Hearing the one million figure, Shen Chuchu hurriedly explained, “That was to thank you for before.”

Han Xingyan looked at Shen Chuchu and said, “So you don’t owe me anything.”

Shen Chuchu blushed slightly red and lowered her head when she saw the smile on his face, “It’s a shame if I bought a house because I wouldn’t have another million to give back to you.” If it was a twenty percent discount then the amount of money saved would likely be more than one million. It seemed that she would owe him way more.

Han Xingyan laughed out loud and said, “If Miss Shen gave me a million then wouldn’t Executive Ling be fuming? He doesn’t even make that much money selling houses but instead, the middle man gains a million.”

Upon seeing Shen Chuchu dumbfounded, Han Xingyan said, “Miss Shen, you are trying to make me an unrighteous man.”

Shen Chuchu hurriedly replied, “CEO Han, that is not my intention.”

Han Xingyan saw Shen Chuchu’s worried expression and said, “Yes, I know.”

After he finished, Han Xingyan felt the vibration in his pocket and looked at his watch. He said, “Miss Shen, I am going to take my leave now. I will ask Secretary Wang to contact you regarding the specifics.”

Shen Chuchu wanted to talk some more but seeing that Han Xingyan looked busy, she just said, “Okay, thank you CEO Han.”

Han Xingyan nodded his head and left.

At the company, Secretary Wang quickly went to greet Han Xingyan and made a report about work. After it was finished, Secretary Wang felt something was different about his boss today. Although Han Xingyan’s expression remained the same, he seemed to sense something was different. His boss’s mood was somewhat very good?

After Secretary Wang left, Han Xingyan made a phone call.

As soon as the call started and before Han Xingyan could speak, the person on the opposite line started to rant, “Aiyo, this must be some good day. Our busy CEO Han actually has the time to give me a call. The sun must have risen from the west today?”

“I want an apartment in Liyuan, twenty percent off.”

The other person shouted in disbelief, “Twenty percent? That’s not right, didn’t I give you an apartment? Do you not like it?”

“Make sure the contract says twenty percent off, I will send you the rest of the money.”

The other person was in disbelief and was about to explode, “Han Xingyan, what the hell! Who cares for your two cents. Are you deliberately trying to bury me?”

“No, most importantly who is buying the house?”

Han Xingyan did not answer the question but instead said, “If you agree then this matter is done.”

“If you want me to agree then tell me who wants to buy it. I can even gift it to you.” The other party said slyly.

Han Xingyan was silent for a while then said, “A friend.”

“What kind of friend? Do I know them?”

Han Xingyan hesitated for a while then answered, “You don’t know now but maybe in the future.”

The other person became even more curious from Han Xingyan’s response, “Hey, I tried in vain to get this kind of answer. So boring. Alright alright, who would want to know your business partners. I agree and there is no need to make up for the difference. I can afford this small amount of money. Plus, your friend is also my friend.”

Han Xingyan did not plan to give the money since calculating things too clearly between friends can hurt feelings. However, after hearing the last part, Han Xingyan decided he would still pay the money.

“No need. Get it ready in a few days and I will get my secretary to contact you.”

The other person heard this and was choked, “Han Xingyan, you really…fine. That’s it.” 

After the call, Han Xingyan called Secretary Wang in and told him to follow up on this matter.

Once Shen Chuchu arrived home, she counted all her money and calculated the deposit to discover she had about enough! Now she just needed to patiently await Secretary Wang to contact her.

Unexpectedly, something happened at the company the next day.

Shen Chuchu was stunned when she heard someone in the restroom said that Guoxin’s international movie was going to flop so she asked about it when she saw Chen Xili in the afternoon. As a result, Chen Xili looked somewhat serious when she said, “There are indeed some problems.”

“Could it be malicious competition and intentionally dropped by others?”

Chen Xili shook her head and frowned, “That’s not it. There are few companies in the country who would dare to touch us. They cannot compete with us. It was Guo Xin herself who doesn’t want to film it anymore.”

