Shen Chuchu clicked the hot searches and found that all the people were scolding Guo Xin.

“Disgusting! It is my first time finding out that Guo Xin was such a person, why would a twice-married woman marry our Sun Film Emperor. [Puke]”

“I wonder if Film Emperor Sun knew that Guo Xin had married twice. It is so pitiful that he was deceived by such a woman for so many years. @SunHui”

“So don’t marry female celebrities in the entertainment industry. They are all a mess. [Curse]”

Seeing these kinds of comments puzzled Shen Chuchu a little. She was only away for a meal so how could the world already become like this? Had anyone found tangible evidence, or is this due to… followers?

At this thought, Shen Chuchu clicked on the so-called evidence from the marketing account and looked at it. As a result, it was shocking. The evidence in it was very comprehensive, it had the date when Guo Xin first got married, the place where they got married and even the identity of her ex-husband. There were even pictures of Guo Xin and her ex-husband together. Additionally, the so-called pros had already analysed that the pictures were real and not synthesized.

Shen Chuchu knew that these contents were true at a glance because they were the same as shown in her marriage system. Therefore, this made people feel scared.

 Did Guo Xin provoke someone?

Unexpectedly, while this wave was not over yet a new turning point appeared when Shen Chuchu continued to browse. Sun Hui has posted on Weibo.

SunHuiV: Thank you, everyone, for your concern. My wife and I have a very good relationship. Now that her past has been brought up, I must tell you all my secrets. I have also been divorced before so don’t feel sorry for me. Also, God knows what you did. Those people who try to compete maliciously but get nothing, I wish you never become an international celebrity. [Smile]

Guo Xin’s home

“Hui-ge, why did you post that on Weibo? Do you know what you are doing? They just exposed the news about me so why are you exposing yourself?” Guo Xin looked at Sun Hui anxiously while holding her phone.

Previously, Guo Xin’s secret was found out by Chen Meng and was threatened by her and told to withdraw from the competition for major international productions. If she did not quit then the fact she had two marriages will be exposed to the internet and she would not be able to join any big productions.

Guo Xin was not particularly upset about being scolded by others since it was a fact and it was useless to avoid it. However, she was afraid that Sun Hui would be scolded and looked down upon. She did not want Sun Hui to be hurt at all. Whether it was any real damage or damage in reputation.

However, she did not expect Chen Meng to not be selected after she withdrew from the competition. Therefore, Cheng Meng was upset and in the heat of the moment exposed the matter.

Guo Xin had called and questioned Chen Meng, but Chen Meng denied it.

Sun Hui stroked Guo Xin’s hair and smiled, “So what, this is a fact anyways. I can’t bear to watch others scold you like this. Everyone has a past, you have it and I have it. If they want to curse then let them scold me. Besides, this matter was originally intended by Chen Meng to harm you, how could I just sit back and watch.”

Guo Xin replied with red eyes, “But this way, they will also scold you.”

Sun Hui nonchalantly replied, “It doesn’t matter, let them scold. Our conscience is clear and we haven’t done anything wrong.” It was better to scold him than just scold his wife.

Sun Hui’s Weibo was like a stone stirring up thousands of waves.

When netizens saw such information, they quickly ran over to watch.

“Oh my god, why is your circle so messy? What about each other’s first love? What about perfect pure love? How is this different from Chen Xiao and Yang Kai, a couple that consumed everyone?? Life is dark. [Goodbye]

“Two couples exposed in one year. The performance of paparazzi has improved a lot this year! Go and see other couples, maybe they are fake too! [Smile]

“Did they really treat us as fools? God damn it! The only two couples I liked were just putting up a show [Vomit]”

Sun Hui and Guo Xin already knew there would be comments like these so neither of them went to Weibo anymore.  They also stopped all their work, did not watch TV or surf the Internet and made desserts at home with peace of mind. Let they sway in the wind and rain while I feel safe and sound.

However, pity their companies.

The public relations department of Diandi Media dispatched everyone to resolve this by using many celebrities to suppress the matter. Even Shen Chuchu was pulled out and hyped up. The content of the hype was the program they recorded on S station. They released some tidbits in advance to attract the public’s attention.

However, the effect was very poor.

Guo Xin and Sun Hui were more famous than Chen Xiao and Yang Kai. Many people followed them both inside and outside the circle.

Except for some old things of the actress Chen Meng that had been picked up for distraction, the others were of no effect.

