Sun Biyun who was watching from the side quickly pulled her husband’s sleeve and quietly said, “Old Chang, I can see there is something on Chuchu’s mind today or she’s not feeling well. Why not shoot again tomorrow. She is still a newcomer so you shouldn’t scare her.”

Director Chang heard Sun Biyun’s words and tried to restrain himself, but in the end, he exploded. He shouted at Shen Chuchu, “Shen Chuchu, what are you thinking? You are acting. Acting is such a holy thing so how can you treat your career like this and have no respect! If you don’t want to become an actor then leave.”

As soon as Director Chang finished, the set fell silent and nobody dared to speak.

Shen Chuchu closed her eyes and let out a big breath. She slowly walked to the front of Director Chang and said with guilt, “I’m sorry, Director. My state is not good today.”

“You should not say sorry to me but to this profession. Go back and think about it. This scene will be shot tomorrow.”

Shen Chuchu instantly raised her head when she heard it was now scheduled to tomorrow. It could not be tomorrow because she had a very important thing to attend to. She was just about to open her mouth to object but Director Chang had already announced the decision to all the staff.

Sun Biyun saw Shen Chuchu’s expression and patted her shoulder, “Don’t worry, acting is a long term thing so don’t worry and take your time. If you have something on your mind then you can talk to me since I am around the same age as your parents. If you feel wronged, you can also come and talk to me.”

Shen Chuchu’s feelings became even more complicated as she watched the ever so understanding and gentle Sun Biyun. She knew this matter could not be told to anyone. She certainly could not say without any basis that you would be in danger tomorrow because something would fall from the sky and kill you.

How could I let others avoid it then? Moreover, Shen Chuchu did not know when this object would fall from. What if she persuaded them to not leave the hotel and the falling object was in the hotel?

At this thought, Shen Chuchu sighed. She would have to take this matter one step at a time.

“No worries, Sun-jie. I will definitely perform better tomorrow.”

Sun Biyun smiled, “Yes, you better be well prepared tomorrow.”

At bedtime, Shen Chuchu was still contemplating the events that might happen tomorrow. The more she contemplated, the harder it was to fall asleep. Eventually, she finally fell asleep and woke up the next day just after 7 am. Shen Chuchu crawled straight out of bed when she saw the time. She opened her phone and discovered through their group chat that Sun Biyun had already gone to the set. 

When Wang Qian came over, she saw that Shen Chuchu was packed and ready to go out. She asked with confusion, “Boss, did Director Chang not say your part isn’t due until ten? Why did you get up so early today?”

Shen Chuchu quickly tied her shoes and replied, “Too late to explain. Take some food and go to the set.”

On the way, Shen Chuchu repeatedly told the driver to drive more quickly. At the set, she looked around but did not see Sun Biyun. At this moment, her heart was filled with anxiety. Where was she, unless…

At this thought, Shen Chuchu started to resent herself. Why did she not remind Sun Biyun yesterday? If she did then this probably would not happen.

While Shen Chuchu was filled with resentment and guilt, Sun Biyun walked from behind her and smiled, “Chuchu, I heard from Xiao Wang that you were looking for me. Is something wrong?”

Shen Chuchu turned her head towards Sun Biyun and quickly wiped the tears away on her face, “Nothing really. I just happened not to see Sun-jie so I looked around.”

Sun Biyun looked at the tears on Shen Chuchu’s face and frowned. She asked quietly, “Chuchu, did something happen?”

Shen Chuchu shook her head, “No, Sun-jie. Nothing happened.”

“Then why are you crying? Did you get scolded again by Director Chang?” Sun Biyun asked tentatively.

Shen Chuchu first shook her head then paused and followed the conversation topic, “No, I’ve yet to see Director Chang today. It’s my own problem. I can’t seem to act properly so when I thought about today, the pressure got a bit too much.”

Sun Biyun listened to this reason and relaxed, “So you wanted to find me to have a chat and relieve the pressure? Are you busy right now? If not, let’s go find somewhere nice to have a chat.”

Just when Shen Chuchu was about to reply, a worker walked by and said, “Chuchu, Director said to start half an hour earlier so you need to be ready at half-past nine. You should go and get your makeup done right now.”

