Chen Xiao’s face displayed the perfect amount of shock but who knew whether this came from her heart or if it was an act.

After the shock, Chen Xiao’s expression changed and asked in disbelief as if they were teasing her, “You guys are definitely joking. We had just called each other. ”

If Shen Chuchu was unsure whether Chen Xiao was acting before, she now knew clearly that Chen Xiao was acting.

The couple had already been divorced for half a year, so how could it be like what Chen Xiao was trying to portray.

Some reporters did not let go and continued to ask, “You guys just talked to each other? But we just had people take photos of Yang Kai and Feng Ziqing together. What are your views on that?”

Chen Xiao’s smile slightly changed but continued to say, “I believe in my dear Yang. He would never do something like that. If you don’t have any evidence then you should not casually start rumours. Be careful or we will sue you guys!”

When the reporters heard this, they still did not give up, “Looks like you are unaware of this?”

Chen Xiao firmly replied, “Yes, I don’t know. ”

Afterwards, Chen Xiao left the area.

He Chen looked at Shen Chuchu’s stunned expression and added, “In this circle, there are many false and true things. Little girl, honing your acting skills is the right way. ”

Shen Chuchu heard this and nodded approvingly.

Although she already knew the truth of the matter but a secretive marriage was not illegal and no morals were violated so she did not have the inclinations to jump out with any accusations. She did not have many acting parts here and could leave this afternoon.

However, this incident intensified by the afternoon.

In the morning, only photos were exposed on the internet but by lunchtime, a gossip blogger leaked out a video. It clearly showed Yang Kai and Feng Ziqing intimately hugging each other and Yang Kai also lowered his head to kiss Feng Ziqing.

At this point, everyone online exploded. And the three protagonists of the story all became trapped within the grasp of media. Shen Chuchu did not know what the situation was like for Yang Kai and Feng Ziqing but Chen Xiao was surrounded by reporters as soon as she got out of the car.

Reporters were not allowed to enter on set but this was not the case for scenery locations. Plus, the car parked outside and not inside the set.

Shen Chuchu prepared to leave with w.a.n.g Qian but was shocked to see this spectacular scene.

“Chen Xiao, there are already solid evidence of your husband having an affair online. What are your views? Did you know about this?”

Chen Xiao had been following the news online since this morning so she naturally knew the directions of the online discussions. She wore sunglasses so her expression was hard to make out.

However, her hair was slightly messy. It was clear that her mood was not great.

The silent Chen Xiao increased the reporters’ desires to get an interview.

At this moment, her assistant blocked the camera lenses and microphones, “Everyone please ask no more. Our Xiao-jie is very sad about this event. Her current state is not great so please everyone don’t speak anymore. ”

At this point, Chen Xiao also perfectly displayed her sadness. She placed her hand below her nose and her tears rolled down.

Regardless, the reporters were not deterred by Chen Xiao’s sadness and continued to ask. They refused to let go of their questions.

“What are your plans now, will you two divorce?”

“What about the child? Will the child stay with you or Yang Kai?”

“What are your opinions on Feng Ziqing? When did she start having contact with Yang Kai?”

The assistant saw many reporters in front of her but could not hold them back and became more distraught. She wondered when the area’s security would get here.

“Everyone please be mindful of the feelings of our artist. She has to act later. Everyone please cooperate and do not hinder our normal work. ”

The words of the assistant barely scratched the surface and did not repel the curiosity of the reporters.

Chen Xiao looked at the many reporters and her mood worsened. She finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the crew staff helping to disperse the reporters in the distance. Her eyes glanced to the side and happened to see the departing Shen Chuchu.

“Sorry, we may be in the same circle but I do not know Feng Ziqing. However, we have another actor in our group that is from the same management company as Feng Ziqing who may know the answers to your questions. ” As she said this, Chen Xiao pointed towards Shen Chuchu’s direction.

A few scattered reporters who have not been blocked at this time looked at Shen Chuchu for a second while several of the reporters who were blocked happened to be next to Shen Chuchu. They saw the interview with Chen Xiao was unsuccessful so they started to interview Shen Chuchu.

“May I ask, are you and Feng Ziqing from the same company? When did she get together with Yang Kai?”

“Feng Ziqing’s affair, does your company know?”

