Suddenly a PR (Public Relations) account came out of nowhere and asked a question.

“Guo Xin divorced in 2006 and Sun Hui seems to be the same. Coincidentally, the two of them also knew each other back then. So, is there something we don’t know about this? Did they meet each other after or before their divorces? If it’s the latter then things will be lively! [Smile]”

“Oh heavens! Did they like each other so that’s why they divorced their ex-wife and ex-husband? This is terrible.”

“They both don’t seem like that? I still don’t believe in such speculations.”

Someone replied: OP (Original Poster), have you ever seen a bad person have “I am bad” written on their face?

Immediately afterwards, a hoard of followers came from nowhere and frantically started all sorts of speculations. Gradually, many people began to believe. Some people even found out that the first film that Guo Xin and Sun Hui collaborated with was filmed in 2005 and they were both divorced in 2006. This caused a lot of fuss to be made.

Shen Chuchu frowned slightly as she looked at the content on the internet. These people were talking nonsense without any conclusive evidence. They only just found out the news from ten years ago and began to make a fuss. This was not only low but frustrating. It was low of them to just casually make up tales but the frustrating thing was that if you could not come up with evidence to refute them then they would treat it as if you were lying. 

When Guo Xin and Sun Hui joined the group back then, the crew would know all the details. However, so much time has passed so it was unclear whether anything from that time was saved. 

While Shen Chuchu could see the information from the marriage system of Guo Xin and Sun Hui.

They both did divorce in 2006 but one was in January while the other was in March. Also, they both did not join the crew in the year 2005 which was stated online. She was unsure of the exact date but the date they met shown on the system was June 2006 which meant they did meet after each other’s divorces. Plus, they got together in 2007.

Shen Chuchu decided after silently watching as the internet insulted Guo Xin and Sun Hui. Despite what was happening, their marriage rating never increased. 

She logged into her Yue Lao account and found Red Feather’s private messages. There were a lot of messages inside but Shen Chuchu had not answered any of them. Shen Chuchu did not want to respond to this matter before because firstly, she did not know how to respond and secondly, she had nothing to respond with. The worst thing had already been revealed by Sun Hui himself. At this point, the netizen’s anger was very real.

At this moment, Shen Chuchu could no longer bear to see the slander on the internet.

I am Yue Lao: Before I answer your question, can you tell me the reason why this matter was exposed?

Red Feather had been staring at Weibo for several days now and finally, there was a reply. Red Feather saw the reply and without a second thought, blurted everything out. After all, this was not a secret in the circle and people who had a brain and ways already knew.

#1 Entertainment Reporter – Red Feather V: Of course it is due to the international production that Guo Xin will be participating in! To get rid of Guo Xin, a certain female actor deliberately broke the news at this time. As a result, she has also been exposed by others so her plan was for nothing. As for who that female actor is, just flip through the latest news and you can see for yourself.

Shen Chuchu had recently been busy with the new drama, so did not think of it. After Red Feather’s reminder, she thought for a while and connected the dots. So that woman is Chen Meng? Chen Meng was a first-rate female actress with outstanding abilities. She was the representative of acting and at the top of the circle. Did she have to do this? The water in this circle was sure deep!

I am Yue Lao: Okay, got it. Right, those two met each other after their divorces.

After receiving Shen Chuchu’s tip, Red Feather immediately went to look for evidence.

After this, Shen Chuhu exited Weibo. She never thought that Chen Meng would do something like this. Could Red Feather have made a mistake…there was absolutely no need to do such a humiliating thing!

She suddenly thought of what Guo Xin said before after thinking about it. The important thing…could it be that Guo Xin was threatened by Chen Meng at the time, so she rejected the international production?

Shen Chuchu was startled by her own thoughts and a cold sweat broke out on her back. If things were as she thought then this was scary. As she sat on the sofa in a daze, suddenly the doorbell rang which caused her to tremble in fear.

She thought to herself, did Wang Qian forget something and came back? That’s not right, Wang Qian knew her door passcode.

Shen Chuchu walked to the door and looked through the peephole. It was a man she had not seen in a few days.

