The performance class teacher shook their head and led Chen Xili to the practice room then pointed at the currently practising Shen Chuchu, “No, her talent is about average but works very hard. Even if I don’t arrange something to her timetable, she will do it herself.”

Chen Xili nodded, “Then do as you wish and do it according to your tempo.”

One day, when Shen Chuchu was practising the fundamentals with joy and pain, Zhou Xiaoya excitedly told her, “Chuchu, I am dating. Your words were correct. Thank you!”

Shen Chuchu smiled and nodded her head, “You are so pretty, so dating is a very natural thing. Your boyfriend is probably whom you are destined to be with so make sure to grasp it well.”

When Zhou Xiaoya heard this, she nodded her head seriously.

Shen Chuchu wished her good luck then went to class.

Chen Xili had just entered the hall and went to retrieve an item from the front desk then casually asked, “Are you dating now? your complexion is great.”

Zhou Xiaoya shyly replied, “Yeah, only recently.”

Chen Xili nodded then feigned ignorance and mentioned, “I see you are getting along well with our newbie Shen Chuchu, have you two met before?”

Zhou Xiaoya was still immersed within her fantasy and answered, “No, we met on the first day she came here. However, Shen Chuchu is amazing and can do fortune-telling. She told me that I would find romance within a month and sure enough, I am dating now.”

Chen Xili heard this and paused her writing hand then casually said in disbelief, “Oh? Really? That is really amazing.”

After she finished in the hall, Chen Xili returned to her own office. In the distance, she saw Yu Yiting standing outside her door. They had just broken up a few days ago and naturally, it was she who brought it up.

She walked closer and watched the expression on Yu Yiting’s face then formally said, “You are looking for me? If you need anything, go and look for your manager. I’ve already a.s.signed you under Zhao Mei so you need to find her first. Then get her to come over and report to me.”

Yu Yiting had not been very happy recently. Ever since Chen Xili decided to no longer meet his demands, he had suddenly lost all the resources and the treatment he received was the same as the newbies. For someone who had tasted the sweet benefits before, he could no longer tolerate any more days like this. So he decided to find Chen Xili as a last resort.

“Lili-jie, why must you be so decisive. I can still stay under you.”

Chen Xili expressionlessly glanced at Yu Yiting and replied, “I am very busy every day so I’ve not taken newbies for many years now. It’s too tiring.”

When Yu Yiting heard this, he raised his eyebrows and looked at Chen Xili’s back, “But, didn’t you recently took on a newbie?”

Chen Xili faced towards Yu Yiting’s gaze and saw Shen Chuchu with an awkward expression on her face. She turned back and looked at Yu Yiting, “You two are different. Right, you should go do what you are supposed to and don’t come here if you have nothing to do.”

When she finished, Chen Xili greeted Shen Chuchu who was hovering by the door.

Shen Chuchu nodded at Yu Yiting then followed Chen Xili into the office room.

Inside the office, Chen Xili sat in her chair and tiredly massaged the space between her eyebrows. Shen Chuchu looked at her state but also did not know what to say. From the looks of it just now, Chen Xili and Yu Yiting must have already split and the originator of it was no other than herself.

“I heard you can do fortune-telling. Why don’t you calculate it for me and see when I will encounter romance.”

The daydreaming Shen Chuchu was suddenly taken back to reality by Chen Xili’s words. She looked at Chen Xili and asked anxiously, “You, from whom did you hear  that I can do matchmaking?”

Had Chen Xili already found out that person online was her? This was not possible…

“Front desk Zhou Xiaoya.”

When she heard Zhou Xiaoya’s name, Shen Chuchu breathed a sigh of relief, “Yes, I can do matchmaking. Director Chen also want me to calculate for you?”

She still remembered the black heart on Chen Xili’s head which caused a reduction in her experience points. If she could help Chen Xili to have a change of heart then maybe the reduced experience points would be earned back.

Chen Xili glanced at Shen Chuchu and saw her serious expression, “No need, I only casually mentioned it. I’ve never believed in such things.”

Shen Chuchu struggled not to ridicule. Chen Xili did not believe yet she went on Taobao and trusted her words to do a search on Yu Yiting.

“Alright, let’s not discuss this anymore.” Chen Xili retracted her chattering expression and handed a folder from the drawer to Shen Chuchu, “Film Director Ma’s new film has started filming at Xiangshan Studios. There is a small role as a female clothes washer which would test your recent study progress. There would be no pay but I believe you won’t miss this bit of money either.”

After all, everyone was aware of Shen Chuchu and Han Xingyan’s relationship.

