Before boarding the plane, Shen Chuchu received a phone call from Chen Xili.

“Remember to not say those things again in front of the media. Even if you explain after, the media will only believe what they want to hear. If it is true about the divorce between Chen Xiao and Yang Kai then it’s salvageable but if they aren’t then your remarks will be very disliked. Although you were helping a fellow artist in your company, you should think about yourself first and don’t urgently jump out. ”

The divorce between Chen Xiao and Yang Kai was a fact which Shen Chuchu clearly knew. However, she could not explain it to Chen Xili. Otherwise, how could she explain the source of the information? Additionally, what Chen Xili said was very reasonable because she would not have said those things in front of the media had she not been so sure about the situation.

Shen Chuchu did not speak and Chen Xili continued, “Also, I know it was wrong of the reporter to knock down your assistant but next time do not use that attitude again. Some things are just unreasonable in this circle. ”

Shen Chuchu pressed down her lips and replied, “I understand, Director Chen. I won’t let this happen again. ”

Chen Xili exchanged a few more words and then hung up.

Back in the Imperial capital, Shen Chuchu was now at her apartment. She looked at the small apartment and thought to herself that she would definitely get a property in the capital. She thought about the sum in her bank and felt she still needed to work hard for a bit longer.

She logged into Weibo and her mood suddenly worsened when she saw hundreds of rude remarks under her page. She even doubted herself and felt maybe she was a heinous sinner.

“First time seeing someone like this, are you deliberately adding to the heat? We wouldn’t even have known who you are if you didn’t speak! [Curse]”

“So desperate to get hot! Same trash like Feng Ziqing? Tragic deaths to people who ruin other people’s families! [Curse]

“Just meekly saying, is it only me who thinks what she said was very reasonable?”

“They didn’t even say anything so some fans should stop being so sensitive? What if the divorce is true, would that not be a slap in the face? [Smile]

Although the majority hated her remark but there were a few who also defended her. She sighed heavily and logged out of her Weibo account then logged into another.

The messages on this Weibo account were completely different compared to the other account. In the previous Weibo account, it was filled with accusations and abuse while this one was filled with all kinds of praises. It made her feel that the beauty of this world was unpresentable and she was also one of the many who had made big contributions to society.

She looked through the comments and everyone was either wanting to know when they would be married or divorced. Suddenly, Shen Chuchu’s approval of society increased a lot.

Red Feather seemed to have telepathy with her and sent a message as soon as she logged in. Shen Chuchu saw the message that Red Feather had sent and could not help but smile. At this moment, she felt as if their identities had been joined together.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Deity, can I ask whether Chen Xiao and Yang Kai are divorced?

Shen Chuchu naturally was not going to let go of someone asking to share this piece of information. She originally planned that if the reporters did not find anything within three days then she would find Red Feather to expose it. This was good because Red Feather’s intentions perfectly aligned with her ideas.

I am Yue Lao: Divorced, half a year ago.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: !!!!!! Thank you deity! If you need anything from me just mention it and I would be willing to help.

Shen Chuchu proudly replied: I am a G.o.d, why would I need help from humans.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Bah! Bah! Bah! Please don’t get mad, I was just too excited.

I am Yue Lao: Alright, I forgive you this one time.

#1 Entertainment Reporter- Red Feather V: Thank you so much deity!

Shen Chuchu knew Red Feather’s work efficiency had always been very high so he would not disappoint her this time as well. She believed in no time, the divorce between Chen Xiao and Yang Kai would be exposed.

She glanced at the shot of the tearful Chen Xiao one more time then calmly put on a face mask and went to sleep.

The next morning, Shen Chuchu went to the company. Although she was not famous now, everyone within the company knew the stupid thing she did yesterday. Shen Chuchu faced everyone’s glances and greeted them with a smile.

Zhou Xiaoya was still in the intense period of being in love that her whole person radiated with glory. She quickly waved her hand when Shen Chuchu approached.

Shen Chuchu walked past just as Zhou Xiaoya excused herself to the person beside her to go to the bathroom.

