The staff who ran over to see what happened all became quite scared after seeing the scene. It was such a heavy slate that if it really hits Mrs Chang then the consequences were unthinkable. Fortunately, nothing happened today. All this was avoided.

The worker driving the crane also ran over and kept apologising.

At this time, the crew started to be angry when they saw that he came over.

“What are you doing that such a heavy slate could fall down. Is it your technical problem or the quality of your crane? Did you not see the size of our crew and the amount of foot traffic? Fortunately today, our Sun-jie was lucky and was unharmed but what if…can you even compensate?” 

The person who drove the crane did not explain but continued to apologise. He knew exactly how it happened. When he saw that the crane was broken and could not carry the weight of the slate, he wanted to quickly control the direction and avoid hitting anyone. However, the more panicked he became the more mistakes he made.  After a few unsuccessful attempts to change the direction, he blanked the second when the slate started to fall.

After it happened, it took him a long time to come back to his senses.

Shen Chuchu became uncomfortable as she watched this scene. She thought to herself if it was not for her then Sun Biyun would have really died today. At this possibility, she looked at Director Chang’s renewed facial expression and felt choked up with anxiety.

While everyone was still stunned, she went to the restroom. Soon after, the deputy director informed everyone that filming would be delayed until tomorrow.

When she saw Sun Biyun was being pampered by everyone, Shen Chuchu decided not to go over and returned back to the hotel with Wang Qian. She believed that after this incident, Director Chang would definitely stay at his wife’s side and there should not be another possibility of a second high-altitude fall.

After lunch, Shen Chuchu went to watch two horror movies to unwind. Afterwards, she ate something and went to sleep at around six o’clock. She had already explained to Wang Qian that nobody should disturb her. She had been too nervous these days and needed a good rest.

The next morning, Shen Chuchu was revived.

After arriving at the set, she took initiative and spoke to Director Chang, “Director Chang, is it okay to reshoot the parts from yesterday? I am not satisfied with my performance yesterday and I believe you are not satisfied either.

After yesterday’s incident, Director Chang became even more amiable towards Shen Chuchu and smiled, “Yes.”

Sun Biyun grabbed Shen Chuchu’s hand and said with tears in her eyes, “Chuchu, thank you so much for yesterday. It was you who saved my life. Me and Old Chang wanted to talk to you yesterday but your assistant said you already went to sleep so we did not want to disturb.”

Shen Chuchu smiled, “Sun-jie, you and Director Chang are too kind. I believe that anyone would have done the same.”

Director Chang glanced at his wife then at Shen Chuchu and solemnly said, “Nevertheless, we still need to thank you. You are my wife’s saviour so if you ever need anything in the future, just tell me.”

Director Chang’s words in the entertainment industry were very important because, with his help, any newcomer had the potential to rise.

Shen Chuchu naturally knew this but she replied, “Director Chang, I did not think too much when I was saving someone so you do not need to do this. Let’s leave this aside for now until the filming is over because I have already wasted two days.”

Sun Biyun could not figure it out but she felt the incident yesterday was not a coincidence. She even felt that Shen Chuchu somehow already knew. After getting along for a while, she believed that Shen Chuchu was not an actress who would try to climb within any means. But Shen Chuchu’s sudden enthusiasm towards her was a bit confusing.

However, she would not ask anymore. In this circle, some people shot to fame in an instant while others vanished so people believed in fate and destiny to an extent. Shen Chuchu must have an ability and since she was kind to her, it was a good thing.

Therefore, she liked Shen Chuchu even more and grabbed her hand tightly, “Chuchu, me and old Chang discussed it yesterday and we want you to be our goddaughter. What do you think?”

To be honest, Shen Chuchu never thought that Director Chang and Sun Biyun would repay her. The only thing she thought about was whether she could save Sun Biyun when the system revealed so little details. In her opinion, her mission was completed when she saved Sun Biyun.

When she got up in the morning and saw that the chance value became three, her feeling of excitement was quickly overshadowed after the thought of Sun Biyun’s rescue. Everything seemed extremely small in front of life.

She glanced at Director Chang when she heard that Sun Biyun wanted her as their goddaughter. Director Chang looked at her with a satisfied and serious look.