Shen Chuchu became very excited when she heard Film Director Ma’s name. This was one of the three major film directors in the country! She had watched his films growing up and never would have imagined being in it one day.

However, this kind of mood was greatly slashed after Chen Xili’s slightly meaningful last sentence. She felt there were some things that still need to be made clear.

“Director Chen, actually myself and CEO Han do not have that kind of relationship.”

Chen Xili did not care too much about this issue, “I do not care what your relationship is with CEO Han. The company would not take care of it even if a sex scandal comes out since the Han Group would pay attention to it more. However, there must be no scandals.”

Shen Chuchu listened to Chen Xili and replied, “There definitely won’t be any scandals and sex scandals also…”

Chen Xili cut Shen Chuchu short, “These types of matters you don’t need to make explanations to everyone. Sometimes things that are plausible but wrong with incomprehensible backgrounds will become your camouflage.”

Shen Chuchu’s whole body shook when she heard Chen Xili’s words and dumbfoundedly stared at her.

“Looks like you’ve understood my meaning.” Chen Xili continued in a relaxed tone, “The three months of classes are now completed. The filming will start in one week so you can still come into the company to study if you want. That’s all. Anything you don’t understand?”

Shen Chuchu came back to her senses and shook her head, “None, thanks, Director Chen.”

Chen Xili nodded, “Okay, then go and get well prepared.”

As she walked out of the office, Shen Chuchu thought about the person who Chen Xili mentioned. They had not been in contact for the last three months. He was her saviour yet she did not contact him again since her private meeting with Secretary Wang last time. With an organisation like the Han Group, she was also afraid they would think she was a negative investment if she contacted them.

Despite this, nobody within the company dared to bully her. Everyone had a good attitude towards her because she was under Chen Xili and also due to her ambiguous background just like what Chen Xili had just said.

Background is such a useful thing to use!

While Shen Chuchu was contemplating about life by the elevator, a female artist who had signed even earlier from the company walked by.

“Ziqing-jie.” Shen Chuchu greeted with a smile.

Feng Ziqing replied, “Hello Chuchu.”

After the greeting, they casually chatted for a bit.

“Chuchu, your classes at the company are nearly finished? Are you going to shoot an advertisement, TV show or a movie next?”

Shen Chuchu thought a bit then smiled, “Don’t know yet. Will have to see Director Chen’s arrangements.”

She and Feng Ziqing had only met a few times at the company so they were not that familiar with each other. It would seem inappropriate to mention what Director Chen had just spoken about to someone else.

After a few more exchanges, Feng Ziqing saw that Shen Chuchu would not leak anything so she did not continue to ask.

After walking away, Feng Ziqing sighed to her assistant, “Say, why are some people’s starter points higher than others. She’s able to sign a contract managed directly by Director Chen with neither acting skills nor any professional background. Is this not the same treatment as big brother and big sister*?”

*TL-note: Among entertainment companies, it usually refers to artists whom are the oldest, has the highest seniority and has the strongest background support.

Feng Ziqing’s assistant looked around and replied, “Ziqing-jie, don’t we have things to discuss with Director Chen?”

Feng Ziqing smiled a little and said, “Yes, let’s go.”

Shen Chuchu arrived home and picked up the script book. She only had one sentence but fortunately, this sentence was said to the male lead.

The film was called <The World>, it narrated the story of young Cheng Wu who became an apprentice to a master in Wudang mountain and later became the greatest scholar in his generation. It was also combined with revenge because the male lead’s parents were both killed when he was very young. Once the male lead was older, he started to investigate the incidents concerning the tragedy of their families.

And this was when Shen Chuchu’s role appeared. She was a daughter from a hunting household and met the male lead while washing clothes by a mountain stream. Shen Chuchu carefully examined the script book, there were not many areas where she could show off her ability. When she finished, she then went online to search for similar film materials.

In the next few days, she kept herself busy and went to the company to practice the fundamentals.

A week later, she took w.a.n.g Qian to Xiangshan Film and Television City.

There were still two days until her part but she came early due to this film’s importance but also out of curiosity. After arrival, she briefly talked to the person in charge of the cast and crew then went to find the film director. Film director Ma was currently attentively staring into the camera shot so only glanced at her and did not say anything.

In an instant, Shen Chuchu felt a tremendous amount of pressure and ran to the side to watch the other actors.

However, Shen Chuchu’s occupational disease started as she looked on. Particularly, when she saw a pink heart on the head of the actress who would often publicly display affections with her husband on Weibo. She curiously opened the actress’ marriage system.

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