While Shen Chuchu was still stunned, someone picked her phone up.

“Little girl, you must be new. Did you join recently? I don’t think I’ve seen you before?” Sun Biyun asked with a smile.

Shen Chuchu looked at the person in front of her and gained her senses after a few seconds. She stabilised her mind and forced a smile, “Yes, I just joined this morning.”

Sun Biyun had nothing else to do so she casually sat next to Shen Chuchu and smiled, “You don’t have to be nervous. Even though Director Chang is my husband, I am way more gentle than him.”

Director Chang heard some voices and glanced towards their direction. Shen Chuchu quickly lowered her head and replied, “Uh, I am not nervous.”

“If you are not nervous then why did you lower your head?” Sun Biyun asked with a laugh.

“Ah? I…” Shen Chuchu lifted her head and glanced at Director Chang. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw Director Chang was no longer looking in their direction.

Afterwards, she remembered what she had just seen. She looked at the smiling Sun Biyun in front of her and secretly opened her system. She quickly gave it a scan but it was in the same format as previous systems and she did not see the bereavement time section.

She thought back to Director Chang’s marriage system, there was only one marriage partner so the bereavement time must be the time when Sun Biyun died. At this possibility, Shen Chuchu’s heart sped up rapidly.

Sun Biyun saw that Shen Chuchu’s face looked terrible and handed back the phone she had just picked up, “Are you alright, is your body uncomfortable?”

Shen Chuchu heard this and regained her senses, “Nothing, nothing. I just didn’t sleep well last night.” While she said this, she took back her phone from Sun Biyun’s hand and quietly thanked her. 

Although Sun Biyun did not belong in the entertainment circle, she still understood an actor’s feelings and thoughts due to her husband. She said with understanding, “Current actor’s pressures are huge so you must learn to timely regulate your emotions. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Shen Chuchu listened to Sun Biyun’s soft voice and felt warmth in her heart, “Yes, I will pay attention to it.”

“Director Chang is not a bad person. He looks after you newcomers but it’s just that he can be harsh with his words sometimes. Many people are scared of him.” Sun Biyun said this as she looked at Director Chang.

Shen Chuchu quickly shook her head, “No, I think Director Chang is a very nice person and takes great care of us newcomers. I feel honoured to be under Director Chang. When he gave me some advice at the company last night, it really enlightened me.”

Sun Biyun heard this and turned around with a curious expression, “Which company are you from, Diandi Media?”

Shen Chuchu nodded, “Yes, I am in the same company as Director Chang.”

Sun Biyun heard this and the smile on her face deepened, “So you and old Chang are from the same company. You must have signed recently because I’ve never seen you before. Plus you are so beautiful so I would certainly remember you if I had.”

Upon hearing this classy beauty praise herself, she was very happy inside even though the other person was probably being polite. She blushed and replied, “Yes, I signed with Diandi Media half a year ago.”

Afterwards, they both discussed matters about the company and acting. When Sun Biyun realised her husband has been working a long time without a break, she walked over to remind him. 

At last, Shen Chuchu breathed a sigh of relief. She was absent-minded during her chat with Sun Biyun and did not have the chance to carefully look at Sun Biyun’s system because she was sitting right in front of her. At this moment, there was nobody around her anymore so Shen Chuchu opened Director Chang’s marriage system again.

She was too excited before and was so taken back by bereavement time that she did not carefully examine it before Sun Biyun came over to chat with her.

Within the Red Thread of Fate, there was actually two extra new content at the bottom. She had been too overwhelmed previously to clearly see [Cause of Death].

[Bereavement Time]: September 15th 2018

[Cause of Death]: Crushed to death due to object falling from high altitude.

As she looked at these two sections, Shen Chuchu looked up and stared at the Sun Biyun who had just been speaking gently to her. How could someone who smiles so gently leaves this world so soon? Plus it was such a bizarre cause. Even ordinary people would not encounter this in such a small probability time period. 

She opened her calendar and today was already August 31st. The time to Sun Biyun’s death was still half a month. Shen Chuchu looked at the kind Sun Biyun and silently swore to herself, she will definitely save her!

