As she removed the bracelet, she remembered Qin Yingran and Wang Jing’s gaze on her wrist and also became a little suspicious. She specifically searched the internet but could not find this bracelet. Afterwards, she went on Taobao, there were many similar ones but they were not the same.                                    

At this point, Shen Chuchu gave up.

Afterwards, Shen Chuchu began to prepare for her new role. While at home, she either read the script or consulted with the acting teacher on anything she did not understand. 

Very soon, the crew notified Shen Chuchu for photoshoots. Fortunately, Shen Chuchu did not see Qin Yingran at the photoshoot due to scheduling issues. However, Shen Chuchu overheard from other staff that it was because she had not been invited.

Shen Chuchu thought about the script and somewhat understood it. In the entire script, Qin Yingran’s role was probably only ranked seventh or eighth so she belonged to the group where their presence did not matter. They only said scheduling issues to save face. 

At the film set, Shen Chuchu met the girl again and finally got to know who she was today. 

“Hello, let me properly introduce myself. My name is Jiang Yan and I’m the screenwriter for this production.” Jiang Yan greeted Shen Chuchu with a smile. Jiang Yan had a good impression of Shen Chuchu so she came over when she saw her.

Shen Chuchu smiled and stretched out her hand, “Hello, I am Xiao Die. This drama’s…well one of its female side characters. Or should I say a character penned by Master Jiang?”

Jiang Yan listened to Shen Chuchu’s introduction and laughed, “When I saw you that day, I thought you were a good fit. I didn’t expect the director to agree with me as well. This can be said to be a very pleasant surprise. I liked this character very much when I created it.”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “Then I must not ruin it.”

Jiang Yan giggled, “No worries, if you ruin it then I will make things difficult for you.”

“Then thank you, Master Jiang.”

While they chatted, some staff members came over. Last time’s audition plus the photoshoot this morning had made Shen Chuchu and the staff members become more acquainted. So they were able to ask Shen Chuchu casually, “Chuchu, He Chen-ge is finished. Come over and take a picture together.”

Shen Chuchu heard He Chen’s name then glanced at Jiang Yan. She saw that Jiang Yan slightly frowned and replied to the workers, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Shen Chuchu walked a few paces then turned around and asked, “Do you want to come together?”

Jiang Yan struggled a bit and replied, “Okay, let’s go. Just happens I want to see whether He Chen’s photos are the ideal image of the young marquis in my heart.”

Shen Chuchu raised her eyebrows and thought to herself, so Jiang Yan is not satisfied with He Chen being the male lead. As for He Chen, his appearance and acting skills are both impeccable. Moreover, his transition from the movie to the drama circle had a sense of “honour and nobility”. So why was Jiang Yan dissatisfied with He Chen?

Shen Chuchu felt she may be able to see a lot of interesting scenes. 

When the two people arrived at the shooting place, the photographer began to ask them to stand together to take a group photo. Shen Chuchu also met the female protagonist of the drama, the wonderful actress Zhou Jia who was ranked number one in the TV drama circle. Zhou Jia was in her early thirties this year but she was no different from a young girl after putting on some makeup.

An hour later, Shen Chuchu finished the photoshoot. At this moment, she suddenly heard He Chen’s voice coming from behind.

“Master screenwriter, what do you think of my look today?”

Jiang Yan pushed her black-rimmed glasses and said seriously, “It’s so so.”

He Chen continued to smile and said, “Okay, thanks for your praise screenwriter.”

Jiang Yan clutched her fists and said with an unsightly expression, “When did I praise you. Stop being so narcissistic. Don’t mess up my novel.”

He Chen grabbed his wide sleeves, arched his hands and said, “Rest assured Master Jiang Yan, I will live up to your expectations.”

Shen Chuchu did not know why but He Chen seemed to deliberately increase his tone when he said the words “Jiang Yan”. After all, these two people will end up together in the end so after listening for a while, Shen Chuchu left with a smile.

At night, photos from the photoshoot went up online. Shen Chuchu saw the notification from the WeChat group and went to take a look.

