Wang Qian looked at Shen Chuchu’s expression and worriedly asked, “Boss, what’s wrong. Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Shen Chuchu reacted immediately and shook her head, “I’m fine. I just need a while to regain myself after the audition.”

With these words, Wang Qian quietly stood aside without another word.

Shen Chuchu was afraid that someone would find out so she simply closed her eyes. Fortunately, the girl’s system interface had not disappeared yet.

Status: Unmarried

Marriage Partner: He Chen [Photograph]

Marriage Date: March 8th 2021

Marriage Rating: Four Stars (Compatible)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]

This He Chen was naturally the actor He Chen sitting inside. This was the first time Shen Chuchu had encountered such a miraculous thing and she became even more curious than shocked after her emotions calmed down. Shortly after, she opened the Red Thread of Fate.

She noticed the date written inside was just a couple of days ago which would have been He Chen’s audition. Their encounter reason was also that they were on the same crew. In other words, these two people had just met but would get married within a year. Their dating period also happened to be during the current filming period.

At this point, Shen Chuchu felt inexplicably excited. Does this mean that she will be able to see the development of this pair in the future if she is also on the crew?

If this is the case, Shen Chuchu did not feel the need to add the girl’s Weibo anymore. The answer to the girl’s question was already solved.

Gradually a smile appeared on Shen Chuchu’s face. She slowly opened her eyes and said with a smile, “Let’s go.”

Afterwards, Shen Chuchu went to say goodbye to the workers and got ready to leave. However, as she stepped into the hallway, someone emerged from another room. That, someone, as no other than Qin Yingran who just auditioned before her. 

Qin Yingran looked into Shen Chuchu’s confused eyes and smiled, “Chuchu, you are Director Chang’s daughter. No wonder.”

“Huh?” Shen Chuchu frowned and felt the hostility from Qin Yingran. No wonder? No wonder what? No wonder she could also attend the audition?

Qin Yingran could stand it no longer seeing Shen Chuchu’s expression and spoke her mind. She quickly restrained her expression and smiled, “I mean no wonder you looked so familiar. I’ve seen you on Weibo before. You saved Director Chang’s wife, that was very brave.”

Shen Chuchu could not figure which part was true or false in Qin Yingran’s words. After all, she was not familiar with Qin Yingran so it was better to talk less.

“Thank you.”

After she sat down in the taxi, Shen Chuchu received a message on WeChat* from Wang Jing.

*TL-note: WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. 

Wang Jing: Big Star, are you in the Imperial Capital? How about a cup of coffee if you are free [Playful]

Shen Chuchu asked Wang Qian about her itinerary then replied: Just happen to be here and will be free this afternoon.

Since she was already out, Shen Chuchu went directly to the coffee shop. Half an hour later, Wang Jing arrived.

“So early?”

Shen Chuchu explained with a smile, “I just happened to be outside so I asked the driver to drop me here.”

Wang Jing smiled, “Ah, I asked if you would be around but I didn’t expect you would actually be. I even searched the internet for your recent itinerary but found nothing.”

“Ha!” Shen Chuchu laughed and replied, “How can it be found, even I don’t know what my itinerary is.”

“Are you filming soon?” Wang Jing removed her coat as it was a little warm in the cafe.

Shen Chuchu nodded, “Should be.”

Wang Jing nodded, “It’s only after having a celebrity as a friend that I realise it’s not easy for you guys either. You may have high salaries but there are a lot of risks too. Like last time, apart from gaining reputation you almost got injured as well. So it’s not easy for people from all walks of life.”

Shen Chuchu agreed heartily with Wang Jing, “You are right. There are no such things as an easy career. Such as you guys in finance. If it was so easy, I would have gone into it a long time ago.”

Wang Jing chuckled and shook her head. She glanced at her bag and remembered something. She took out a small pouch from her bag and said, “A while ago I went abroad on holiday and got you a little gift.”

Shen Chuchu replied with a smile, “Thank you.”

“No worries. I’ve realised now that the world is so vast while troubles are so small.”

They chatted for a while then Wang Jing asked inadvertently, “How are things with Cheng Xun?”

