Shen Chu took a deep breath and walked inside the coffee shop that Cheng Xun had mentioned. As she approached Cheng Xun, Shen Chuchu found a woman sitting in front of him.

Shen Chuchu was slightly surprised because she originally thought that Cheng Xun had invited her alone. Was it two of them? She did not see the woman’s appearance to know who it was. However, she did see that Cheng Xun seemed impatient.

This was intriguing. 

Cheng Xun was about to get angry by the annoyance from the woman opposite him when he finally saw Shen Chuchu. Suddenly, he felt saved.

“Chuchu, you are here.” After he spoke to Shen Chuchu, Cheng Xun faced the woman and said, “Sorry Miss, but my partner is here now. Please excuse us.”

Unexpectedly, the strange woman looked at Shen Chuchu up and down with some interest and asked, “Are you his girlfriend?”

Shen Chuchu looked at Cheng Xun and then at the strange woman. She suddenly felt a little confused about what was going on. When she was about to deny it, Cheng Xun replied, “Yes.”

At this, the strange woman seemed a bit disappointed. Shen Chuchu frowned and when the woman passed her shoulder, she said, “No, I am not his girlfriend.”

The strange woman seemed interested again and looked back at Cheng Xun, “Oh? Really?”

Shen Chuchu smiled slightly and said, “Yes, I am not. We are university classmates that haven’t seen each other in a long time and met up to talk about something. Also, this man already has a girlfriend.”

Cheng Xun heard these words and his facial expression turned bad.

The strange woman stared at them both with interest then laughed, “Alright, enjoy your meal. Also you sir, I’ve already given you my number so be sure to call me.”

Afterwards, she twisted her butt to a table not far away. When she sat down and saw Shen Chuchu’s gaze, she gave a little wave and smiled.

Shen Chuchu awkwardly smiled and turned her head around to see Cheng Xun with a tight frown. 

Shen Chuchu thought about the woman who just used her calf to rub Cheng Xun under the table and asked, “Was it someone you know?”

Cheng Xun said disgustedly, “How could I know a woman like that? They just mistook me for their blind date.”

Shen Chuchu thought of the scene just now and felt the woman had not made a mistake but it was rather intentional.

However, whether it was intentional or not, Shen Chuchu had little curiosity about other people’s affairs. Before their class reunion, she still had some fantasy towards Cheng Xun but it had almost all disappeared now. After all, Cheng Xun already had a girlfriend and they would marry in a few years. 

She did not want to come. 

When she was filming in Hengdian, Cheng Xuan had already called several times. She always rejected the calls but they had been classmates at university for four years after all. With such frequent requests, Shen Chuchu finally agreed to come over.

At this thought, Shen Chuchu raised her head and asked, “Right, what did you want?”

Cheng Xun saw that Shen Chuchu no longer mentioned what just happened and also did not want to talk about it either. He thought about today’s goal and paused a moment then said, “I wanted to apologise to you this time because what I did last time was over the top.”

Shen Chuchu could not believe Cheng Xun came today to apologise and glanced at him surprised. She thought back to last time, what happened and what was said. Shen Chuchu did not want to argue and said, “No worries, you don’t need to apologise.”

Because everyone ’s values are different. There was nothing to apologise for. After graduation, people with different jobs would have different personalities and ideologies. There was no need for her to correct other’s values. Now, she would just not be too close to people who judge.

Cheng Xun did not clearly hear what Shen Chuchu said and continued to think about what to say next. His hands sweated a little and his heart tightened.

After a few minutes of silence between them, Cheng Xun courageously said, “Right, I want to tell you that I had slipped a note in that Financial Risk Management textbook. Would you like to know what it said?”

Shen Chuchu looked at Cheng Xun’s serious expression and felt somewhat nervous inside. She always felt as if there had been something she had missed…

“What did it say inside?”

Cheng Xun swallowed then pretended to be calm, “It said..”

However, Shen Chuchu felt a presence looking at her from the side, just as Cheng Xun was about to say it. She turned her head subconsciously and looked. In an instant, her eyes widened slightly and a smile appeared on her face, “CEO Han, what a surprise.”

Han Xingyan nodded and replied, “Hello Miss Shen.”

