After Shen Chuchu closed the door, her heart continued to beat. This unfamiliar feeling felt inexplicably unclear. The remaining warmth on her wrist reminded her that everything just now was not a fantasy.

She looked at the box in her hand and turned it over a few times but did not find a logo of any sort. Upon opening it, there was a thin silver chain with a few small diamonds inlaid in it. Shen Chuchu liked the bracelet at first sight. She turned the chain over but still could not find a logo. Shen Chuchu thought to herself, could it really be just like Han Xingyan said, he just bought it casually?

After a while, Shen Chuchu put the chain down. 

The next day, Red Feather completed his investigation and put the evidence up on Weibo. Although some netizens were not convinced of the authenticity, at least the majority did. 

At this time, Sun Hui posted another statement on Weibo.

SunHuiV: “Myself and Xinxin met each other before our divorces is a solid fact. Regardless of these so-called truths or the so-called witnesses, some people will still believe what they want. However, facts are facts and we have a clear conscience.

To be honest, if I knew there would be a day I would meet Xinxin then I would never have married early. It is not easy to meet someone you like in one’s lifetime. From the day I met Xinxin, I have been thanking God every day that He has brought her to my side.

To the person who did this, I know who you are and what you are thinking. I had secretly prepared a lawyer’s letter but Xinxin didn’t want me to sue you because she thought you were a pitiful person. So every day you live in the future, just watch me and Xinxin live a happy life. [Smile]”

Guo Xin was relieved when she saw Sun Hui’s message, “There is no point in making a fuss with her. She is a pitiful person. If she had not liked you then perhaps this wouldn’t happen. Moreover, if we did make a fuss with her then we may not truly be able to defeat her and we would suffer in the end. After all, she has background support, unlike us.”

Sun Hui looked at his wife and said, “Ah, it’s all my fault. I am no use.”

“How could I blame you? She is at fault, not you. Also, we are not like her. Sometimes, if you stand too high you can’t see yourself.”

Chen Meng saw Sun Hui’s message on Weibo and slammed the glass in her hand against the wall. It was she that met Sun Hui first but Sun Hui fell in love with Guo Xin who was inferior in every way to her instead. In these recent years, these two were stuck together like glue no matter what she did. Some time ago, she finally found Guo Xin’s weakness and wanted to use this to blackmail her plus let Sun Hui see her true colours. As a result, she had miscalculated again!

Moreover, Sun Hui did not hesitate to take the initiative to expose his previous marriage, to block the rumours for Guo Xin! These two people!

“Meng…Meng-jie.” The assistant called for Chen Meng cautiously.

Chen Meng turned her head abruptly and looked at her assistant sharply. She angrily said, “Where are your eyes, do you not see that I am busy. Get out!”

The assistant shrank and weakly said, “Yes…Zhao-jie wanted me to tell you that the big production has once again gone to Guo Xin.”

When Chen Meng heard this, she angrily threw everything on the table onto the ground and gritted her teeth, “Guo Xin!”

After pondering for five minutes, Chen Meng called the manager. Upon hearing the affirmative reply from the manager, Chen Meng irritably hung up.

Afterwards, she dialled another number.

“Hello Secretary Qian, is Mr Dong back?”

Upon hearing the negative reply, Chen Meng depressingly hung up the phone.


Soon it was time for Shen Chuchu’s audition.

When she got ready to go out, Shen Chuchu suddenly saw the box on the table. She looked at her empty wrist and decided to wear it since it did not have any logo on it. The silver chain with the finely studded diamonds looked very beautiful against her fair skin.

As soon as she opened the door, a person was waiting by the elevator. The tall man was dressed in a black suit and could be easily mistaken as a model from somewhere.

That model sensed movement and turned his head around. His cool temperament instantly became a bit warmer.

Shen Chuchu saw Han Xingyan’s gaze and instantly tugged her sleeves.

Han Xingyan looked in the direction of Shen Chuchu’s wrist and saw a glimpse of silver. He instantly realised it was the one he gifted her previously and could not help but say, “Looks really nice.”

Since it was discovered, Shen Chuchu no longer tried to hide it and replied, “Thank you, Ceo Han.”

At this moment, the elevator arrived. Han Xingyan walked into the elevator happily while Shen Chuchu lowered her head and followed.