When Shen Chuchu opened the door, Han Xingyan had already turned his back to leave. Upon hearing the sound of the door, he turned around again. 

“Sorry to disturb you this late.” Han Xingyan said hoarsely. 

Shen Chuchu looked at the haggard man wearing a dark grey trench coat in front of her and said with a smile, “No worries, I haven’t gone to bed yet. CEO Han, did you just rush back?”

Han Xingyan looked down at his clothes and frowned, “Sorry, I just got off a plane and haven’t had the chance to change yet.”

“Oh, so you went on a business trip. No wonder I haven’t seen you the past couple of days.”

Han Xingyan looked down at his clothes in disgust but when he heard Shen Chuchu’s words, he raised his head instantly to look at Shen Chuchu, “Yes, I went away the second day after we met last time. I just came back today. From now on, if Miss Shen wants to see me then you can every day.”

When Shen Chuchu heard this, the smile on her face froze. She felt there was no underlying meaning to what she just said? Want to see him? She did not say this. She saw Han Xingyan’s gaze and chuckled a little.

They both stood in silence facing each other. The difference was that one person stood outside the door while the other stood inside the door.

Ahem!” Han Xingyan coughed.

Shen Chuchu asked caringly, “Do you have a cold? You must take care of your body and make sure to take some cold medicine.”

Ahem ahem…” Han Xingyan coughed again. He heard what Shen Chuchu said and replied, “I don’t have any cold medicine in the house so I wanted to borrow some from you, Miss Shen.”

Shen Chuchu hurriedly replied, “Why didn’t you say so earlier, CEO Han. Come in, I will go and find some for you” when she heard that Han Xingyan was here to borrow some cold medicine. 

Han Xingyan looked down at his clothes and frowned, “I will just wait at the door.”

Shen Chuchu suddenly felt embarrassed after the rejection and realised her approach was a bit frivolous. To invite a single man into her home this late at night would cause stories. 

At this thought, Shen Chuchu awkwardly replied, “Okay, I will go and find the medicine.”

Shen Chuchu seemed to remember that the medicine was in the living room but could not find it after a long time. She listened to the constant coughing by the door and felt even more guilty. Finally, she remembered that the medicine box was in her bedroom.

Shen Chuchu handed over all the cold medicines in her house and said apologetically, “Sorry, I forgot where I had put it.”

Han Xingyan looked at Shen Chuchu’s apologetic expression and coughed a few more times before taking the medicine from her hands.

“Thank you, Miss Shen.”

Afterwards, a small box appeared out of nowhere, “I brought this back from my trip. It’s to thank Miss Shen for her medicine.”

Shen Chuchu glanced at the box and quickly refused, “No need, no need. These medicines are not worth much so you don’t have to be so polite. You’ve helped me so many times before so this is nothing.”

Han Xingyan thought for a few seconds then pursed his lips and looked at Shen Chuchu. After a long while, words came out from his thin, dry lips, “In this case, I cannot take Miss Shen’s medicine.” As he said this, he coughed again.

Shen Chuchu’s heartbeat accelerated under Han Xingyan’s stare, “These medicines are not worth much, please take them.”

Han Xingyan frowned when he saw that Shen Chuchu still would not accept. He grabbed her hand while holding the medicines in his hand and placed the box into the palm of her hand.

“This is also not worth much. I just casually bought it while I was outside.” He added, “It’s only a small gift. I usually buy it for those around me and happened to buy too much this time.”

Shen Chuchu felt her hand was about to set on fire and her heartbeat continued to accelerate. She dumbly stared at Hang Xingyan’s hand and replied, “Oh, is that so.”

“Yes, it is so Miss Shen should take it.” Afterwards, Han Xingyan released Shen Chuchu’s wrist.

Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan’s expressionless face and felt that she had thought too much. She replied with a slight embarrassment, “Thank you CEO Han for your gift.”

“Okay, rest early Miss Shen. I am going now.”

Only then did Shen Chuchu remember that Han Xingyan was ill and quickly said, “Okay, you too. Make sure to drink a lot of warm water so you can get better soon.”

A smile flashed across Han Xingyan’s face when he heard Shen Chuchu’s words, “Yes, thank you, Miss Shen.” 

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