Shen Chuchu looked at the strange car in front of her then around her but there was nobody. She figured the car was definitely not for her and stepped away but the window next to the driver’s seat lowered as she began to move away.

“Miss Shen, I can give you a ride.”

Shen Chuchu heard the familiar voice and looked inside. She waved her hand, “No no, I can get a taxi. Thank you, CEO Han.”

At this time, the traffic volume on the road was very high. When Han Xingyan stopped the car, the drivers behind them had already started to honk their horns frantically. Shen Chuchu glanced at Han Xingyan, who fell silent after their exchange and felt somewhat awkward. 

“It’s not easy to get a taxi here.” Han Xingyan replied. He had never called a taxi here but he saw Shen Chuchu had already been standing here for a while.

“CEO Han, it’s not necessary. I will just wait a bit longer.” Shen Chuchu rejected Han Xingyan again. They were not well acquainted with each other and she was not used to sitting in a stranger’s car. 

The driver behind them became agitated and opened his window to shout, “Miss, can you please get in the car? If you are arguing with your boyfriend then continue it at home. It’s wrong to block the traffic!”

Upon hearing this, Shen Chuchu felt even more awkward. She felt a bit anxious when Han Xingyan remained unmoved and wanted to urge him to leave.

“CEO Han, you…”

“Get in!”

“Miss, hurry up. I am rushing to get home for dinner and my wife has already called me several times now!”

Shen Chuchu was thrown off by the driver’s words and got in the car.

Before the car started, Han Xingyan looked at Shen Chuchu and said, “Seatbelt.”

Shen Chuchu rarely sat in the front passenger and did not have this realisation since back at home it was always her mother who sat there when her dad drove. It was only after this reminder she realised her nervousness which resulted in forgetting to put on the seatbelt.

She quickly grabbed the seatbelt and blushed, “Sorry.”

When Han Xingyan saw Shen Chuchu’s embarrassed appearance, his mood suddenly lifted. He faced away from Shen Chuchu and smiled, “No problem.”

Afterwards, both of them no longer speak.

After the window was raised, it seemed as if you could even hear each other’s heartbeat in the enclosed space. Shen Chuchu could not bear the atmosphere and thought back to the events of the cafe. She hesitated a little then asked.

“CEO Han, were you on a blind date?”

Han Xingyan’s slightly good mood immediately disappeared and his face also looked a little bad. Shen Chuchu did not see a change in Han Xingyan’s appearance but she did feel that he was slightly unhappy.

Was the blind date not successful? He also did not seem to stay long. At this thought, Shen Chuchu felt her question was not a very good idea.

When Shen Chuchu figured Han Xingyan would not answer her stupid question, he said, “Yes.”

Shen Chuchu gently breathed a sigh of relief when she heard his reply. Although at present the mood was not great, Han Xingyan had helped her a lot so she continued, “That, CEO Han, I think you should be more cautious when looking for a future marriage partner. The woman today is perhaps not suitable for you.”

Han Xingyan heard Shen Chuchu’s words and raised his eyebrows, “Oh? So Miss Shen is a matchmaker?”

Shen Chuchu felt a little embarrassed when she remembered the times when Han Xingyan rejected her matchmaking skills. She tucked the hairs that fell on her cheeks behind her ear and said, “Not really. It was not calculated this time. It’s just that… CEO Han should be more cautious. “

Conveniently, a red light was ahead and Han Xingyan steadily stopped the car then looked at Shen Chuchu, “So why does Miss Shen feel that she was not suitable for me?” 

“Because…” Shen Chuchu bit down her lips. She certainly could not mention what happened at the cafe because that would be too awkward. She thought about it and continued, “There isn’t really a reason, it just didn’t feel right. However, if you think the lady today was okay, you can try to get along well with her. Just ignore me, sorry.”

The green light came on, Han Xingyan started the car and merged into the traffic. A long while later, he replied, “Such a coincidence, I agree with Miss Shen. I also felt the lady today was somewhat not right.”

Shen Chuchu heard this and glanced up at Han Xingyan with a shocked expression. At this moment, Han Xingyan’s facial expression was blank just like their first meeting. Those sharp lines and hard expressions were of a person who rarely smiled. However, Shen Chuchu always felt that Han Xingyan was still a caring person even with his cold face. She could always feel his warm heart hidden under his cold expression.

