Guo Xin’s Home

“Xin Xin, this opportunity is rare and you shouldn’t push it away because of it.” Sun Hui distressedly said to Guo Xin.

Guo Xin smiled, “No, I believe it is more important than a film or career. I don’t want the past to affect our lives now.”

Sun Hui sighed and looked at Guo Xin, “Xin Xin, before I used to…why don’t we face it together. I can’t bear to see you like this. Also, it was also my fault if…”

Guo Xin shook her head, “Hui-ge, say no more. I have already decided on this matter. Since she thinks it is important and she wants to get it without a compromise then let her have it. Besides, we still don’t know whether the director will support her.”

On the day of the contract signing, the company could not persuade Guo Xin to change her mind and they were not satisfied with the people that the company suggested. In the end, they started to consider actresses from other companies. Diandi Media felt the opportunity slipping from their hands but there was nothing else they could do.

In recent days, the company was shrouded in unease.

Shen Chuchu was also going to the S station radio show soon and she would go with Director Chang. They had already formally become her godfathers so Shen Chuchu called him “Dad” when they met.

“Yes, just relax and pretend the audience doesn’t exist.”

“Okay, I will try.”

This would be the first official meeting between Shen Chuchu and a national audience so it was of great significance to her. Whether she could get a good start would all depend on her performance this time. Although the company could later bring round those who did not perform as well, she would rather perform a bit better to leave a good first impression.

With a nervous and excited mood, Shen Chuchu walked from the backstage to the front.

Although she knew that the host would be kind to her because of Director Chang but did not expect them to be kinder than she thought so she felt very relaxed.

“Chuchu, why are you called Chuchu. Is it because there was a premonition that you would be charming* as now?”

*TL-note: From 楚楚可人 (Chu Chu Ke Ren) meaning the charming person

Shen Chuchu smiled, “About this, there are actually two versions in my family. While my father has this version, my mother has a different opinion. She said giving birth to me was hard work so my name should definitely have her surname. Since she felt her contribution was big, it was repeated twice.”

After Shen Chuchu finished, everyone laughed out of courtesy. 

Shen Chuchu breathed a sigh of relief that a very good effect was achieved at the beginning. Under the care of Director Chang and the host, Shen Chuchu swiftly moved onto the next segment of the show. Once the show finally finished recording, Shen Chuchu’s back was soaked from sweat.

The host saw that Shen Chuchu finally had a relaxed expression and smiled encouragingly, “Chuchu, you did well today. Once the show airs, you will definitely attract some fans. Good luck, I will be keeping an eye.”

 Shen Chuchu pressed her lips together, “Thank you Li-jie.”

The next day, Shen Chuchu returned to the Imperial city to finish the last process for her house. After this was completed, the house now completely belonged to Shen Chuchu. When Secretary Wang came out, Shen Chuchu asked about Han Xingyan’s routine. Once she was aware that Han Xingyan had a family dinner in the evening, she planned to invite him out for dinner tomorrow.

After a busy day, Shen Chuchu did not feel busy at all at the thought of moving to her new home soon. Back at the rented apartment, Shen Chuchu happily packed things up with Wang Qian.

In the evening, Shen Chuchu pondered over it and decided to send Han Xingyan a text.

Shen Chuchu: Hello CEO Han, I am Shen Chuchu. I was wondering whether you are free tomorrow night. I want to invite you to dinner to thank you for your assistance.

Han Xingyan looked at the text message that he had waited for and felt inexplicable.

Zhang Teng leaned back on the sofa, looked at his cousin who was staring at his phone in a daze and asked curiously, “Elder Cousin, why are you still looking when your phone screen has gone dark? For those who don’t know, they may think you are pondering about some business plan.”

Han Xingyan glanced sideways at Zhang Teng and expressionlessly said, “I heard you weren’t at the company for the rest of yesterday afternoon, where were you?”

As soon as Zhang Teng heard this, he immediately sat upright and said in surprise, “Seriously, someone even told you about this! I thought if I was a conscientious worker at your company then everyone would take care of me. I can’t believe a small report like this got back to you directly. I thought I would have some privileges or something but I think it may be better to be a salesperson in a mall.”

Han Xingyan replied disapprovingly, “It doesn’t matter if you are a salesperson or an office worker, there are rules in place.”

