Han Xingyan looked at Zhang Teng who was standing at his desk. He was so angry that he did not know what to say.

“Cousin, I know I’m wrong. Be the bigger person and forgive me this time. Next time I definitely won’t make this decision again.” Zhang Teng cautiously began to beg for mercy.

Han Xingyan looked at Zhang Teng sharply, “Next time?”

Zhang Teng shrunk his neck and was frightened by Han Xingyan’s lethal expression, “There definitely won’t be a next time. I just wanted to help you out this time. You said you were going to pursue someone but it didn’t work out. Aunty said you liked a female actress and I thought it was Qin Yingran. Who would have known it wasn’t.”

Han Xingyan angrily shut his eyes and said, “Starting from tomorrow, you will report to the logistics department.”


“From now on you will call me CEO Han at the company.”

“CEO Han, I…”

“You want to do cleaning?”

“I…I am very satisfied!” Zhang Teng stammered for a while and finally completed the sentence.

“Good, if you are satisfied then you can start this afternoon. I’m going to be busy so you can leave now.”

Zhang Teng saw that Han Xingyan had really stopped paying attention to him and knew his cousin who had been big on righteousness since childhood would not change his mind. He walked out of the office and turned to look back repeatedly at every step.

When he returned to the HR department to pack his things, Yin Xinmeng, a female colleague from the same department, walked over with a tactful smile on her face and said gently, “Zhang Teng, you are so kind to assume the entire responsibility. If you had not done that, our entire department would have been scolded.”

Zhang Teng had a good impression of Yin Xinmeng and shrugged, “This matter was originally caused by myself so if not me then who?”

This matter was indeed caused by Zhang Teng. When this matter surfaced last night, he was so excited. When everyone in the department said to remove it from the hot search, he immediately put a stop to it and told everyone implicitly that Han Xingyan was actively pursuing Qin Yingran. Hence everyone let it slide, after all, it was the CEO’s cousin who said it. When they arrived at the meeting room this morning, everyone was stunned when they heard CEO Han’s anger. 

The manager of the PR (Public Relations) department took the initiative to stand up and admit the mistake but Zhang Teng felt bad and spoke out that he did it.

Therefore when Han Xingyan heard Zhang Teng’s explanation, he became even angrier.

Yin Xinmeng saw that Zhang Teng was packing and curiously asked, “What are you doing? Why are you packing?”

Zhang Teng helplessly replied, “I’ve been transferred.”

“Transferred to which department?” Yin Xinmeng asked in surprise. 

“To do odds and ends at the logistics department.”

“Ah? CEO actually has the heart to let you do handyman work? You are joking, right? How can this be? Are you not CEO Han’s cousin, how can he bear to let you do that.”

Zhang Teng sighed, “It’s no use. CEO Han is CEO and I am myself. It’s good to be transferred to the logistics department since maybe he will fire me if he is unhappy one day.”

Yin Xinmeng said in disbelief, “How can that be?”

Zhang Teng packed his things and nonchalantly replied, “How can it not be. You may not know but we’ve not had a good relationship since we were young. Goodbye, pretty lady.”

After leaving the door, Zhang Teng saw Secretary Wang standing outside and gave him a glance, “My brother even sent someone to supervise me. He doesn’t believe me at all.”

Secretary Wang respectfully replied, “You are overthinking. I was just passing by. Moreover, the boss will be very sad if he hears what you just said.”

Before Zhang Teng could refute, Secretary Wang continued, “According to my experience, if the boss was really sad, he might let you be a handyman in the logistics department for the rest of your life. You keep busy, I’m going now.”

Zhang Teng got so angry with Secretary Wang that he almost threw the things in his hands on the ground. Seriously, what kind of people have what kind of secretary, it is not pleasing at all.

Within an hour, everything about Han Xingyan on hot search was removed. The Han Group’s official Weibo did not release any information. This incident seemed to have never happened and suddenly disappeared.

Some people who had been paying attention to this matter naturally discovered it very quickly and those who had a brain could see what was going on at a quick glance. That another female celebrity had faked hype and was discovered by the guy hence everything in the hot search had been withdrawn. While those who did not have a brain began to scold the platform for the removal of their idol and said that there were shady practices. 

 In short, no one came out to respond. And no matter how the fans brought up the topic again, the information on these two people still did not appear.

