Shen Chuchu’s first reaction was not shocked that Han Xingyan and Qin Yingran were together but rather by the privacy measures?? Was there not a lot of celebrities living here? In this case, there was no privacy at all! She had spent so much money to buy a house here. 

Afterwards, she thought about what Chen Xili had told her about keeping a low profile and not appearing in public with CEO Han. Then she worried whether the paparazzi had taken pictures of her and Han Xingyan long ago. At this thought, she began to feel nervous and disregarded the news that Han Xingyan and Qin Yingran could be together.

After thinking for half an hour, she decided to give Chen Xili a call and talked about it.

“You also bought a house in that area?” Chen Xili said in surprise. Afterwards, she felt it was her fault and said, “I’m also to blame. I have been busy with Guo Xin’s affairs that I forgot about it. Don’t worry, I’ll give them a call and ask first. Even if it’s been captured, don’t worry as long as you don’t respond.”

Shen Chuchu felt relieved after hearing Chen Xili’s determined tone. Once the call ended, Shen Chuchu looked at the Weibo message again. However this time, she had a different mood. 

Although there was reason to believe this news was probably fake, she still had unclear feelings in her heart. That day, she clearly remembered CEO Han’s unfamiliar expression towards Qin Yingran so how did they suddenly get together? In other words, was it because she was there at the time that the two of them did that to avoid arousing suspicions? The thought of this possibility made Shen Chuchu’s mood even worse.

It was not because she liked CEO Han and was unhappy to see him liking someone nor was it jealousy and disliked the thought that Qin Yingran was with a wealthy man like CEO Han. She only simply felt a bit suffocated and uncomfortable.

This feeling, it felt as if she had been played like a monkey.

She continued to browse Weibo for a while then sighed deeply and went to sleep.

The next morning, Shen Chuchu opened her door to wait for the elevator and discovered the door opposite to hers was also open. It was a bit chilly today so Han Xingyan was wearing a black coat with a suit of almost the same colour underneath. He was handsome with his wide shoulders and long legs. Shen Chuchu felt it looked good but wondered if the suit would get wrinkled or not. If it was paired with a turtleneck sweater then he might look even younger and more handsome. 

Han Xingyan noticed Shen Chuchu’s gaze and subconsciously fixed his clothes then lightly coughed, “Hello, Miss Shen.”

Upon hearing his attractive voice, she regained her senses and twitched her mouth, “Morning, CEO Han.” Afterwards, she stopped looking at Han Xingyan and turned to stare at the elevator.

Han Xingyan frowned and wanted to say something but did not know what. 

Eventually, the elevator arrived. Shen Chuchu swiftly entered and Han Xingyan followed straight in after. 

She pressed for the first floor then stepped back. Han Xingyan glanced at her and pressed the next floor down then stood beside Shen Chuchu. 

As the elevator descended, gradually more people from the middle floors got on. Those who lived here were both wealthy and respectable. Many of them also knew Han Xingyan but were not that acquainted so nothing more was said after a brief greeting. 

Han Xingyan felt a little irritated by the presence of so many people. He turned his head and glanced at Shen Chuchu, who had retreated to the back. At this moment, Shen Chuchu was wearing sunglasses and seemed to be thinking about something but her expression was unclear. As if she was not her usual self.

After reaching the first floor, Shen Chuchu walked out of the elevator. This time, whether it was deliberate or not, she left without saying another word to Han Xingyan.

Han Xingyan stared at Shen Chuchu’s back in puzzlement and was not quite sure what the problem was. He continued to ponder this issue as he walked to the parking area. At this moment, his phone rang.

“Dear son, tell your mother quickly. That actress who gave you the card, was it Qin Yingran?” Mother Han’s excited voice came from the microphone.

Han Xingyan frowned upon hearing this name. Qin Yingran? Who is that?

“Mum, where did you hear this from. I’ve never even seen this actress before.”

Unexpectedly, Mother Han was not dissuaded at all but excitedly said, “Son, don’t worry or lie to your mother. If you want to date then just date. Your father is not pleased because this actress has too much gossip but don’t worry. Your mother supports you.”

Han Xingyan opened the door and sat in the car. He pinched his eyebrows and said, “Mum, I really don’t know that actress.”

“Why did you take her home if you don’t know her? Are you both not already living together?”