Han Xingyan pressed the button for the ground floor.

Shen Chuchu wanted to press the first floor but Han Xingyan stood in front of it so she could only quietly ask, “Ceo Han, could you press the first floor. Thank you.”

Han Xingyan did not press it but turned around to face Shen Chuchu, “Miss Shen, where are you going? I can give you a ride.”

Shen Chuchu rejected with a smile, “No need, Ceo Han. The company has arranged a car today and the driver is already waiting downstairs.”

Upon hearing this, Han Xingyan felt a bit disappointed but did not show it on his face. He lifted his long fingers and pressed the first floor, “Oh, is that so.” 

The elevator quickly arrived on the first floor so Shen Chuchu said farewell to Han Xingyan and went to find her driver. At the audition location, Shen Chuchu saw a familiar person.


He Chen was talking to his manager but stopped when he saw Shen Chuchu. He smiled and said, “Chuchu, you also came.”

Shen Chuchu nodded with a smile, “Yes. I am surprised to see you here today Chen-ge.” She heard that there are only auditions for female characters today and the auditions for male characters have ended a few days ago, but the results have not been announced yet. Could it be that…

He Chen quickly resolved Shen Chuchu’s confusion, “Maybe we can film again together. I am looking forward to your performance, good luck! “

“Okay, thank you for the support Chen-ge.”

After separating from He Chen, Shen Chuchu went to find the location of the audition. Upon arrival, she saw many familiar actresses including those you might have seen on TV or encountered in real life.

When Qin Yingran walked out of the dressing room and happened to walk in front of Shen Chuchu. Without knowing why, Shen Chuchu subconsciously wanted to hide to the side.

Qin Yingran did not know this was Shen Chuchu’s thought so she gave her a side glance. It’s not even some big shot. How dare she walk past me without properly looking at me.

Shen Chuchu let out a big sigh of relief, it seems like Qin Yingran did not see her that day. Then she followed the staff’s instructions and waited for the makeup artist. After putting on makeup and changing clothes, she went to the waiting room. Coincidentally, she was positioned behind Qin Yingran.

Qin Yingran was wearing earphones and initially did not want to talk to Shen Chuchu but after seeing the bracelet on Shen Chuchu’s wrist, she suddenly became interested in talking. She took off the earphones and looked at Shen Chuchu with a smile, “Hello, I am Qin Yingran. You are so pretty. I’ve never seen you before, which company do you belong to?”

Shen Chuchu did not understand why Qin Yingran suddenly became enthusiastic to her and responded with a smile: “Hello Ran-jie, my name is Shen Chuchu, I belong to Diandi Media.”

Qin Yingran covered her mouth and laughed, “No need to call me jie. I haven’t been in the industry for long, just call me Yingran.”

Although many women did not like others calling them jie, the entertainment industry is a place where seniority is ranked. More often than not, calling the other person “ge”* or “jie”* does not mean that the other person is older than oneself, but rather out of respect. For example, even if a junior is older than you, you would still prefer to let her call you jie.

*TL-note: ge means senior brother and jie means senior sister. 

Therefore Shen Chuchu smiled but said nothing.

Qin Yingran did not sense Shen Chuchu’s awkwardness and continued to look for a conversation topic, “Which role are you auditioning for?”

To be honest, Shen Chuchu really didn’t know which character she was auditioning for before today. Chen Xili had given her three female characters’ information and when she phoned the director, they both said the same thing which was to try them all and play whichever suited her best.

Shen Chuchu also pondered the meaning of these words and after thinking about it, there was only one reason that made sense. That is, Director Tian has never seen her filming and did not know much about her, so he wanted to see her acting skills first before agreeing to anything. 

However, she had just been made aware of what she would be auditioning for and it was for the role of a servant girl called Xiao Die. Which was either the second or third female lead in the production.

 “Servant girl Xiao Die.” Shen Chuchu replied as she looked down at her own clothes. Even if she had not said anything, everyone would have known what role she was auditioning for by looking at her makeup.

At this moment, Qin Yingran also noticed Shen Chuchu’s clothes then looked down at herself and her smile stiffened. She smiled again and said, “What a coincidence, me too.”

Shen Chuchu also looked at Qin Yingran’s clothes and it seemed that they were both dressed in similar styles and they were auditioning for the same role undoubtedly.

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