Cheng Xun who had just been interrupted looked disapprovingly at the person who had just appeared. After the first glance, he became even more irritated. He remembered this was the same person who interrupted his conversation with Shen Chuchu at that time. He narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at Han Xingyan for a few seconds then glanced at the all smiling Shen Chuchu.

Suddenly, it felt a bit ironic. 

Han Xingyan had also recognised him but his facial expression remained the same. He glanced at Cheng Xun and gave him a nod then greeted Shen Chuchu before leaving them.

Shen Chuchu watched as Han Xingyan left and turned her face amusingly to Cheng Xun, “Right, you were saying?”

Cheng Xun did not answer Shen Chuchu but asked, “What is your relationship with the CEO of the Han Group?” 

Shen Chuchu’s expression turned slightly cold when she heard the unkind tone and replied, “No relationship, merely an acquaintance.”

“Really? Then why would he greet you first?”

Shen Chuchu coldly said, “Cheng Xun, what do you mean by that? I think the reason why CEO Han came over to greet me is also thanks to you. After all, he saw that you were unkind to me last time and was probably afraid that you will bully me again.”

Cheng Xun was stunned by Shen Chuchu’s words and did not speak anymore. For a while, the two fell silent again. Shen Chuchu stirred the coffee cup, lowered her head and took a few sips, then raised her head.

She saw Han Xingyan’s figure that she had not noticed before. Sitting opposite him was the woman who had tried to “seduce” Cheng Xun previously.

Cheng Xun happened to see Shen Chuchu’s gaze and turned around. When he saw the person Shen Chuchu was looking at, his heart was slightly cold. He turned his head around to face the seemingly unhappy and deep in thought Shen Chuchu and reminded her, “Shen Chuchu, people like Han Xingyan are not from the same world as us.”

Shen Chuchu turned and seriously looked at Cheng Xun, “Cheng Xun, what exactly do you mean? Speaking of not being from the same world, I don’t think the two of us belong to the same world.”

Cheng Xun’s face suddenly changed when he heard this and his tone also became slightly harsh, “Why are we not from the same world? We went to the same university and studied the same subject. I only want to remind you to not be like those female stars who want to marry rich and will do anything to reach their goal. You can see yourself how many people have successfully married the rich.”

Shen Chuchu looked at Cheng Xun as he opened and closed his mouth. His face was still the same, the same dashingly handsome face. However, he was no longer the same person as before. Just as Cheng Xun felt she had changed, he had also changed to her. In fact, she knew that the circle was not very clean since she could feel it even more now that she was in it. However, no matter how unclean it was there were people who stuck to their dreams and their own bottom line. These people exist in the circle.

Shen Chuchu also wanted to become like them.

She has also read many comments on the Internet. Many people had verbally abused her with the same malicious intentions and she also had many sad nights. However, she knew this was just unkindness from strangers and the majority were due to their opinions on the entertainment circle. Slowly, she was able to calmly accept those unfriendly comments. 

However, Shen Chuchu felt differently when the same words and same speculation came from a familiar person. Especially when it came from Cheng Xun, it meant something different. 

“What if I want to marry into wealth? Why should you care? Cheng Xun, I remember you have a girlfriend so why are you caring about a female classmate?”

Cheng Xun heard Shen Chuchu and looked at Shen Chuchu’s expression and was stunned. Today, his intentions were to apologise and make up but somehow it had turned out like this.

“Don’t misunderstand, my girlfriend…”

Shen Chuchu interrupted Cheng Xun and said, “Nevermind, I am not that curious. I don’t care about you and your girlfriend. Let’s end it here today and I accept your apology. Goodbye.”

“Shen Chuchu, I…” Cheng Xun stood up to explain but still could not say it.

Shen Chuchu stood up with a saddened mood and prepared to leave the cafe. As she passed Han Xingyan’s table, she glanced subconsciously under the table. She saw the situation underneath and frowned. However, at this time she hurried away without saying anything.

Therefore, she naturally did not see that the man whose trousers were touched by the high heels suddenly stood up.

Outside the cafe, Shen Chuchu’s head was calmed down by the cold wind as she waited for a taxi by the road.

At this moment, a black car stopped in front of Shen Chuchu.

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