Sun Biyun heard this and said to Shen Chuchu, “I will come with you so we can chat along the way.”

After a moment of hesitation, Shen Chuchu replied, “Okay.”

If this was according to Shen Chuchu’s usual personality then she would never have agreed to it since this was taking up someone’s time. However, since Shen Chuchu knew today would be Sun Biyun’s date of death then she must watch over her closely. She did not want to blindly witness the sudden death of Sun Biyun.

When Shen Chuchu started to act, Sun Biyun walked over to Director Chang and sat down.

Shen Chuchu glanced at her and calmly started to perform. Just now, Sun Biyun’s words had enlightened her a lot. Sun Biyun’s voice seemed magical because her heart was no longer a mess. She wanted to finish quickly and spend the rest of her day with Sun Biyun.  

The first and second shot was easily finished and Director Chang was satisfied with Shen Chuchu’s performance today. It was not particularly outstanding but there were no major mistakes either. Shen Chuchu felt slightly relieved at the progress.

The third shot was about to begin and this was a very important scene. Yesterday, Shen Chuchu tried many times but failed to cry out of anxiety. At this moment, she mulled for a bit and soon her emotions emerged. In the end, this shot was smoothly filmed.

However, as they filmed, Shen Chuchu suddenly realised that Sun Biyun was no longer in her original spot. This brief pause made the camera film go to waste again. Director Chang gave Shen Chuchu a glare while the workers around them already imagined what things he would shout out soon.

In the face of Director Chang’s glare, Shen Chuchu did not pay any extra attention to the issue. She started to panic and felt even more panicked than in the morning when Sun Biyun was nowhere to be found. She felt something was about to happen. Where is she, where is she? She started to scan for Sun Biyun’s figure.

Finally, in an open space, Shen Chuchu saw Sun Biyun making a phone call. She finally felt relieved because it was an open space and there should not be any danger of falling objects.

However, when she saw something not far away, Shen Chuchu’s face immediately changed.


Director Chang had not even finished shouting Shen Chuchu’s name when he saw her rushing towards a direction at great speed. He felt as if his heart was about to stop when he looked over and hurriedly pushed away from the things around him and rushed over. 

However, a “bang” sound was heard before Director Chang was able to rush over. Everyone on the scene swiftly turned their heads towards the source of the sound.

Due to the shooting location being surrounded by a scenic area, there was construction nearby so it was a bit messy. They could only see the billowing smoke spreading outwards and through the turbid fog, they could see a person standing there. From the figure, it was without a doubt, Director Chang. 

But Shen Chuchu was nowhere to be seen. And, the person who had paid attention to the movement in that location before also realised that Sun Biyun was also gone. Then as they looked back at the desolate back of Director Chang, everyone became tense instantly.

Sun Biyun did not respond to what had happened until after she was thrown to the ground by Shen Chuchu and rolled a few times. She was about to ask Shen Chuchu the meaning of this when the sound of a heavy fallen object was heard. The sound of the phone being smashed seemed insignificant compared to the sudden loud noise.

Dust rose upwards and went into her eye.

With blurred vision, she saw in the distance less than one meter away from her, a heavy slate had fallen there. The place where she had just been standing. Her phone had also fallen there. If Shen Chuchu had not pushed her down then… at this thought, her heart sped up. 

There was also a coolness on her face. When she looked up, the girl who was pressed on her body had burst into tears.

Shen Chuchu’s heart could finally relax after nearly half a month of worry. This was great, she saved a person and her previous efforts had not gone to waste.

“This is great, you are alright. I was scared to death.”

When Sun Biyun saw Shen Chuchu’s weeping and happy expression, she also teared up. However, before she spoke, someone ran over. That person seemed to be unstable and suddenly knelt down on the ground.

Shen Chuchu saw Director Chang’s expression and quickly got up from Sun Biyun’s body. She wiped away her tears and pulled Sun Biyun up from the floor. Before she was pulled up, Director Chang rushed over and hugged Sun Biyun. They both hugged each other in a quiet way without saying a word.

Only Shen Chuchu saw the tears rolling down Director Chang’s eyes as he faced away from everyone. 

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