Han Xingyan felt Shen Chuchu’s gaze and started to feel awkward. He glanced sideways and asked, “Why were you at the cafe Miss Shen? Was that person your boyfriend?”

As soon as these words came out, Han Xinyan felt it was inappropriate. Nevertheless, it was already spoken out so he could only lament silently at his unusualness. 

Upon hearing Han Xinyan’s words, Shen Chuchu came back to her senses and explained, “No, that was not my boyfriend. He was a classmate from University and he already has a girlfriend.”


Afterwards, they fell into the second round of silence. Shen Chuchu heard her phone buzz in her bag and wanted to see what it was but she felt too awkward to take it out. When she could bear it no longer and was about to take it out, he spoke.

“Miss Shen, you don’t remember what happened that night?”

Shen Chuchu pondered…which night? She turned her head to the serious Han Xingyan and he also glanced at her. In that glance, Shen Chuchu understood the night Han Xingyan meant.

Although it had already been a long time, the events of that day were still unforgettable. However, with it being suddenly mentioned, Shen Chuchu was not prepared for it.

As for the events of that night, Shen Chuchu honestly had no recollection. After that night, she did try to remember but her memories and images of that night were very fuzzy. Therefore, she did not know what was actually in her memory, which scene was true, and which scene was invented by her. In other words, her dreamland that night.

However, from the way he spoke, she felt something must have happened. As if she did something. She remembered drinking that night so…

Shen Chuchu thought about the things she could have done and cautiously turned to look at Han Xingyan for a moment. Upon seeing that his expression remained unchanged, she slowly turned her head back around. Her eyes focused ahead then awkwardly looked at the car window. She saw her own uneasy expression in the reflection then stroked her hair and swallowed. Afterwards, she coughed gently and courageously faced Han Xingyan again.

“Perhaps I vomited on you that day? If it’s true then I must apologise to you now. I drank some that day and could not control myself.”

Han Xingyan heard Shen Chuchu’s reply and tightened his grip on the wheel slightly before glancing at Shen Chuchu blankly, “So you could only think of this?” He saw her being uncomfortable and thought maybe she had remembered. As a result, she still did not know anything.

In addition to feeling that something else happened that night which she did not know, Shen Chuchu focused again on the key phrase and flushed red. She replied, “So I did vomit on you that day? I’m so embarrassed, sorry, CEO Han.”

Han Xingyan listened to Shen Chuchu and could not help but explain, “No, Miss Shen did not vomit on me. Your alcohol tolerance is very good.”

Shen Chuchu heard this and felt a bit less awkward. It was good that she did not do such an embarrassing thing. However, if it was not that then what else could she have done? Was she a crazy drunk? But she had drank too much before and she had always been a very quiet person and would not go crazy.

Han Xingyan saw Shen Chuchu’s thoughtful expression and changed the subject, “I heard Miss Shen recently saved someone and wondered if you got hurt in the process.”

Shen Chuchu put down her thoughts and explained with a smile, “I’m fine. I was very lucky because the stone slate fell less than a metre away from us.”

Han Xinyan nodded, “That’s good to hear. Although it is a good thing to save someone, Miss Shen should protect yourself first. Miss Shen seems to always be in danger.”

Shen Chuchu was stunned and remembered their first meeting was when she was drugged. Afterwards, she was interrogated by Cheng Xun then the next danger was Mrs Chang…it seemed that many unsafe factors appeared around her.

At this thought, Shen Chuchu laughed and replied, “Yes, thank you, CEO Han, for caring. I will be more mindful in the future.”

Han Xingyan stopped the car, “Yes”

Shen Chuchu took a look and saw that they had arrived at her apartment. She smiled and thanked CEO Han, “Thanks for today, CEO Han.”

Han Xingyan looked at Shen Chuchu, “You’re welcome.”

Shen Chuchu looked at Han Xingyan and felt as if he had smiled for a split second. At that moment, his entire face softened and shook Shen Chuchu. After she was stunned for a few seconds, she asked awkwardly, “Perhaps I took advantage of you that night?”

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