When Zhang Teng heard that his cousin was going to nag at him again, he quickly said, “I really didn’t mean to not come in that day. Coincidentally, when I was out for lunch at noon that day, I saw an accident. The girl who was hit by the electric scooter happened to be a customer I met when I was selling fitness equipment at the mall. When I saw that she was covered in blood, I couldn’t bear to leave, so I followed her in the ambulance to the hospital.”

Han Xinyan nodded, “You did well in this matter but remember to let your supervisor know next time.”

Zhang Teng nodded, “Yes, I know. I didn’t expect anyone would make a report to you. Ah, I wasn’t in the right either. I should have told the supervisor.”

“That’s good you know now. At the company, people will look at your strengths and those without strengths will be squeezed out. Your supervisor has a good impression of you so you should regularly pay more attention to yourself.”

Zhang Teng respectfully replied, “Yes, Elder Cousin. I will remember it.”

Han Xingyan nodded then looked away from Zhang Teng. He unlocked his phone and saw the text from Shen Chuchu again. He was still wondering whether to reply or not or rather what to reply.

Zhang Teng looked at his cousin’s struggling expression and felt something was wrong so he asked, “Elder Cousin, do you perhaps really have a girl you like?”

Han Xingyan glanced at him lightly.

Zhang Teng felt more convinced that his guess was true and mischievously said, “Brother, did I guess it correctly? If it was for me to say, it is about time you start dating. My mother still thinks about introducing you to a girlfriend every day, so be careful, don’t blame me for not reminding you.” 

 Han Xingyan put away his phone, stood up and said coldly, “Take care of yourself first.”

Zhang Teng looked at his cousin whom he grew up with and felt slightly heart-broken. It was fine that he was better at studies when they were younger but it felt really uncomfortable that he even tried to control him now that he was older. If it had not been for his mother, he would probably still be roaming freely outside. 

At the thought of his stable, mature older cousin in love, this was very exciting! His cousin had always been like a monk. He had seen his cousin reject plenty of girls while they were in school. He had not just refused but if the girls touched him, he would definitely not wear those clothes again.

Therefore, in the years while he was ignorant of love, he was most curious about how many uniforms his cousin had and not the contents of those girl’s love letters.

Han Xingyan naturally did not know about his cousin’s fanciful imagination. He went to the study and started to deal with company affairs. When it was finished, he raised his wrist to see that it was already past twelve. He squeezed his eyebrows and felt that his work efficiency had dropped a lot today.

He turned off the light and returned to his bedroom. While taking a shower, Han Xingyan listened to the sound of running water and suddenly figured something out.

After his shower, Han Xingyan dried his hair and replied to Shen Chuchu’s text: I am free.

After Shen Chuchu sent her text, she anxiously waited for Han Xingyan’s reply. As a result, she fell asleep with her phone in her hand and did not see his reply till the next morning. She thought about it and replied, “Are you free after seven? I will send you the restaurant’s address to you then.”

Han Xingyan answered almost within seconds: Okay.

Shen Chuchu’s mood was very good after seeing the reply and started to get ready. She was moving today so there was a lot to do. While Shen Chuchu was getting ready, Wang Qian also came over. The two of them tidied things up then called a van to move everything over. 

At the new home, all the furniture and appliances were included. They could replace them with new ones but the money was already included in the price of the house. Therefore even if you did not use it, you would not be refunded. Shen Chuchu was not wealthy herself so could not find faults with these items. Instead, she thought the furniture and appliances here were better than the ones she used before.

She was very satisfied as she usually did not place too much importance on these things. Apart from a few daily necessities such as bedsheets, quilts, pots and pans, she did not need to buy anything else.

Once everything was sorted, it was already five o’clock. Although she did not have a lot of things, it was still very troublesome to organise.

Shen Chuchu quickly took a shower and got changed. She then took a taxi to the pre-booked restaurant. 

When she arrived, Shen Chuchu found that Han Xingyan was already seated and waiting for her. She jumped a little and quickly glanced at her watch. Fortunately, she was not late. It would have been rude to arrive late when you invite someone to dinner.

She quickened her pace and walked to Han Xingyan. She smiled, “CEO, sorry I’m late.” Although she was not late, she did arrive later than the guest so Shen Chuchu felt that she still had to apologise.

Han Xingyan looked at Shen Chuchu who was smiling like a flower and quietly replied, “No, I arrived early.” 

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