TV Drama Warm Spring V: She is gentle, generous and understanding. She is hardworking and protects her master. She wholeheartedly waits and reaps love. She is the soul of this drama, Xiao Die. @ShenChuChu [Photograph] [Photograph]

Shen Chuchu immediately reposted this Weibo message according to Chen Xili’s previous instructions. Now that she has one hundred thousand fans, someone came over to comment immediately after the repost.

“I really like her appearance. Worship! [Drool]”

“As a fan of the book, the style is very satisfying without mentioning acting skills. I hope it would not disappoint too much.” [Cool]

“Truly an unbelievable newcomer, every shot is extraordinary. I wonder how good is her acting. It seems the beauty rankings will be reorganised soon.” [Not Simple]

“Haha, is that popular comment a joke? How does she fit the image of Xiao Die? The appearance of this female star is not low-key at all unlike our calm and quiet Xiao Die.”

Afterwards, everyone started to argue. Moreover, the quarrels became crooked.

“I don’t think you understand the contents of the book? How does she not fit the image? Xiao Die had always been pretty which was why she never went with the cousin when she got married. Did you think she did something wrong? It was clearly due to her beauty and they were afraid she would fight for favour with the cousin’s husband.”

“Let me quietly mention this, I heard the cousin is played by Qin Yingran. I wonder if this is correct.”

“Qin Yingran is no better than this little actor?” Are you kidding me? Where did this little actor pop up from? How can she compare to our little baby Qin.”

Shen Chuchu felt uncomfortable as she watched the internet started to compare her appearance to Qin Yingran. She could not understand how Qin Yingran’s fans shifted the topic to this. She can only assume it was Qin Yingran’s fans because ninety-nine percent of the comments were dissing her. Anyone who saw this would have been uncomfortable.

Shen Chuchu could now see the benefits of having a lot of fans because more people would speak out for you. If you had no fans then you would just have to suffer a beating. Since she could not gain so many fans in a short period of time, she wussed out obediently. 

Shen Chuchu silently closed the comment thread and went to look at something else. After scrolling for a while, Jiang Yan reposted. 

Jiang Yan not only reposted a group picture but also reposted Shen Chuchu’s Weibo separately. 

Writer Jiang Yan V: Very satisfied. / / ShenChuChuV:

When she saw this Weibo message, Shen Chuchu followed Jiang Yan and commented: Thank you, master screenwriter.

Later when Shen Chuchu took a shower and laid in bed, she discovered that Qin Yingran had appeared on hot search. Instantly, her sleepiness quickly vanished and she sat up. Is it because of the drama [Warm Spring]…if so then could she get hacked out?

After all, she did rely on a back door to the audition to get her role. Although Director Tian was a very fair person, anyone would more or less take personal relationships into consideration. Of course, if she was really bad then the director would not have chosen her. However, if there were two similar individuals available to choose from then of course the one with some relationship with them would be chosen.

The more she thought about this, the more guilty Shen Chuchu felt.

Although Qin Yingran often went on hot searches, this time, Shen Chuchu had a bit of a guilty conscience. Her hands trembled as she tapped in to discover it was not due to her and she finally could swallow down her heart that was about to jump out.

It turned out that Qin Yingran had a new relationship.

Qin Yingran as a popular trending celebrity naturally could not do without gossip. Any male actors who had worked with her would be followed by a wave of scandals but it was unknown whether these scandals were actually captured by paparazzi or whether the crew deliberately released it to promote the new drama.

However, after clicking on the first Weibo and staring at it, Shen Chuchu felt that the figure of the man seemed familiar. That dark grey trench coat, slender figure and fatigued appearance. Was this not CEO Han who lived across from her?

She closed CEO Han’s photo then carefully examined the contents of the news article.

Entertainment Gossip: After countless days and nights of waiting, I finally found a clue! A familiar figure was found near Qin Yingran’s apartment. This person is no other than the current CEO of the Han Group. CEO Han who took charge of the Han Group in his twenties! At first, I didn’t expect to find anything apart from the two of them living in the same neighbourhood. But tonight, I saw Qin Yingran getting off CEO Han’s car! If these two people have nothing to do with each other then I don’t believe it! These two people have been living together for god knows how long! [Photograph.jpg] [Photograph.jpg] [Photograph.gif]

The last animated picture clearly showed Qin Yingran getting out of Han Xingyan’s car. After the two had spoken for a while, Qin Yingran entered the apartment building.

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