Shen Chuchu was shocked to see the microphone by her nose and stepped back. Wang Qian sprang into action and stood in front of Shen Chcuhu to block the reporters’ questions.

Shen Chuchu raised her head to see that Chen Xiao had successfully escaped the reporters and felt rage at the bottom of her heart. She was just an onlooker but Chen Xiao actually used her. She had never seen Chen Xiao value her normally anyways.

Although she knew all the secrets, she knew it could not be said right now.

“Sorry, I only entered the company three months ago. I am only a newbie at Diandi Media so I am not familiar with Ziqing-jie. ”

The reporters were not satisfied with Shen Chuchu’s answer and continued to ask, “Even if you are not familiar, you guys must have met. Have you seen Yang Kai at the company before?”

“What sort of person do you think Feng Ziqing is? Does she like to fool around with the male artists in the company?”

Shen Chuchu frowned as she saw the reporters’ attitudes and heard their questions. When they interviewed Chen Xiao, everyone was polite but towards her, it was as if they wanted to shove the microphone into her mouth. Even with the help of Wang Qian, they still made use of every gap.


Wang Qian was suddenly knocked down by a microphone.

Shen Chuchu worriedly looked at Wang Qian’s head and saw the area quickly swelled up.

“Does it hurt? Do you feel dizzy?”

Wang Qian touched her forehead before shaking her head, “It’s alright. ”

“Can I ask…”

Shen Chuchu looked at the reporter who knocked down Wang Qian. Her face carried a smile but her attitude was tough, “Can you please apologise to my assistant first!”

“I only just…”

“You should apologise if you did something wrong, is that not right?” Shen Chuchu continued with a smile.

The originally chaotic scene suddenly quieted down after hearing Shen Chuchu’s words.

Wang Qian looked at Shen Chuchu and tugged on her sleeve. However, Shen Chuchu did not look at Wang Qian and continued to stare at the reporter.

Shen Chuchu thought to herself. If this reporter did not apologise then she would expose the reason he married that woman was because of her money.

Fortunately, although the reporter was somewhat reluctant, he still had some basic morals, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it. ”

Shen Chuchu heard this and her heart slightly relaxed.

At this moment, the people escorting Chen Xiao to the set also came over to help her. However, Shen Chuchu now had a change of idea.  Why can Chen Xiao so decisively shift the blame! This situation was clearly her fault and she was the one having an affair yet still pretended to be the victim to receive sympathy.

If that person had not annoyed her then she would have let bygones be bygones. It was her fault she was dragged in to solve her problems. This time, she must let Chen Xiao learn her lesson.

At this thought, Shen Chuchu looked at the reporters surrounding her and smiled slightly, “Just now everyone asked me about Ziqing-jie’s affair but I only want to ask everyone a single question. Why do you guys say it is an affair? To my knowledge, the meaning of an affair means the man is married. ”

The reporters fell silent for a second then frantically captured photos and urgently asked one after another, “Are you saying Chen Xiao and Yang Kai are already divorced? Are you sure?”

Shen Chuchu placed her hand on her mouth and made a sound, “I never said that! But have you forgotten, recently I saw on Weibo a foreign media reported a female celebrity was having an affair but then everyone found out she was already divorced. Since it was a divorce then it can’t be an affair. Don’t you think so? So you guys should figure out the truth before you say anymore! I am just afraid if someone else also wants to sue you because you guys have no evidence?”

Previously there was indeed an incident like that. At the time, it was abuzz and the female celebrity, her ex-husband and current partner all filed a lawsuit to the law of court on the reporters who started the rumours. Upon hearing what Shen Chuchu had to say, the reporters at present all felt slightly nervous.

Some were not affected by Shen Chuchu’s words and said, “This is not at all possible. Yesterday on Weibo, Chen Xiao and Yang Kai were still interacting. ”

Once these words were said, not only Shen Chuchu but many other reporters also stared at him. The reporter who spoke felt a bit awkward. The Weibo’s of celebrities were usually arranged by their management companies so even if they were showing affection yesterday, what could that prove?

Shen Chuchu saw that the staff had begun to maintain order and smiled, “I’m really sorry but I have to catch a plane so can’t chat with everyone anymore. I hope everyone will follow the film. The director, actors and other staff have all worked very hard so I believe the quality will be really good. Thanks. ”

Afterwards, Shen Chuchu pushed past the blocking reporters and left the area with Wang Qian.

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