She held onto Shen Chuchu as they walked for a while then looked around to see that there was no one and worriedly said, “Chuchu, you’ve helped the wrong person. Feng Ziqing is not that innocent so you shouldn’t speak for her. I’ve seen Yang Kai picking her up ages ago. Even though Yang Kai was sitting in the car but I saw the moment when the door opened. ”

Afterwards, she held onto Shen Chuchu’s hands and continued, “A person like Feng Ziqing does not deserve you helping her. You’ve just entered the circle so you don’t know some people are two-faced. But, it is so sad for you. The internet are saying those things even though you haven’t done anything wrong. They only need to abuse Feng Ziqing, what’s the point in abusing you as well. ”

Shen Chuchu looked at the worried Zhou Xiaoya and comforted her with a smile, “Thank you, Xiaoya. But, I never intended to speak for Feng Ziqing. Also, you forgot that I have a special ability?”

Zhou Xiaoya looked at the calm Shen Chuchu, her eyes widened and she replied with uncertainty, “You can tell that Yang Kai and Chen Xiao are divorced?”

Shen Chuchu smiled but did not speak.

Zhou Xiaoya breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good, that’s good. If they are really divorced then this whole thing does not involve you. You only guessed right that’s all. ”

As they were about to depart, Shen Chuchu asked about what Zhou Xiaoya had just said, “Right, you mentioned seeing Yang Kai picking up Feng Ziqing before. When was that?”

Zhou Xiaoya frowned to think and replied, “I think it was a couple of months ago… oh, I remember now. It was last winter, it was snowing that day and I remembered saying to myself, where was Feng Ziqing going dressed so little in the snow. ”

Last winter…that means Yang Kai and Chen Xiao had not divorced yet or they had only divorced recently. If this was the case then Shen Chuchu understood.

When it was class time, Shen Chuchu saw a very withered Feng Ziqing walked out the door.

The Feng Ziqing looked completely different from last time as if they were two different people. She was no longer wearing a beautiful dress but instead, some loose casual wear. Her face looked somewhat drained and her makeup was no longer as refined. Although she was dressed in youthful attire, it felt as if she suddenly looked five years older.

Looked like she had been bullied relentlessly by the media and the internet.

When she saw Shen Chuchu, Feng Ziqing forced out a smile and said, “Thank you. ”

She remembered what Zhou Xiaoya had said in the morning and truly could not muster any sympathy for Feng Ziqing. However, there were no regrets for what she said to the media yesterday either. Her intentions were not to help Feng Ziqing but only happened to speak a few words for her by accident.

“You’re welcome. It was the media who hurt my assistant so I was only dealing with the matter. ”

Feng Ziqing pulled the corner of her mouth, “You dealing with the matter saved me. ”

Shen Chuchu continued, “I was merely talking. The situation between Chen Xiao-jie and Yang Kai-ge, I truly do not know. So you don’t need to thank me. ”

Feng Ziqing heard this and her smile became more bitter. Shen Chuchu did not know but she did. Yang Kai and Chen Xiao were already divorced. However, when she was with Yang Kai he was still in the process of going through the divorce so she was not completely innocent. In the end, she was still a mistress according to the law.

Feng Ziqing remembered what Yang kai said last night and suspected that she would always bear the title as the third party. Chen Xiao could not publicly announce the news about the divorce. If it was announced then the content on her Weibo for the past half a year would all become a means of deceiving the fans, maintaining an image and marketing purposes.

Yang Kai felt he owed it to Chen Xiao for receiving custody of their child in the first place. So this time, he might not speak for her to clarify the facts. Her heart felt somewhat cold after these experiences. What point would be of any compensation afterwards if a man was not willing to be responsible for a woman? There were no reasons for this type of relationship to continue.

“Yes but I still need to thank you. ” Thank you for being willing to stand up and speak for me. Thank you for saying a fair word when the rest of the world was cursing at me.

Shen Chuchu looked at Feng Ziqing’s back and slightly frowned. The matters in this circle were indeed really messy.

When she went on Weibo in the evening, Shen Chuchu found that things had changed.

The hot searches “Feng Ziqing having an affair”, “Cheater Yang Kai”, Chen Xiao crying”, had all gone and was now replaced with “Yang Kai and Chen Xiao already divorced”, “Chen Xiao deleting Weibo content”, “Yang Kai and Chen Xiao deceiving fans”.

From these hot searches, Shen Chuchu knew that Chen Xiao and Yang Kai’s divorce had been exposed.

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