Since the day Qin Yingran’s scandal came out, Han Xinyan would stand outside  Shen Chuchu’s door for a moment every night. However, he turned around and went back each time because it was always either one or two o’clock in the morning when he looked at his watch.

After a few more days had gone past, his hand hesitated to knock on the door even more. There seemed to be a lot to say but at the same time nothing to say.

After struggling for many days, the company’s affairs finally came to an end. He also gained the courage to knock on the door but nobody answered.

After knocking for a while, he still did not hear anyone coming to open the door. Han Xingyan frowned and his mood dampened. After pondering for some time, he turned around and left.

After returning home, Han Xingyan changed his shoes, took off his coat, loosened his tie and unbuttoned the first button of his shirt. He leaned back onto his sofa and closed his eyes as if thinking about something.

After a long time, he took out his phone. He opened contacts and scrolled to a certain person’s name and sent a message.

Han Xingyan: Miss Shen, I forgot to return the medicine I borrowed last time. I was wondering when you will be back?

When Shen Chuchu finished the movie, she saw Han Xingyan’s message. Upon seeing the familiar name, Shen Chuchu’s heart throbbed for a moment but quickly calmed down after seeing the content of the message.

Shen Chuchu: No need. I am outside right now and will return in a month or two.

When Han Xingyan saw this message, his heart dropped. He hesitated a moment then sent another message tentatively.

Han Xingyan: Are you out filming Miss Shen?

Shen Chuchu replied with one word: Yes.

Han Xingyan remembered the dangers that Shen Chuchu encountered last time and reminded her: Be careful.

Shen Chuchu: Thank you CEO Han. 

Han Xingyan keenly felt the indifferent tone from the messages and for a while, he did not know how to deal with it.

Shen Chuchu also paused for a moment then went to browse Weibo. She was surprised to learn that she was on hot search. Although it looked to be ranked in the forties, this was enough to make anyone happy.

“#WorldMovie# What’s the name of this actress? She looks so beautiful! [Drool]”

“#WorldMovie# I really like her, she seems to have a very clean aura about her. Is this without makeup? So beautiful. [Drool]” 

“Is OP blind, how can it be without makeup? You can see the makeup at first glance. Isn’t this the actress who played the maid for our Miss Qin? She only looks so-so.”

Shen Chuchu was already used to it as she looked at the comments underneath. Every day, some people praised her while others cursed at her. She did not feel affected by it the more she looked at them.

While Qin Yingran’s fans had obviously held a grudge against her since the last incident. Every time they’d try to start something. As a result, she now had a big resentment towards Qin Yingran even though she was indifferent towards her before. After all, anyone who had been cursed and compared to for a long time would not be in a good mood. 

So, one crazy fan is equal to the strength of ten sunspots?

Shen Chuchu silently pondered and figured this saying was probably true.

After watching the movie reviews for half an hour, Shen Chuchu went on Taobao to matchmake her clients. This was the most important thing for her now! She did not make much from filming at the moment, especially after taking away taxes and company shares. The income was more stable by matchmaking every day. 

When she got to the last person and Shen Chuchu opened the chat dialogue, the picture of a familiar person appeared in front of her. 

Shen Chuchu looked at the display picture of the person who had just sent her the message and paused for a few seconds then replied somewhat helplessly, “Sorry, no celebrities.” Every day there would be countless annoying individuals requesting celebrities and she would refuse them all without exception.  

After a while, the person named “Moonlight Beautiful Girl” replied, “He is not a celebrity. Just an ordinary person.”

Shen Chuchu thought to herself, how is he not? He recently just appeared in some gossip news and moreover is the president of the famous Han Group. This was not to be taken lightly.

For someone to say this, they must either not know Han Xingyan or was deliberate. Shen Chuchu believed the latter was more likely. This person was mostly from the paparazzi and deliberately tried to confuse her.

If she looked at CEO Han’s marriage and his future spouse happen to be Qin Yingran. Then this person would definitely post about the marriage between CEO Han and Qin Yingran on Weibo the next day. 

If she told this person that Mr Han’s marriage partner was not Qin Yingran then, needless to say, this person will post a similar article that Qin Yingran’s rich dream was broken.