“Living together?” Han Xingyan heard what his mother said suddenly and felt something was wrong. When did he bring an actress home? That’s not right, yesterday… at this thought, Hang Xingyan instantly understood.

Mother Han said affirmatively, “Yeah, living together. Did you not see the tabloids? You and her are on the headlines. This is the first time your mother has seen you in the headlines together with another female celebrity. You usually are quick to get rid of fake news in the past.”

Han Xingyan sighed, “Mum, that is fake. I did give her a ride yesterday but we are not in a relationship. As for why it’s still in the headlines, I don’t know yet.”

Mother Han was even more convinced that her son liked this actress after hearing that he did give Qin Yingran a ride. She knew her own son well and his quirk. Ever since he was young, he hated others touching him or his things, especially from strangers. It was better when he was young but this quirk became more obvious when he grew up. Sometimes when she touched him, he would also subconsciously avoid it.  

Therefore if the actress was able to get into his car despite his quirk then there must be something between them!

At this thought, Mother Han briskly said, “Yes yes, I know. Okay, you can go to work now. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Han Xingyan stared at the ended call and shook his head helplessly. He did not believe it. Although it seemed as if she believed him, there was a slight joy in her tone.

However, how did he and Qin Yingran get on hot search? At this thought, he opened Weibo and the first thing he saw was “Qin Yingran meets CEO Han at night.” Han Xingyan clicked inside to see the context then put down his phone with a grim expression. He calmly started the car and went to the office. After getting out of the car, Han Xingyan ordered Secretary Wang, “Firstly, remove the hot search on Weibo. Secondly, have everyone in the PR (Public Relations) department come to the conference room.”

Secretary Wang’s entire body tightened as he listened to Han Xingyan’s voice which was a few degrees colder than the weather outside. Looks like someone would be unlucky today.

“Also get someone to change the seat of the car I drove today.”

“Okay, Boss.”


Diandi Media

After arriving at the company, Shen Chuchu went to look for Chen Xili.

Chen Xili saw Shen Chuchu and said, “I asked about it yesterday and there should be no photos of you in the paparazzi’s hands. What happened this time is a bit strange. The privacy measures of your apartment complexes are known to be really good so this matter should not have been leaked. Therefore, there could only be two possibilities. One possibility is that someone in your apartment complex accidentally photographed it yesterday. “

Shen Chuchu shook her head at the possibility.

After a pause, Chen Xili continued, “The other possibility is that Qin Yingran did it herself. Which is pretty common. To take advantage of other celebrity’s popularity in order to raise your own. There would be no loss for the eligible bachelor but very good for Qin Yingran.”

Shen Chuchu listened to the explanation then looked at Chen Xili. 

Chen Xili helplessly shook her head, “You must understand that not everyone is like you and would be afraid to be caught in a photograph with CEO Han. Everyone would not hesitate to tell the world and ride the wave. Also, CEO Han’s reputation is very good and there has been no gossip news about him. Plus, he is not inferior in looks to male models either. Therefore, having gossip news with such a person will make everyone compare you and CEO Han from the same position. There is no harm to female celebrities and only good.”

Shen Chuchu pursed her lips and said, “The real cannot be fake and the fake cannot be real. What’s the point in spreading so much gossip. It would be better to shoot some good productions.”

Chen Xili added with a smile, “You are right. Of course, it does not rule out whether that CEO Han is really with Qin Yingran or not. However, you are more familiar with CEO Han. You should ask about it yourself instead. “

Shen Chuchu was speechless for a while. Although she had been introduced by CEO Han to the company, the two of them are really not that familiar with each other. How could she ask him about it? Thinking of this, Shen Chuchu felt even worse and an inexplicable emotion slowly arose from inside.

“Right, [World] is starting their promotion soon. Although your lines were few, you can follow them and promote at two stations. Which is just before you begin shooting for [Warm Spring].”

When Shen Chuchu heard [World] was about to start, her eyes lightened up instantly. This was her first production but she was still very excited. She finally had a piece of formal work to present to everyone.


“I will get someone to send you the specific itinerary later. Promoting a movie is hard work but it’s all worth it.”

“Yes, I know Chen-jie.”

While at Han Group, the atmosphere was not as joyful. Many people experienced violent storms there. 

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