During dinner, Shen Chuchu discovered that Han Xingyan’s table manners were so perfect that you could not find a single fault. His fingers were thin and long, as he held the cutlery in his hands, it was as if they were not a knife and fork, but a piece of artwork.

As for her, she had only eaten a bowl of instant noodles at noon after a day’s work and was so hungry that her chest was on her back. So, after observing Han Xingyan silently for twenty minutes, the more hungry she got the more she looked. Finally, she could not hold back anymore and started to eat at a fast speed.

The sky was big, but her appetite was even bigger. 

Han Xingyan who had almost eaten enough looked at Shen Chuchu. She seemed like a little hamster stuffing her cheek spoon after spoon. It looked so cute.

Most importantly the longer he looked, he somehow became a bit hungry. 

He waved the waiter over and ordered two more dishes and a dessert.

When Shen Chuchu saw this, her chewing speed slowed down. After the waiter left, she blushed and looked at Han Xingyan, “I seem to really know how to eat.”

Han Xingyan shook his head, “No, I am not full yet.” Afterwards, he looked at Shen Chuchu’s slightly guilty eyes and felt a little regretful.

Sure enough, Shen Chuchu said, “I am sorry CEO Han, I should have more.”

“No, I did not eat enough at noon.”

After the main meal and a few drinks, Shen Chuchu was surprised that she had eaten quite a bit today. Her belly had already become swollen. As she thought of the new drama that Chen Xili had picked for her, she felt she had been too greedy and did not know how long it would take to reduce the number of calories she had just consumed. 

When Shen Chuchu wanted to pay the bill, she was told it had already been paid and she shockingly looked at Han Xingyan. Han Xingyan stood up and said, “There is no reason to let the lady pay.”

Shen Chuchu silently followed Han Xingyan with a troubled look.

Once they were in Han Xingyan’s car, Shen Chuchu was still struggling and said, “CEO Han, you helped me then paid for dinner. This is too unreasonable.”

Han Xingyan seemed to be waiting for these words, “No worries, you can invite me again.”

Shen Chuchu was stunned for a moment and looked at Han Xingyan as he drove seriously. After a while, she replied, “…Ok. However, it would have to be two meals. One to return and one to invite.”

Han Xingyan kindly said, “Yes, two meals it is then.”

Shen Chuchu felt that something was not right but she had brought this up herself so she simply said, “Alright. I will invite you when you are free.”

Han Xingyan heard this and pulled a smile in the corner of his mouth.

Shen Chuchu sat in her seat vexed for a while then looked at the direction Han Xingyan was driving and remembered to remind him, “CEO Han, I do not live there anymore. I moved to Liyuan Apartments today. How about you put me down at the intersection ahead and I can go back by myself.”

Han Xingyan’s heart moved, “Oh? Is that so, what a coincidence. I am also going to live there today, we can go together. “

“Ah?” Shen Chuchu thought to herself, Liyuan seemed a bit far from the Han Group. She also remembered the last time Han Xingyan said that he lived near her previous apartment.

Faced with Shen Chuchu’s doubt, Han Xingyan did not explain anything. When he saw that Shen Chuchu was rubbing her abdomen, he asked, “Miss Shen, do we need to stop the car to get some medicine?”

Shen Chuchu momentarily stopped rubbing her abdomen and awkwardly laughed, “No, no need. I just need to walk it off later.” Being stuffed should not be made known to the cold CEO Han.

“Okay.” Han Xingyan said with a light expression.

Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan’s expression and wanted to crawl into a hole. At a glance,  CEO Han must have guessed why she rubbed her belly.

Half an hour later, the two arrived at Liyuan Apartments. Just as Han Xingyan was about to park his car in the underground car park, Shen Chuchu said, “CEO Han, you can let me off here first. I want to go for a walk then go up later.”

Han Xingyan parked his car by the road and said, “Sorry to ask but is there something you are busy with, Miss Shen?”

Shen Chuchu thought to herself since Han Xingyan knew she had eaten too much then there was nothing to hide. She replied with nothing to lose, “I ate too much today so I want to go for a walk.”

Han Xingyan heard this and started the car, “What a coincidence, me too.”

He parked the car in the underground car park while he said this. Han Xingyan parked the car in the parking space, unfastened the seat belt, then looked at Shen Chuchu who seemed a little dazed. He said, “Did you not want to go for a walk, you don’t want to anymore?”

Shen Chuchu turned her head and with mixed feelings, she replied, “Going.”

Afterwards, the two people walked around the neighbourhood. Shen Chuchu lowered her head the whole time and wondered what he was thinking. At this time, a sudden force pulled her and a voice followed, “Look at the road.”

It was the first time that Shen Chuchu came so close in contact with Han Xingyan and a fresh smell passed to the tip of her nose. The smell was somewhat familiar…

Before Shen Chuchu could place where she had smelt it before, Han Xingyan released Shen Chuchu’s wrist and said, “Watch out, there is a large rock ahead.”