Shen Chuchu did not read the news on Weibo. Since the source of her trouble was Weibo then she should go on it less. 

That night, Han Xingyan was planning to go back to Liyuan Apartments. However, after receiving a call from his father, he had no choice but to return to his parent’s home.

These past few days, Shen Chuchu prepared for the promotion of [World].

Movie Word: From the start of the project to the final production, it took three years. Everyone, please welcome [World]. I am ready, are you ready?

All the main actors immediately reposted the Weibo message. Shen Chuchu followed suit by reposting He Chen since she had already followed him before. Later, she received a reply from He Chen. Their interaction did not cause much commotion since celebrities like them are usually very distant. At most, only her own fans got a little smug. 

“I suddenly feel like I am very good at judging characters. I really like this kind of celebrity. All her works are very good. Little Miss, Good luck!”

“I came from He Chen’s feed and quite like this young lady’s appearance. Already a fan ~ [Happy]”

As for what was on hot search, it was all taken up by one actor. That actor was originally the second female lead in the movie but now had been reduced to the third female lead and even fourth female lead, Chen Xiao. When the official blog mentioned everyone starring in the movie, even a small supporting role like Shen Chuchu was mentioned but Chen Xiao was not. After the news previously, it could be seen how disgusted the crew was by her. 

“I saw the starring list on Baidu and there is actually Chen Xiao? Why does it have her? I refuse to watch it!! [Curse]”

“I strongly request the director to cut out Chen Xiao’s part!”

“If you don’t want to watch it then don’t. But I will go as long as there is Chen-ge. Support Chen-ge! [Happy]”

After such a long time, it seemed that everyone had not forgotten what Chen Xiao had done and Shen Chuchu deeply felt that there were certains things that should never be done. If done then you may be remembered for a lifetime for it.

Shen Chuchu soon went to promote.

At the promotion location, Shen Chuchu saw He Chen. He Chen had promoted on five or six stations already. He was the male lead for [World] and [Warm Spring]. Therefore he was the most tired out of everyone. Fortunately, there were not many stations left so he could start filming with peace of mind.

“Chen-ge has been working hard recently.” Shen Chuchu said as she looked at the very tired He Chen but still promoted seriously. 

He Chen helplessly laughed, “This is nothing. As long as it does not let down the fans and we can make more sales in the box office.”

Shen Chuchu smiled, “Yes, definitely. Chen-ge performed very well.”

Speaking of performance, He Chen glanced at Shen Chuchu and said, “Your performance in it was also quite eye-catching.”

Shen Chuchu thought that He Chen was complimenting her and modestly said, “I can’t compare with He-ge. I only had a small part in it. I only appeared a few times and spoke only one line.”

He Chen gave Shen Chuchu a meaningful look and said, “It seems you haven’t seen the film yet. You will understand once you’ve watched it. Your role in it increased a little. Good luck.”

Shen Chuchu was stunned for a bit and replied, “Huh? Oh.”

Just as Shen Chuchu wondered about it, He Chen suddenly asked, “Chuchu, do you have a good relationship with Screenwriter Jiang Yan?”

Upon hearing this, Shen Chuchu got fired up and seriously replied, “It’s okay. Why? Chen-ge needs something from her?”

He Chen struggled a while then sighed, “Nevermind, it’s nothing. The director is calling for us. Let’s get over there.”

Shen Chuchu gave He Chen a puzzled look and said, “Oh, okay.”

When the movie started to play, Shen Chuchu’s eyes widened as she watched her own scenes. A section that she shot post-production had been added where on the way back, the male lead met her again. At that time, she understood that this shot was just an alternative and it was not written in the script so it  definitely would have been deleted in the end. Unexpectedly, it had been added to the end product. 

 If this was the case, then her role immediately became distinctive again and others in the original scene would also become slightly important. 

After it finished, Shen Chuchu also understood that Chen Xiao’s scenes had been cut a lot and correspondingly, other people’s scenes had more or less increased.

Since she had neither read the original book or known what the script was like at the start, Shen Chuchu could not say whether the edited or original version was better. However, from her own feelings after the movie, she felt that the quality of this movie was still acceptable. Especially He Chen who would be solely responsible for the box office. He was more attractive in front of the screen than in real life.

While Shen Chuchu was watching the movie a thousand miles away from the Imperial City, someone who had been busy for the past half a month had rushed home at eight o’clock and was standing outside her door with a torn expression. 

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