Shen Chuchu froze for a while after Chen Xili’s words then asked, “To attend one or all, is that a problem?”

Shen Chuchu actually did not understand Chen Xili’s approach since there was competition within and outside of the company.  After all, she was under Chen Xili and even the director insisted, then Chen Xili should have accepted. There must be something in here that she was not aware of…

Chen Xili slowly replied, “Of course there is a problem. As a newcomer who has only shot a few commercials and not been in a single drama, having too many variety shows will ruin your good image. If you were a lead role then it would have been fine but you are only the third female supporting role and several others were also in supporting roles too. It is excessive to have too much exposure sometimes. Many people will assume that you relied on improper means and this circle is just like that. As long as someone doubts you then you will be unable to clear your reputation for life. Your own explanation will be wrong and you will still be in the wrong if you do not explain.” 

Shen Chuchu suddenly understood when Chen Xili finished. Since joining the circle, she had developed a habit of checking Weibo every day. She understood the meaning of Chen Xili’s words. Frequent hot searches of some celebrities would indeed intrigue people and some unfamiliar newcomers with neither work nor strength would cause speculations.

“Yes, I will listen to you.”

This answer was expected by Chen Xili and she nodded, “Well, originally I thought it would be great to get you a Z channel variety show, but because of the director, you can now be on a better S channel. This one is enough to give you exposure.”

“Thank you, Executive Chen.”

Chen Xili smiled, “Just call me Chen-jie. Right, I recently arranged a tutor to teach you specifically about things you should be mindful of while on the variety show. Since this is your first appearance in front of everyone, it would be better if nothing goes wrong. Also, make sure to exercise when you go home as there will be sports activities on the variety show. It’s not good to be too weak.”


For Shen Chuchu, sports activities would undoubtedly be a very painful thing. Fortunately, she had her period to protect her and could relax for a few days. Just like this, Shen Chuchu attended acting class, variety class and exercised. On her rest day, she took Wang Qian to the sales office.

Ever since earning her first one hundred thousand, Shen Chuchu started planning to buy a house. She had already looked at many listings online already but this would be her first time seeing one in real life. The nature of her job meant that she was usually too busy to look at houses. Nowadays, the money in her hands keeps increasing. The payment from the shooting of [Xiao Yi] and Matchmaking on Taobao meant she had plenty of money now. Moreover, she rarely spent money so no wonder it all saved up.

She must make haste to view the listing or else the money would no longer be enough for a down payment after a while.

After a few houses, Shen Chuchu was more interested in the eighty square metres high-end apartments that could be moved into right away. As an outsider, owning your own house was both a very pressing and significant matter. Moreover, Shen Chuchu did not pay too much attention to the renovation of the house. If someone could provide a renovated house then she could save a lot of hassle.

However, this particular house compared to the others was way more expensive. She did not have enough money for the down payment. Sure enough, it confirmed the words of the great poet, “It’s not easy to live in the capital.”

“Miss, you really need to seriously consider. The housing type here is one floor and two households. The environment in the community is very good and the protection measures are also very good. Many celebrities and business people live in our community. Today’s occupancy rate has reached 80%, if you hesitate any more, it may be gone soon. Like this one on the twenty-sixth floor. If the occupier did not back out, you really wouldn’t get anything better than this.”

Shen Chuchu knew the houses here were good and she too wanted to buy it.

“Do you want me to take you to look around so you can decide?”

Shen Chuchu replied decidedly, “Okay.”

Naturally, she wanted to view the listing that she was satisfied with. On the twenty-sixth floor, the salesperson opened the door and said, “Miss Shen, look, the inside is still brand new. The previous owner returned the apartment to us before even getting the keys. Apparently, they were immigrating to the States. So you can rest assured it is definitely not second-hand.”

Shen Chuchu looked at the low-key luxurious renovation and became even more satisfied with the look. Moreover, standing on the balcony one could see the lake below and feel the wind’s refreshing air blowing in. This house was really something that was hard to come by. She was even beginning to think about whether she could borrow some money from her parents and friends to pay the deposit. After all, she now had a stable source of money and she could also make some money if she took on more films.