Shen Chuchu followed Han Xingyan’s gaze and saw that there was indeed a big rock on the ground and she had almost stepped into the grass without knowing it. Thinking about her own stupidity, Shen Chuchu’s face turned red, “Thank you.”

Han Xingyan was about to say something when a charming female voice was heard.

“CEO Han? What a coincidence to meet you here.”

Han Xingyan turned his head around to see a person heading their way and frowned. He coldly nodded, “Yes.”

Shen Chuchu also turned towards the other person and instantly recognised who it was. Wasn’t this the currently trending Qin Yingran, it seemed she also lived in this neighbourhood. However, although they had been in the same entertainment circle, they have not participated in activities together or met in public. The other party probably did not know who she was. 

So, the situation now was very awkward. Should she take the initiative to greet her?

“Let’s go and walk a bit further ahead.” Han Xingyan made the decision for Shen Chuchu and briskly walked away.

Shen Chuchu saw Qin Yingran’s awkward expression and quickly followed Han Xingyan with her head lowered. She had wanted to say hello but thinking that Qin Yingran would definitely not want others to see her embarrassing appearance, she decided to bow her head and pretend to be an ostrich.

Qin Yingran did not know her now but this did not mean she would not in the future. In case someday she remembered this incident then the awkwardness might become even bigger. 

After walking further away, Shen Chuchu breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at the man next to her under the dim street lamp and felt as if she had been either shocked in the brain or blinded by the beauty of the scenery to accept his invitation to walk together. Isn’t this constantly trying to expose yourself?

In the future, if she continued to be in the entertainment industry and someone happened to take a photo of her walking with Han Xingyan, wouldn’t this cause a scandal? She did not intend to become popular like this, so she should try to avoid it in the future.

Qin Yingran’s appearance today could be regarded as a reminder for her.

It was fine when you were not popular but these could be regarded as evidence if she did one day.

At this thought, Shen Chuchu said, “CEO Han, let’s go back now. My stomach is feeling much better.”

Han Xingyan glanced sideways at Shen Chuchu and felt regretful but nodded, “Okay.”

After reaching the twenty-sixth floor, the two said goodbye and returned to their homes one after the other.

After closing the door, Shen Chuchu felt completely liberated. It really was torture to be with someone with such a big presence that she almost suffocated.

While taking a shower, Shen Chuchu continued to think. Han Xingyan seemed to have changed recently, especially today. Some behaviours made no sense. She always feels like he had something to ask her. What would the boss of a big company ask her for? It was really puzzling.

Shen Chuchu thought left and right but still could not figure it out so she simply stopped. They lived closer now and CEO Han had helped her a lot so if he ever needed a favour from her then she could return it. 

After the shower and coming out of the bathroom, Shen Chuchu looked at the spacious and bright house. A sense of comfort emerged within knowing that the house belonged to her. At this point, she suddenly remembered she had not mentioned this matter to her parents yet. After thinking about it for a while, she took out her phone, brought up the contacts and called her mother.

When Chu Guizhi heard that her daughter had bought a house in the Imperial Capital, she dropped the remote control in surprise.

“You said what? Did you buy a house in the Imperial City?  Where did you get all that money? I heard the houses are very expensive there.”

Shen Chuchu had already thought about what to say, “Mum, did you forget that I shot a few advertisements. Naturally, I earned some money from it.”

Chu Guizhi said somewhat disbelievingly, “But I remember that your first few ads didn’t make much money.”

Shen Chuchu explained, “Mum, I changed company. It is the same one as Director Chang. I also received a lot of shows recently and the pay is quite high so I saved up my money and paid the down payment. “

Chu Guizhi felt slightly reassured when she heard this, “Okay, that’s good. You must not have much money left now, do you want me to transfer you some?”

Seeing that she had passed her mother’s level, Shen Chuchu smiled and said, “Mum, there is no need. I don’t lack money. The company received some jobs for me so I’m going to film again soon.”

Shen Mingfu came over and said, “Chuchu, don’t work too hard. If you’re tired, go home and rest.”

Shen Chuchu felt warm after hearing this, “Yes I know, Dad. I’m not tired. We actors earn money quickly. You and mum also work hard and should rest more instead. If you are willing, you can come to live in the Imperial Capital. Your daughter will support you. “

Chu Guizhi replied, “Forget it, it’s too uncomfortable and there is not even a person I can talk to. You take care of yourself and remember to call home when you have time. “

After hanging up the phone, Shen Chuchu laid down on the sofa and closed her eyes to ease her mood. She then opened Weibo and took a look.

As a result, she was shocked as soon as she opened it. A secret that Shen Chuchu just discovered a few days ago suddenly became a “scandal” known to all.

“Guo Xin’s Second Marriage”

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