Shen Chuchu stopped stirring her coffee, she looked up at Wang Jing and questioned, “Me and Cheng Xun?”

Wang Jing saw Shen Chuchu’s expression and knew these two people had not ended up together.

“Yes, you and Cheng Xun. Back in university, we all thought that you two would be together in the future. But until graduation, there was no progress between you two and Cheng Xun even got a girlfriend. I thought you two might have gotten together after the last reunion party.”

After hearing Wang Jing’s words, Shen Chuchu felt a trace of sorrow in her heart as she recalled her time in university. Youthful affections are like a needle buried in one’s heart, stabbing it from time to time. Sometimes the pain was not due to the person but rather the youthful years that you will not get back again.

“No, Cheng Xun and I have never been together. During university, he helped with my studies because my grades were so poor and I had to take a lot of resit exams which you knew. Fortunately, with his aid, it wasn’t that bad in the end.” As she said this, a wry smile appeared on her face. 

Wang Jing patted Shen Chuchu’s hand and said, “No worries, it’s all in the past. Everyone has their own shortcomings. Like me, I don’t know how to act. I don’t think anyone in our class would know how to act.”

Shen Chuchu heard this and smiled, “Cheng Xun and his girlfriend’s relationship are pretty good. You better not misunderstand next time.”

When Shen Chuchu mentioned this matter, Wang Jing became silent for a moment then said, “But I heard they both want to break up.”

This news truly shocked Shen Chuchu. Break up? How could this be? She saw on Cheng Xun’s system that they will get married.

“I don’t know about this. We have met in person once before but we have not kept in touch otherwise.”

Wang Jing nodded with a smile, “Yeah. I don’t keep in touch with him either. Although everyone is in the same circle, people like Cheng Xun do not belong to mortals like us. I may be considered somewhat of a brainy student but compared to a god student then I am nothing.”

Shen Chuchu felt this point deeply and nodded heavily, “You are right.”

The two quickly changed topics and talked about other things. As they chatted, Wang Jing noticed the bracelet on Shen Chuchu’s wrist and asked, “I’ve wanted to say this since the start that your bracelet is so beautiful. It looks like a new product from A company.”

Shen Chuchu looked down at her bracelet and touched it, “A company? What brand is that?”

Wang Jing shockingly replied, “You don’t know A company? I thought celebrities in the entertainment industry would treat these luxury goods as family valuables.”

Shen Chuchu knew Wang Jing had no evil intent so she mocked herself, “I don’t think I count as a celebrity yet. All-day long, I either film or take classes so I don’t have the time to learn about these. Moreover, my family background is pretty average so I have never heard of this before. “

Wang Jing said with some appreciation, “You will surely rise in fame later on because of your mentality. My family background is also average so I’ve seen brands such as the A company only online before.”

Shen Chuchu’s heart jolted, “Is it expensive?”

Wang Jing replied, “If this bracelet is real then the price is probably around six or seven digits.”

Six or seven digits? Shen Chuchu felt as if a house weighed down on her hand. She remembered Han Xingyan’s words and said, “This can’t be it then. My friend gifted it to me and he said he bought it casually.”

Wang Jing nodded, “Ah, perhaps. After all, I’ve only seen it in a magazine and not the real thing.”

After Shen Chuchu parted with Wang Jing, she received a call from Chen Xili. She had passed the audition and would be playing the role of Xiao Die. Shen Chuchu asked in excitement, “I also saw Qin Yingran at the audition today. Chen-jie, do you know what her role is?”

Chen Xili replied, “I think it’s the role of the cousin. At first, Director Tian didn’t want her but the investors felt that Qin Yingran was somewhat popular and wanted to keep her. So after some compromise, she was given the role of the cousin who doesn’t have that many scenes.”

After the phone call, Shen Chuchu somewhat finally understood why Qin Yingran said the phrase “no wonder” after coming out of the room. It was no wonder that she was selected. 

Shen Chuchu also admitted that this competition was not that glorious because it did come with a bit of nepotism. However, in this circle, connections are important or else it will be really difficult for her to keep on her feet.

In bed that night, Shen Chuchu saw Weibo had announced that Guo Xin signed with the original big production again and she felt that the world was still very beautiful.

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