this, Teacher Liu wouldn’t come out unscathed either. I quickly started to apologize to her with a guilty feeling in my gut. I expected a full-blown lecture on ethics and morals in response, but the teacher sighed and told me to go eat my lunch. She would try to hold off as long as she could and call me over when she couldn’t.

I felt relieved at her words. It seemed like Teacher Liu wasn’t as strict as I thought. After all, I had brought respect to our class and a shine to her face. Now that I was likely to be in trouble, she was quite willing to help me out.

Just as Teacher Liu left, Liu Jie hooked her elbow to mine. Her clinginess attracted the envious looks of many male students around us.

All the grumbles earlier about flowers sunk in bull crap were now gone after I took care of He Yu.

“Say, how did Zhuang Feng even hurt his head?”

“Didn’t he say already? He slipped and fell.”

“You’re really gullible to believe that. How could someone like him simply trip? I think it had to be some secret enemy he’s got.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at their guesses. Some things were just better off without being explained.

“Feng, you were too cool when you beat that guy up! And you even gained face for the entire school, it really gives me a feeling of justice.” Liu Jie’s fangirling face was just too cute. No wonder my fellow students looked like they wanted to murder me.

“Then, how are you going to thank me?” I joked lightheartedly.

“Eh, Feng, why is there a strange smell from your mouth?” Her brows furrowed.

Her question threw me off. Before, Saozi had used my toothbrush to ****, though I didn’t care. Using it afterwards was quite thrilling, and I couldn’t sense any weird odor, either.

As a girl, Liu Jie had detected it immediately. It would be troublesome if she were to jump to any conclusions.

“Ah, I think I ate a bad egg in the morning. My stomach actually isn’t feeling too good right now.” I turned away, not wanting to look at her.

Liu Jie’s lips puckered. “Uwwhh, then you should have thrown it away. Do you not have enough money to spend? Here.” She opened her purse and took out a fat wad of cash. Judging from the size, there must have been at least three or four thousand yuan in there. *

*Five hundred USD.

She really was a wealthy little lady. Normal high school students would have to think long and hard about a few hundred, though Liu Jie’s didn’t even blink

“No, no. Don’t embarrass me like that. I don’t take girls’ money.”

“Heehee, boys like you are just the type I look for. Let’s go, I’ll treat you to lunch.” Liu Jie smacked her lips hungrily. She always had a light smile on her face, clearly enjoying the time she spent with me.

I hesitated for a moment. Tangge was still at home, so I agreed to her offer. But when we approached the school gate, we saw Tangsao. She gestured for me to come over.

I subtly jerked my elbow since I didn’t want Tangsao to see us together, but Liu Jie was quite aggressive. She didn’t let go, and I was afraid that my actions would be too obvious, giving her reason to suspect me.

After all, women are sensitive creatures. They store many things in their minds and can easily let them loose.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Saozi asked jokingly. She was like a vibrant painting, and male students walking nearby were secretly taking photos of her generous bust.* I couldn’t help but think back to the moment we shared in the bathroom. She had completely taken over my appetite.

*TL-note: Creepy, but oh well. This is fiction. 

“Saozi, we’re going to lunch.” Maybe I still had a ghost haunting my heart, because I couldn’t really meet Saozi’s eyes.

“Yeah, Meizi-jiejie. It’s my treat, do you want to come?” Liu Jie was quite kind-hearted.