At this thought, Shen Chuchu became even more reluctant as she walked out.

As she walked out, Shen Chuchu saw a familiar person in front of her.

“CEO Han?”

Ever since Han Xingyan received this property, he had only stayed here for one night a few days ago and left a document here when he left in a hurry previously. So today, he came here to find it and did not expect to see Shen Chuchu.

“Miss Shen.”

The salesperson saw that Shen Chuchu knew a resident here and felt the likelihood of selling today had increased. The salesperson chimed in, “Miss Shen, look your friend also stays here. You can ask him about his personal experience. The houses here are definitely worth the money. Plus it is so much more convenient to live beside familiar people.”

Shen Chuchu felt slightly awkward, how could she and CEO Han be friends? CEO Han was more like her benefactor and they were from two different worlds. She smiled slightly but said nothing.

Han Xingyan glanced at Shen Chuchu and asked, “Miss Shen want to buy a house here?”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “Yes, that’s the plan.”

Han Xingyan nodded slightly and said nothing more.

After entering the elevator, everyone fell silent. Just a moment ago, only Shen Chuchu felt awkward but now it was everyone. Even the talkative salesperson was also silent.

Outside of the apartment building, the salesperson wanted to drive them back to the sales-building but Han Xingyan said, “Miss Shen, please wait.”

Shen Chuchu was about to leave with Wang Qian but stopped in her tracks and curiously looked at Han Xingyan.

The salesperson said understandingly, “I’ll leave you guys to it and take my leave first. Miss Shen, feel free to contact me anytime but you better be fast or else it will be sold soon.”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “Alright, thank you.”

When the salesperson left, Han Xingyan said, “Miss Shen, the environment is good here. If you want to buy a house here then let me know. I know Executive Ling and can give you a discount.”

Shen Chuchu could not believe this was the reason why Han Xingyan stopped her. She looked at him with a surprised look and asked, “How much of a discount?”

Han Xingyan looked at Shen Chuchu’s serious expression and suddenly felt stuck. How much of a discount…he did not know. He looked at Shen Chuchu’s longing expression and randomly said a figure, “Around twenty percent off.”

Shen Chuchu heard this figure and her mouth almost fell down. Twenty percent? This must be a joke, right? For an internal price, a five or ten percent discount was already pretty good but he actually said twenty.

Han Xingyan suddenly felt he said the wrong thing when he saw Shen Chuchu’s shocked expression. He has never bought a house before and even this one was a gift from a friend so he was also not sure about the specifics. However, is twenty percent high or low?

Shen Chuchu calmed down and said, “Looks like CEO Han and Executive Ling’s relationship is very good.”

Han Xingyan nodded, “Yes, it’s alright.” They were actually childhood friends.

Truthfully, Shen Chuchu was swayed by Han Xingyan’s mention of a discount but the discount seemed a bit too high and made one feel…well, ashamed. After all, they weren’t close friends and she would rather not take this advantage. 

At this thought, Shen Chuchu rejected with a smile, “Thank you CEO, I will continue to look.”

Han Xingyan saw Shen Chuchu’s expression and felt the discount he mentioned previously was too high and had caused the opposite effect. He thought a while then replied, “Miss Shen, you don’t have to. Many housing prices here are speculated and he would still earn a profit even with a twenty percent discount. In fact, they have already begun to make money when it is sold for less than one-third of its price. He has made a lot of money now so there is no need to save money for the likes of him.”

Shen Chuchu felt Han Xingyan spoke too well and each word poked her heart. She wanted to buy it, and after listening to this, she started to waver. It’s just…

“But, wouldn’t it mean that CEO Han owes him a favour?”

Han Xingyan smiled, “No, actually he owes me a favour.”

Shen Chuchu moved her lips and shyly said, “Then I would owe you another favour. I seem to always owe you one.”

Han Xingyan smiled again, “Not at all. Didn’t Miss Shen already pay the one million back to me?”

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