During the following period, Shen Chuchu went to the set daily. Sometimes there were parts to act while other times she would look at the actors or chatted with Sun Biyun.

Sun Biyun also felt this was very strange. The little girl who had been so absent-minded when talking to her that day was now eager to talk to her every day. In fact, there were many people like this in the entertainment circle as they often sucked up to her to get through to old Chang.

However, she had met many of these types of people and her instincts told her Shen Chuchu was not like them. She could not pinpoint why but her heart told her so.

Today after Shen Chuchu finished her part, she walked towards Sun Biyun. She knew a lot of people in the crew had been secretly saying she was sucking up to Director Chang’s wife but these people did not dare to mention it openly. After all, Shen Chuchu and Director Chang were from the same company and the show was also produced by their company. It was no matter to mention it privately but people would say they were stupid if they really did mention it openly.

“Sun-jie, how are you today. Did you rest well yesterday?”

Sun Biyun could feel Shen Chuchu’s concern and replied, “Yes, I have been sleeping well these past few days. However, there are far too many mosquitos here and I am slightly allergic to their bites.” As she said this, Sun Biyun raised her neck to show Shen Chuchu.

Director Chang also seemed to complain, “There is still a month until the shooting is complete. Why don’t you return back to the Imperial Capital first? Every summer when you are here, you get allergic. I already said you shouldn’t come but you still insisted.” 

Sun Biyun glanced at her husband and laughed, “Alright alright, this is my own fault because I insisted on coming. Nevertheless, I am already used to it. I just need to apply on some allergy medicine and it’s fine. Anyway, there is still a month left so we can go back together then.”

Director Chang helplessly sighed and compromised, “Fine but it’ll be hard on you. Please pay more attention when you are on set and I will get the assistant to buy some more allergic medicine.”  

“It’s not hard for me, you work harder as a Director.”

As she watched the lovely couple in front of her, Shen Chuchu felt a bit fretful. Tomorrow was the time of Sun Biyun’s death but she still did not know where it would happen. Was it in Hengdian or in Imperial City? If she knew then she could urge Sun Biyun to stay if it was the Imperial City and leave if it was in Hengdian.

Her anxiety had not been noticed at first apart from her assistant, Wang Qian. However, gradually, her mood also appeared during filming.

This section was Shen Chuchu’s most crucial part of the entire film. The character Xiao Rong whom she plays was about to meet her biological brother Xiao Yi.

As the director explained the part, Shen Chuchu forced herself to be calm. The event would happen tomorrow and she could accompany Sun Biyun all day then since she had no parts to film tomorrow. She repeatedly comforted herself with this thought. However, Shen Chuchu still could not stay calm with such an event hanging before her. 

Just as Director Chang shouted “Action”, Shen Chuchu had already made a serious low-level mistake.

“Chuchu, watch the light. You are facing the camera, remember to look for the camera.”

Shen Chuchu heard this and blushed slightly red. She awkwardly faced Zhou Feng and whispered, “Sorry.”

Zhou Feng had no intentions to blame Shen Chuchu and smiled, “No worries, I did that when I first started as an actor as well. It will get better after a few more roles.”

After all, the director’s attitude towards Shen Chuchu was very kind and the words of these actors must not go against the director since Shen Chuchu seemed to have people behind her. In the entertainment circle, you must never offend people with a background or else you would not even know how you died. In an instant, you could be left without resources and forgotten by the audiences.   

Shen Chuchu nodded her head with guilt.

After a five minute break, the filming for the scene started again. As a result, all kinds of errors followed which included Shen Chuchu forgetting the lines, or her eyes were not in place, or her tears could not shed.

The more anxious Shen Chuchu was, the worse the shots were. They were all low-level mistakes and she was anxious to the point of near crying. But what could she do, her heart refused to calm down. Like when you meet an evil person in a dream and no matter how hard you try to shout for help, your voice does not come out. Only when you wake up, the nightmare will dissipate.

In one short hour, Shen Chuchu had wasted a lot of photographic films.

Director Chang’s face also looked worse. At this time, he was like an active volcano that was about to spray out lava. The surrounding staff saw Director Chang’s dense clouded complexion and they all dared not speak a word.

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