To be honest, this would greatly improve her growth in the entertainment industry if she had them as her godparents. She could also see that they are serious about the idea. Although she had not been in the circle for long, she had been through several experiences. Naturally she understood some things. If she wanted to peacefully and innocently continue in this circle then having someone to lean on would make this way easier. 

She also did not want to take advantage of Director Chang but if this could solve some problems then it would be worth it.

However, to have godparents she felt it would be best to discuss with her parents first.

At this thought, Shen Chuchu smiled, “How can I possibly be your goddaughter. This is too great of an honour. I would have to speak with my parents first.”

Director Chang nodded, “Yes, we are too hasty. This matter must be talked about.”

After the discussion, Shen Chuchu went to put on her make-up. Today, her shoot went extremely smoothly because her psychological burden was gone and everyone’s attitude towards her had also changed a lot.

After the shoot, Shen Chuchu received Chen Xili’s phone call.

“I heard you saved Sun-jie?”

Shen Chuchu replied, “Yes.”

What happened yesterday had already been reported on all major entertainment news platforms so it was not surprising that Chen Xili would know.

“Yes, this was well done but you aren’t hurt are you? The video that was uploaded was not very clear.”

Shen Chuchu felt a bit warm inside, “Thank you for your worry Executive Chen. I am fine.”

“That’s good. Make sure to take care in the future.”

After the call ended, another call came through.

“Chuchu, what is going on? I just saw the news. Are you hurt?” Chu Guizhi’s voice came from the microphone.

For the first time, Chuchu heard her mother talk to her with a tone of fear and suddenly her eyes reddened. She tilted her head up and blinked a few times, “Mum, I’m fine. I am very well and I just finished a morning’s worth of shoots.”

Chu Guizhi sharply exhaled then excitedly said, “Look at you, you have been in the entertainment industry for so long now and your first time on televison was for this. How can you let your mother not worry. This industry is far too dangerous. It’s better to return home.”

Shen Chuchu’s sadness lasted for less than a minute before she was overwhelmed by her mother’s usual voice. It was as if the voice she just heard before seemed to be an illusion.

“Mum, every industry has their own risks. Plus, this was only an accident. Since I was a child, you have taught me to help others. How could I be indifferent when I see a person in danger.”

“When did I…no, you must still figure out the right circumstances before you help someone. It should also be based on your own personal safety…” 

Shen Chuchu took the phone slightly to the side and said in due course, “Mum, you should have seen that the person I saved was Director Chang’s wife. You should know Director Chang, I seem to remember he was your idol. Just now, his wife said they wanted me to be their goddaughter. What are you and dad’s thoughts?”

“What? Director Chang? As your mother, I accept.”

Shen Chuchu knew this would be the outcome and asked, “Are you not going to ask dad’s opinion?”

Shen Mingfu who had been listening from the side said, “I think we should think about it and carefully consider it…”

“Be careful? They are huge celebrities. A huge director.” Chu Guizhi cut off Shen Mingfu.

Shen Mingfu disapprovingly replied, “We should still think about it even if they are huge celebrities. Who knows what kind of people they are? I think it is because you still like him because you used to stare at his posters everyday at home when you were young.” 

“Shen Mingfu, what are you saying!” Chu Guizhi stood up and pointed at Shen Mingfu’s head, “Have you even thought what a huge deal this is that our daughter saved his wife! Our Shen Chuchu is their saviour so he would definitely not harm his own saviour. Plus, he is a big director so it would be a good thing. Then nobody would bully our Shen Chuchu anymore.”


“There is no but.” Chu Guizhi decidedly said then faced towards the microphone to Shen Chuchu, “Your mother has agreed but you need to be mindful of your own safety. Please don’t do such things again.”

Shen Chuchu understood that her mother had the deciding power in their family. Since her mother had agreed then this matter was settled.

A month after, Shen Chuchu’s filming finished. Afterwards, she said farewell to everyone and returned to the Imperial Capital.

Once her flight landed, a familiar name appeared on her phone and she picked it up.

“Yes…I just landed. No need. Let’s say tonight then.”

After the call, Shen Chuchu said to Wang Qian, “I have something to do and won’t be going home first so send all of my stuff back.”

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