Shen Chuchu sat in the long hallway and stared at the female celebrity.

The female celebrity was called Chen Xiao, she was an expert on TV shows within the entertainment circle and only occasionally acted in a few movies.

She was thirty this year and had already been married to her husband for four or five years. Her husband was a singer, he was not as popular as her but they were quite evenly matched. Chen Xiao almost every day shared about her husband and cute son on Weibo. They were the most well-known affectionate couple model within the entertainment circle.

Shen Chuchu felt her outlook on the world, life and values had been somewhat overturned. In high school, she quite liked this couple. It was said that they were classmates at university and dated for four years before marriage. How envious. Not so long ago, she also regretted not dating for the sake of marriage during university.

She looked at Chen Xiao for a while and the pink heart on her head still did not turn red. Shen Chuchu sighed and opened Chen Xiao’s marriage system in defeat.

Status 2: Unmarried

Marriage Partner: Wang Zhiqi [Photograph]

Marriage Date: January 1st 2019

Marriage Rating: Four Stars (Compatible)

Red Thread of Fate: [Open]

Shen Chuchu opened Wang Zhiqi’s photo and confirmed that she had neither heard or seen this person before. This must be Chen Xiao’s second husband and it seemed to be the conjugal bliss type of marriage. The person seemed to be an outsider.

She looked underneath, on Status 1 that had already turned grey. Shen Chuchu was shocked to discover that Chen Xiao and her husband Yang Kai had been divorced for half a year now. More than half a year after the divorce, they still continued to show their affections on Weibo every day…

This type of manipulation could really make one fascinated.

Shen Chuchu tolerated her complicated mood and opened Chen Xiao’s Weibo. The divorce date was December 23rd, 2017 and as expected, Chen Xiao had sent out a message like this on Weibo.

Chen Xiao v: Today’s weather is great. I took the baby out to get some sun but because of a certain someone sleeping in we came out later. [Photo] [Photo] [Photo]

Shen Chuchu looked up from the Weibo message and looked at the acting, Chen Xiao. Only these words remained in her mind: such great acting.

When Chen Xiao finished, she walked to the resting hallway for actors. Shen Chuchu watched as Chen Xiao walked towards her direction and stood up to greet her.

As a result, Chen Xiao pretended not to see Shen Chuchu and directly spoke to He Chen who was behind her, “Ah! Chen-ge’s outfit is so handsome today. No wonder all those little girls are chasing after you and calling you husband!”

He Chen smiled, “Can’t compare to you Xiaoxiao-jie.” It was now his turn to act.

When he walked past Shen Chuchu and heard her greeting, he smiled, “Are you the new actress that just arrived with the group today?”

Shen Chuchu looked at He Chen’s bright smile and respectfully replied, “Yes, He-ge.”

“Oh? A newbie? Which company?”

“Diandi Media.”

He Chen was shocked and raised his eyebrow, “Not bad, to actually come from Diandi Media.”

At this precise time, Chen Xiao also walked over and smiled, “Diandi Media? They are still recruiting newbies? Did you graduate from a film academy or drama school? Were you the most outstanding in your year?”

Chen Xiao had a thoughtless expression and her voice was very loud but Shen Chuchu felt uncomfortable.

“No, I did not train professionally.” Although her university was one of the top schools in the country, she was not happy during her time in university so she did not like to tell people about her university.

He Chen laughed a little then casually added, “Enjoy your chat, I am going now. If I don’t go now then Film Director Ma will be mad.”

When He Chen left, Chen Xiao became even more friendly towards Shen Chuchu and changed her indifferent and aggressive att.i.tude from before. Her voice also lowered slightly.

“Not a professional and was still able to be recruited into Diandi Media. Looks like you must be very talented.” Chen Xiao smiled then a.s.sumed the character of a caring big sister, “Right, where is your family from? In the imperial capital? What does your family do? Your family must be very outstanding as well?”

Shen Chuchu awkwardly replied, “No, my home is in Nancheng. A small city. My parents are ordinary people.”

Chen Xiao’s face revealed a meaningful smile, “Yes, I know. People like us can’t reveal everything about ourselves. However, if you don’t say then some people may bully you.”

Shen Chuchu felt she could no longer carry the conversation with her today and said, “Chen Xiao-jie, I still haven’t greeted Director Ma yet so I will go over and have a look.”

Afterwards, she departed away from Chen Xiao’s meaningful smile.

There was another bad point about entering this circle and that was ruining the idol image! She really did not understand how she could have liked this celebrity back then.