When Shen Chuchu went to the company, Chen Xili did not even bother to tell her about the new drama. She picked up a folder on the table and handed it to her, “TV series produced by D province film and television company, the director is Tian. This is the information I received two days ago. I originally wanted you to hone your acting skills in a serious drama, but none of the resources was like this good.”

Shen Chuchu’s eyes lighted up when she heard it was D province film and television company. Just like some film and television companies represented idol dramas, traffic, and hype’ the name of this film and television company stood for quality, heart-moving, acting skills, and capability. She could not believe to receive such resources.

However, it was not easy to say whether she would be chosen. Although after a month of training in the regular crew plus some recent practice, her acting skills have reached 60 points but for the D province film and television company that represented quality, her acting skills were still quite not enough.

Chen Xili pinched her eyebrows and seemed to sense Shen Chuchu’s worry, “Director Tian and Director Chang have been friends for many years hence you have been sent an audition invitation so you may be selected but it is not easy to say for which role. There is a lot of information on all the female characters in the folder. Go back and try to figure it out. By the way, remember to read the original work several times to get a comprehensive understanding.”

Shen Chuchu pursed her lips when she heard Chen Xili’s words and replied, “Yes, I understand. Thanks for the advice, Chen-jie.”

“ No problem. I’ve been quite busy as of late so probably won’t have the time to take you to the audition then. You should continue to learn more from the acting teacher during these days or you can go talk to Director Chang. After all, you saved Sun-jie and became her goddaughter. Many things don’t need to be divided so clearly. Sometimes the more you do that, the more it can hurt feelings. In this circle, try to use what is available. Just don’t violate your conscience.”

Chen Xili’s words shocked Shen Chuchu. Are her inner conflicts already so clear to others? She did not want to use kindness to seek rewards in return. In her opinion, people in the circle already know that director Chang was her backer, which was already the best outcome for her. She did not dare to ask for more.

“Thank you for the reminder Chen-jie.”

“Ok.”Chen Xili rubbed her temples and closed her eyes.

Shen Chuchu looked at Chen Xili’s haggard expression and could not help saying, “Chen-jie, you shouldn’t worry too much, Xin-jie’s matter will pass soon. She and Sun Hui didn’t do anything wrong. When the netizens realise that, they will stop swearing about it online.”

Chen Xili smiled bitterly after hearing this and said, “If only it could be as simple as you said. Ah, I hope it will arrive there soon. What an eventful season.”

Having said that, Chen Xili glanced at Shen Chuchu and reminded her, “Remember to let me know when you are dating. Also, you and Mr Han should keep a low profile and try to avoid showing up in public places. Once you have some work behind you then you can influence people.”

When Shen Chuchu suddenly heard CEO Han’s name, she remembered that the two of them have not seen each other since that last walk and felt a little guilty for some reason. She continued to explain, “Chen-jie, CEO Han and I do not have that kind of relationship.”

Chen Xili calmly replied, “What kind of relationship is not important. It is more important to your followers and netizens that they understand what kind of relationship you two have.”

Shen Chuchu choked a bit and calmly thought about it, “Okay, thank you for the reminder Chen-jie.”

Upon returning home, Shen Chuchu stared at the closed door on the opposite side for a while then turned around and opened her door.

Just like Shen Chuchu said, that night, Guo Xin’s affairs gradually turned around.

After the netizens calmed down, they suddenly felt that they had overreacted. They looked through all the events of Guo Xin and Sun Hui since their debut and found that they both had never admitted that they were each other’s first love nor had they said that they had never been married before. After all, who would casually mention their marriage history especially within the entertainment industry.

Therefore, the nature of Guo Xin and Sun Hui is different from Chen Xiao and Yang Kai.

The fans simply felt that they had been lied to and the incident between Chen Xiao and Yang Kai not long ago made them all a little irrational. Once they gradually became sober and sane, many began to post long paragraphs on Weibo spontaneously. Apart from just apologising, they also used a helpless tone in mentioning the matter.

The company had not anticipated that things would develop into such a situation. Guo Xin and Sun Hui’s popularity was so high that their big companies could not even control the scene. When the company actors were abused, they failed to control it. Now that things were developing in a good way, they did not expect it.

However, they quickly seized the opportunity to amplify the effects.

Just when everyone thought this matter was over, another new turning point appeared.

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