Chen Xili was also annoyed. Guo Xin came by a rare resource which was very good for herself and the company. When she saw Guo Xin a few days ago, she was very enthusiastic about the matter but last night she suddenly said she no longer wanted to shoot. This caught everyone off guard. The contract was about to be signed in a few days!

Where are they going to find someone who is similar to Guo Xin but can also satisfy the big director? The company was really unwilling to pass such good resources to another company. At this moment, all the company executives were persuading Guo Xin to reconsider and to not make such a rash decision. 

Shen Chuchu was also a little surprised after hearing Chen Xili’s explanation. She remembered that Guo Xin looked as if she was looking forward to shooting abroad when they met last time. Had something gone wrong? 

She exited Chen Xili’s office and prepared to take the elevator down. As a result, when the elevator stopped, the person they had just been discussing was standing inside.

Shen Chuchu hesitated, “Xin-jie.”

Guo Xin smiled, “Get in quickly.”


After Shen Chuchu entered, the elevator door slowly closed. She quietly glanced at Guo Xin to find that she was not as sad as she had imagined. 

Guo Xin saw Shen Chuchu’s confused gaze and smiled, “Did you know that Director Chang missed an opportunity one year? Originally that year, the Oscar would have gone to Director Chang but in the later stages of shooting, Sun-jie fell ill. Director Chang did not care about the nearly finished work and went straight back home. He was with Sun-jie during her surgery and by the time she left the hospital, the filming was already finished. In the end, the film’s director was changed to someone else’s name. That year, another director won the award.”

This was the first time Shen Chuchu heard of this matter. She looked at Guo Xin blankly because of this matter and also why she would talk about this.

“Afterwards, everyone felt it was unfair towards Director Chang. Even I privately asked him whether he regretted it or not. As a result, Director Chang’s face did not show a sign of regret but gratefully answered, ‘I’m glad I made it in time or else the most important thing to me would have been lost’.”

When the elevator arrived at the first floor, Guo Xin put on her sunglasses and said, “Sometimes everyone will think the decision you made was stupid but your heart knows what is most important to yourself.”

Shen Chuchu looked pensively as she watched Guo Xin straighten her back and walked away.

A few days later, Secretary Wang called Shen Chuchu to go through the real estate procedures. Shen Chuchu requested the day off and excitedly went to the sales office with all her documents and belongings.

Luckily Shen Chuchu also brought her own bank card which had twenty thousand RMB in it or else it would have been awkward. After all the formalities were completed and all the names were signed, Shen Chuchu could not stop the smile on her face. She only had less than a thousand to her name but she had a house now! You could earn more money! Her mortgage was twenty years and she would have to pay back tens of thousands of yuan a month, this was not too stressful for her at present.

After exiting the door, Shen Chuchu felt the flowers were redder, the grass greener and even the grey sky of the Imperial City looked beautiful this time. She turned towards Secretary Wang and smiled, “Secretary Wang, let me invite you for a meal to thank you for today.”

Secretary Wang heard this and immediately replied, “Thank you, Miss Shen, but I did nothing. This was all arranged by my boss so you should really thank him.” Is this a joke? How can he dare have dinner with the boss’ suspected girlfriend? Does he think his own life is too long?

Shen Chuchu pondered for a while then replied, “Yes, I should thank CEO Han. Right, do you know CEO Han’s taste?”

Secretary Wang smiled, “My boss is not picky about food. He only prefers quiet and clean places.” 

Shen Chuchu was surprised and asked, “This simple? Does he have any frequent places?”

Secretary Wang shook his head, “No, my boss generally does not like to eat outside apart from when he has business meetings. He likes to eat at home.”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “I see, thank you, Secretary Wang.”

Secretary Wang replied, “You’re welcome. If we need to go through any follow-up procedures, I will contact you.”


After this matter was finished, Secretary Wang returned to the company and reported everything back to Han Xingyan in his office. When he finished reporting, Secretary Wang added, “Shen Chuchu seemed to want to invite you for dinner but she seemed to not have a lot of money on her now.”

Han Xingyan’s pen paused for a second then he nodded, “Okay. You may leave now.”

“Okay, Boss.”

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