After two days in the crew, it was finally time for Shen Chuchu’s scene. Early in the morning, Shen Chuchu went to get her makeup done. At makeup, she bumped into Chen Xiao but her friendly attitude had changed and was slightly cold. She did not even pay any attention to Shen Chuchu.

Shen Chuchu thought to herself, did she perhaps find out her non-existent background or felt there was no use-value in her?

The makeup artist with Shen Chuchu saw there were not many people around and whispered, “Chuchu, don’t worry. She is like that and actually treats you alright. Compared to us staff, her attitude is even worse.”

Another makeup artist also complained, “No shit, I’ve not seen many celebrities like her. The crowned Film Emperor He Chen-ge is still polite and amiable towards us. Even Director Ma, he has a very strict attitude towards work but is very gentle in private.”

Shen Chuchu listened to the words of the makeup artists but did not dare to add anything. They were just chit-chatting but if she were to say something then who knew what kind of version would be shared around.

When her makeup was done, Shen Chuchu quickly left the area.

She looked at the silent Wang Qian beside her and said, “Just now, don’t mention anything that was said to the outside. I also could not believe that makeup artists would say things like that in private.”

Unexpectedly, Wang Qian laughed a little and replied, “It’s pretty common. They are all part of the crew and have met plenty of celebrities so will complain in private. But, not many will say those things outside.”

Shen Chuchu slightly did not believe it, “Really?”

Wang Qian nodded her head, “Naturally it’s true, I’ve heard plenty before. These people all work within the circle so it’s very easy to find out if someone said anything outside. Naturally, no one would dare to use them again. So people are only talking that’s all.”

Shen Chuchu nodded after and sort of understood the meaning in Wang Qian’s words. It went without saying that makeup artists, hairstylists, crew and others belonged to the same circle. Except, the circle was such a big place that basically everyone knew each other.

What could be said and what should not be said, everyone understood.

So was this the reason why some celebrities dared to exert their self-importance? After all, no one was a reporter and wanted to continue working in the circle so nobody would dare to expose it.

As she walked to the set, Shen Chuchu became more anxious when she heard Director Ma’s loud voice. When the previous set finished, it was finally her turn.

“Clothes washer girl? Quickly get in place!”

Shen Chuchu heard this and stammered anxiously, “Here, I’m here.”

Director Ma looked straight at Shen Chuchu. She thought he was about to curse at her but Director Ma gently said, “Is this your first time acting little girl? Don’t worry, the assistant director will tell you about the play so pay attention. Acting is not hard, you just need to use your heart.”

Shen Chuchu listened to this and felt she had been set on fire. Her mood immediately turned from cloudy to clear.

“Thank you for your encouragement, Director Ma.”

After the assistant director finished, everyone stood in their positions. Shen Chuchu held tightly to the clothes and concentrated on washing…as a result, the male lead had not appeared yet and Director Ma yelled out “cut”.

“Look at the light, don’t just pay attention to washing the clothes. Remember to look at the light!”

Shen Chuchu heard this and the stupid mistake was made because she was too nervous.

“First time acting is always like that. They don’t have a feel for the camera and can’t find the light. Okay, let’s do it again.”

On the second try, Shen Chuchu finally did not make any more low-level mistakes as she watched the male lead walked over.

Unexpectedly, Director Ma yelled “cut” again. He Chen faced Shen Chuchu, he was smiling but had a pained expression and his hands seemed to want to cover his ears.

Shen Chuchu seemed not to understand and at this moment, she heard the roar from Director Ma.

“He Chen, what were you doing covering all the camera focus. You can’t even compare to a newbie! I think you should go back to your company and retake some classes.”

On the third try, the scene was successfully shot. Shen Chuchu’s hands were slightly frozen without any feeling in them. As she sat by the side to rest, a warm cup of water appeared in front of her.

“Hey, this is for you. I found someone to borrow a cup so you can warm your hands. That was my fault for involving you with my mistake.”

Shen Chuchu looked at the guilty He Chen and reached for the cup then gratefully replied, “Thanks, Chen-ge.”

It was now time for the scenery shot so everyone rested together. At this time, Chen Xiao happened to see their interaction. She looked very sincere on the surface but her tone was very peculiar, “Ah, our Chen-ge is so caring. Chuchu, you are so lucky to act alongside Chen-ge as soon as you debut.”

He Chen slightly frowned his eyebrows but quickly relaxed them, “Ah, this was my fault. I made a mistake and involved the newbie.”

As they talked, a few reporters suddenly came from the outside and asked to interview Chen Xiao.

“Chen Xiao, do you know that your husband Yang Kai is in an affair with Feng Ziqing?”

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