They really thought she was a child!

I am Yue Lao: Sorry, as stated earlier. No celebrities. 

Moonlight Beautiful Girl swiftly replied: You can’t do that. This is me. I just want to know my own marriage predictions. Do it quickly. 

Shen Chuchu twitched the corner of her mouth with a smile. This person was CEO Han, how was this possible? This person had just used the third person “he” and now they had changed to the first person?

Besides, she had mentioned it to CEO Han but he refused twice. Moreover, they had both just exchanged messages just now. Also from what she knew about Han Xingyan, he would never say anything like this.

I am Yue Lao: No chance! Please try a bit harder next time.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: How would you know I am not him. I am him.

I am Yue Lao: The CEO of Han Group would have “Moonlight Beautiful Girl” as a username online? That is too adorable.

As soon as Shen Chuchu said this, they became silent for a long time. Just happens that Shen Chuchu was thirsty and went to get a glass of water. When she came back, her phone screen lit up. When Shen Chuchu read the words on the screen, she accidentally sprayed out the water in the glass.

Moonlight Beautiful Girl: You are right, I am not Han Xingyan. I am actually Qin Yingran. I want you to see if I will marry Han Xingyan.

Upon seeing the reply, Shen Chuchu doubted their identity. Is the paparazzi really this stupid? Is this really okay to reveal it so blatantly?

I am Yue Lao: Sorry, no. I’ve refunded you. Thank you.

Afterwards, no matter what Moonlight Beautiful Girl said, Shen Chuchu did not reply anymore.

In truth, Moonlight Beautiful Girl was actually Mother Han. She disappointedly exited Taobao when Shen Chuchu no longer replied. She looked at her husband who was lying in bed reading the newspaper and angrily said, “Look, there are many liars these days. Even call themself Yue Lao but have all sorts of excuses when I tried to find out about our son’s future. It’s definitely a scammer.”

Father Han glanced at Mother Han and said, “Your son has his own blessings so stop worrying for nothing.”

Mother Han was not happy to hear this and replied, “What are you talking about. Who was it that recently asked me to introduce a girl to our son? If it weren’t for you, would I do such a thing? Have you not seen that our son rarely comes home now.”

Father Han was speechless against Mother Han and finally said, “Alright, I am impatient as well.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier.” She said this and laid down.

Although there had been some changes in the movie [World] because of Chen Xiao, the story itself was interesting, the production was relatively sophisticated and the actors’ acting were on point. Hence, even though it did not reach box office expectations, it was not shit either. 

Shen Chuchu’s second promotion happened to be in a city in the south, so after the current promotion ended, she flew directly to Hengdian.

At the airport, Shen Chuchu experienced the feeling of being watched for the first time.

“Hey hey hey, is that Shen Chuchu? She is so pretty!”

“It is? It must be,”

“Did we get the wrong person?”

Shen Chuchu smiled and waved at the girls when she heard their conversation. When the girls saw Shen Chuchu waving at them, they responded enthusiastically. They ran over to ask her for autographs and take a photo with her.

“Am I getting popular?” Shen Chuchu quietly asked Wang Qian after boarding the plane.

Wang Qian smiled and nodded, “Yes, Boss. You will be popular soon.”

Although Shen Chuchu knew this was quite exaggerated, she was still happy to hear it, “Yeah, I think so too.”

After a while, Shen Chuchu went to the bathroom. As she was about to leave, she felt that the plane was a bit bumpy and she could not standstill. The broadcast also began to remind passengers to pay attention to safety, fasten their seat belts, and do not walk around at this time.

It was common to encounter small turbulences on the plane. After about a minute, when the plane stabilised a little bit, Shen Chuchu opened the door and came out.

However, as soon as she came out, the plane became bumpy again. Shen Chuchu did not stand firmly and suddenly fell into the lap of a passenger sitting beside the corridor. That passenger had just wanted to stand up but was knocked back down by Shen Chuchu. 

When Shen Chuchu realised what had happened, she was shocked by the current situation in front of her. Is this considered throwing oneself into someone’s arms?

She hurriedly tried to stand up but the plane violently moved again.

At this moment, a really nice male-sounding voice said, “Don’t move.”

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